As the dating continues, you must continue to apply every principle we discussed in the section on your image. Be elusive, mysterious, hard to get, exciting - everything.

TIP #1 - Seeing a girl that you have just started dating, more than once a week is pushing it. Any more than once and you may be appearing over anxious. Even if she is the one calling you and initiating the effort to see you more often, don't. If she is calling you, then you are in the driver's seat. Play hard to get and make her work for your time. She'll appreciate you more when she has it. And don't feel guilty about turning her down. Simply say, "I'd love to but I'm busy tonight." No more explanation should be given. Let her sweat it out. It is important that when you turn her down, you express the fact that you definitely want to do things with her, but you are just too busy with prior obligations to see her that night.

TIP #2 - Never hangs on the phone for hours as if you have nothing better to do. Call, be pleasant, get the purpose of the call over, and excuse yourself.

Here's an article I found on the usenet that was posted by an anonymous author which will open your eyes to some head games single women play on men:

Another typical female behavior is to test you at the very beginning of your relationship to see if you are going to put up with her garbage. Actually, she is testing you for two reasons:

First, she needs to find out the limits of what you will view as "her acceptable behavior." She does not know you well enough yet, she is in unfamiliar territory. And that can be very "scary." So, she needs to find out what behavior is expected or accepted of her. The uncertainty makes her feel very uncomfortable, totally out of her, "Comfort Zone."

Second, she needs to find out, she must find out how strong and sure of yourself you really are. Some women can be very insecure. The very last thing a woman really wants and needs is an insecure and weak nice guy who is easily manipulated and controlled by her.

Therefore, she really wants and needs a strong man who will control and dominate her and tell her what to do, a man confident enough to stand up to her when she needs it, a man who will make her feel secure, a man who will give her that sense of security she so desperately needs.

She sometimes cannot get that sense of security from herself because she may have so little self-confidence and self-esteem. She may even believe that she has very few talents and abilities - except for her physical features and beauty. It can be very frightening. Therefore, she tries to get that sense of security "by osmosis" from you. Plus the added benefit that she won't have to worry about the hard decisions. You will make them for her.

WARNING! If you are tolerant and patient (like all nice guys) you will not pass her test, she will walk all over you, she will leave you and go after another jerk because he looks so uncontrollable, so untamable, so strong and therefore, so desirable to her.

I was kind of hesitant about posting this article because I don't like to focus on anything negative, but I need to make you aware of head games that single women will play on you.

Your  hair is very important  to your looks. Most women like a  man  with  well-groomed  hair.  I  wouldn't advise you to wear your hair real long either. This is out of style and turns most women off.  Seek professional  help  to  deter­mine  which hairstyle is becoming  to  you.  Try  a  perm  if  you like. It can attract women like  crazy, especially if it's  thick and full. So, be daring and get a permanent and see if you don't  get  more looks from  women.

A word about  jewelry. Jewelry is in, so do  wear attractive jewelry to make yourself more becoming and attractive. Just don't overdo it. The multiple gold chains and medallions around the neck are definitely out now, so don't look like a fool by wearing them thinking it makes you look like a "Macho Man." Just one gold chain around your neck is sufficient and quite attractive. Just make sure it looks expensive and not cheap and tarnished.

A word about watches. Invest some money in an attractive watch. It makes a bad impression when you wear a cheap and ugly watch.

If you really want to  turn a woman off, go  out in public  with your  hair uncombed,  stringy, and dirty, unshaven and wearing wrinkled,  dirty clothes. Some  men just don't take enough pride in  their appearance and think they can  pick up women  looking like a bum.  Well it just doesn't work that way because  a woman likes a man  to be well-groomed. In public is certainly no place for a shoddy-looking man.

If you  happen to be obese,  resolve here and now that you're going to get rid of all those ugly pounds. With  the  proper  diet and  exercise,  you  can trim yourself  down  to  where  you won't be embarrassingly fat.

It's a known fact that if you're a fat slob, your chances of meeting women are pretty slim. Obesity  turns most women  off.   This doesn't have  anything to do with  looks but it's worth mentioning. Be  sure to  take a  shower or bath regularly.

Veteran Dancers

This is a topless dancer with a lot of experience and has been dancing for ten or more years.  She's more mature mentally, physically, and emotionally.  She knows all the ropes and is a seasoned veteran.  She's an expert at manipulating men for drinks and table dances and she's rather aggressive.  She can be every seductive and make you want to reach for your wallet.

