When you have just been dumped by someone you love, writing poetry is a good way to express your feelings. Heres how to write a heartbroken poem.

Many of the great poems throughout human history have been on the topic of heartbreak. Some of these include Never Try to Trick Me With a Kiss by Sylvia Plath, My Letters! All Dead. Paper, Mute, and White, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Speak! by William Woodsworth.

A poem is simply the outpouring of your soul set to form. The form of a poem is important because it gives structure to your thoughts.

Poetry used to be far more stylized than it is today. For instance, the Sonnet, which was popular in William Shakespeares day, has very rigid rules including exactly 14 lines and a formal a-b-a-b rhyme structure and end in a couplet.

Other strictly controlled poetry includes the Japanese Haiku (one line with five syllables, the next with seven syllables, and a final line with five syllables) and the limerick (which usually isnt appropriate as a heartbroken poem!)

Modern poetry tends toward free verse. Free verse can have rhymed or unrhymed lines and no metrical pattern. What sets free verse apart from prose is that the poems have complex patterns of one sort or another that readers or listeners will perceive to be part of a coherent whole.

While some people can just start writing a heartbroken poem and produce something that captures their feelings, other people need to go through a process. If you are one of the latter, consider this:

1. State your purpose if your purpose is to wash that guy (or girl) right out of your hair youve got your purpose.

2. Decide on the form of the poem.

3. Write down your thoughts so that you can organize them in poetical form.

4. Use descriptive images to express your feelings. Unhappiness, despair, or grief are all abstract concepts. Bring them to life by using concrete similes or metaphors.

5. Use poetic devises to make your poem more poem like. These can include rhyme, meter assonance, alliteration, and repetition.

6. Put your most powerful statement at the end of your poem.

7. Edit the poem when you finish it. Most great poems are not written in one draft. Get feedback from your friends on how to make it better.

When you are writing your heartbreak poem, you might want to consider listening to music to set the mood. If you had a couples song or other music that you associate with the relationship, that might help set the stage for writing the poem.

Put the element of surprise into your heartbreak poem. Perhaps end the poem with a resolution to move on. Not only will this make it a good poem, it may also help you to actually move on.

You have to decide whether to share your poem with others or keep it in a journal for yourself. But, dont toss it out or burn it. The effort you put into a heartbreak poem memorializes your feelings right here and right now. Its an important chapter in your life. Dont throw it away.

Do you want to know how to save a relationship? As time goes by, the flames of a relationship may tamper down. If both of parties do not know how to save a relationship, what was once thriving it will become mere embers.

If you are in a relationship be it a boyfriend and girlfriend type or a marriage - you need to learn how to save a relationship before it becomes irretrievably lost. These tips show you how you can keep the love alive and enjoy each other's company even after several years have already passed.

First of all, you need to rediscover each other. After a long time together, everything in your relationship becomes a routine. You feel you have to do this and that. When you get used to each other, you fail to realize that there are still a number of areas in your lives that you have not truly explored. This is especially true for married couples. The demands of life including the bills that must be paid and even the burden of raising your children may become walls that keep you from enjoying your spouse's company.

If you want to know how to save a relationship, you need to figure out if you have fallen into a routine. Often when the routine becomes too boring, one of the members of the couple tries to recapture their old romantic feelings by starting an affair. If you are thinking about doing this, take a time out. Ask yourself whether potentially losing your relationship is worth experiencing the feeling of being in love again. Think about ways that you can redevelop that feeling with your current husband or wife rather than looking outside the marital bonds.

Some suggestions for rekindling the flames are to:
          Have dates at the old places where you used to go
          Get dressed up and go to a romantic restaurant
          Walk along the beach at sunset
          Have a picnic at the park.

If none of these suggestions work, there is another thing you can do to save your relationship.
You should start to have adventures with each other. Step outside of your relative comfort zones. When you start doing things youve never done before together, the bond between you becomes stronger. You start to lean on each other for support through the adventure and thus you begin to lean on each other in all aspects of life. You begin to see each other in a new light. Youll probably find that youve missed the other person more as a result as well.

If the relationship is worth preserving, you need to be creative about the experiences you share. Turn an ordinary night of watching television into an extraordinary one by breaking out the Champaign. Write sexy messages on the bathroom mirror in lipstick. Write a love letter and place it in a bottle.

Make the ordinary extraordinary and you will spice up the relationship again. In this way you will learn how to save a relationship.

Are you looking for a tall, blonde woman who will appreciate you? Then you want to meet Russian women who are looking for an American guy to love and marry.

Many Russian women are interested in the qualities an American man have to offer. Many Russian women feel that they can not offer a secure future to any children they might have in Russia. They also say that there are not enough men in Russia. Finally, the men who are available in Russia are not gentlemen.

There are 10 million more women in Russia than there are men. Many women who want to get married and have a family are willing to look outside their homeland to find love and fulfillment.

And why wouldnt you want to meet Russian women like this? They are well groomed, stylish, well educated, and sincerely interested in family life. And, what is more, some are drop dead georgeous.

More than half of the Russian women you will meet through an agency speak English. This is because English is a compulsory subject in secondary school starting in 5th grade. Most Russian brides are completely fluent in English within 8 months of moving to their new home country.

Many of the agencies that allow you to meet Russian women also operate tours and programs in other former Soviet Republics such as the Ukraine and Belarus. While the cultures are not identical, the successor states were all under the Soviet yoke for so long that there are more similarities than differences. In fact, you will probably find more differences between two individual Russian women than you will between Russian women and Ukrainian women as a whole.

The Russian women that you meet may indicate that they prefer to live in a big city. This is because they have an instinctual fear of small towns. They associate small towns with the dirty, squalid villages in Russia. If you live in a rural area in the United States, you may have some work cut out for you convincing a Russian woman that you live in a fine place.

In this case, you may want to consider hiring an agency that introduces you to women outside of the major centers such as Moscow or St. Petersburg. You should also let the women know about all of the things your small town has to offer such as cafes, television reception, and internet access. Believe it or not, these women will find it surprising that you have access to such modern conveniences if you live in a small town!

One concern that many American men have is that they will be used as a means to a visa and then the woman of their dreams will dump them when the womans citizenship is secure. If you are an older gentleman, consider looking for a woman who is over 40. Women over the age of 40 rarely have the opportunity to get married in Russia.