Your best strategy for trying to score with veteran dancers is establishing a friendship first.  She's heard all the pick-up lines, men offering her gifts, trips, etc.  Hitting on her right out of the gate probably won't work well with this type of woman.  Gain her trust and friendship first and take it from there.  A word of advice - I'm not saying don't pursue veteran dancers, but you'll have a lot better luck with the young and inexperienced dancers.  There's one advantage to the veteran dancer and that is she is likely to give you a very seductive and sexually stimulating table dance.

P.S.  Remember to always ask a dancer when you first meet her, "How long have you been dancing?"

A friend of ours that is a very quick thinker told us this story. He was out with a girl and throughout the evening it was obvious that she had no intention of going to bed with him. Also, she gave the impression that she thought she was a real hot item and the type that enjoyed saying “no" to men. So he let the evening run its course and when he drove into her driveway (just when things would be awkward), he said, "By the way, may I use your phone?" He came into her house, went to the phone, faked a phone call (making sure that she could not hear the conversation), hung up the phone, walked past her to the door as if he had somewhere to go, and said, "I enjoyed the evening. See you again." He said that she stood in the doorway watching him leave in disbelief. She, of course, was thinking that he was bored with her, called another girl, and was going to see her. He said it was the only way he could think of to get out of the situation with his dignity

If I Ask a Woman to Dance and She Turns Me Down or If I Talk to a Woman and She Ignores Me, It's Because I'm Not Worthwhile or Good Enough For Her.  This irrational belief causes shy men to fear approaching a woman and produces low self-esteem when they are rejected. This fear of being rejected and turned down prevents shy men from making contact with single women.

 If you're turned down for a dance, it doesn't mean that you're not worthwhile or not good enough for her. She just may not feel like dancing at the moment. She may just be tired. She may not even dance. There can be a number of reasons. So don't take it personally. However, what to do in a case like this is to ask her, "Would you like to dance later?" If she says yes, just ask her again later. Even better, just ask her, "Well, can I join you for some conversation?" In the mean time just ask other women to dance.  Also, I might add, a lot of guys get turned down to dance, so don't feel that you're the only man in the world that happens to. It happens to all men, even real good-looking men.  If you approach a woman and try to start up a conversation and she ignores you, don't take that personally either. She just may not feel like talking or being bothered. Perhaps she's tied down to a boyfriend or even married. Also, you just might not be using the proper social skills.
So if she ignores you, move on to the next single woman and you'll find someone who will respond to your advances.

I highly recommend that you play the personal ads for dating, love, intimacy, and romance. And when you answer a woman's ad for the first time here's a great letter to use. Just edit it to use for yourself. This letter will really make a good impression on single women and make her want to write you back. Try it, it works!:


Let's become good friends, then...Hope for a beautiful relationship.

I feel that before we can have a good relationship, we must put forth the energy and time it takes to first become good friends. Friendship is one of the most important building blocks of a good relationship. To me, friends are like flowers in the garden of life.

My desire is to meet a beautiful, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive single lady who wants a friend. My interpretation of a friend is one to whom you can pour out all the contents of your heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentleness of hands will take it all, sift it, keep that which is worth keeping and, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away. I thank you in advance for allowing me to be that kind of friend to you.

If you feel it would be good for us to meet, write and tell me more about yourself. And please have good thoughts about our further relationship, for thoughts are like seeds. All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seed of today.

Let me tell you about myself. I am divorced (five years ago), Caucasian, dark brown hair, blue eyes, 6' 3", trim 175 lbs., clean-cut and a healthy gentleman. I am self-sufficient, handsome, self-employed (businessman), happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure.

Drive Women Wild with Powerful Pheromone Cologne

I love poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners. I enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets.

I am comfortable in jeans or a nice Italian suit. A nonsmoker/drinker, not into drugs (don't need them; I live in a natural high). I believe in enjoying the good life and am high on it. I have a healthy attitude about God and the Bible.

I am not a game player. I never want personal happiness at the expense of someone else. If we have a single date or a lifetime together, I will never lie to you, try to manipulate you or use you in any way.

I am an incurable romantic who treasures, cherishes and appreciates sincerity, integrity, honesty and warmth. I enjoy picnics, laughing, talking, touching, affection and physical closeness. A good listener who enjoys mutual spoiling and also I am a one-woman man.

I am looking for a special, loving relationship with a unique lady who is affectionate, beautiful, slender, with a shapely figure, sincere, easygoing, with interests and characteristics similar to mine...someone who wants a meaningful, serious, long-term relationship...not just a few dates. Are you that special lady?

Well, what do you think? Isn't this a great letter! You could also use this for online personals too. The next step is up to you...Try the personals, they sure worked for me!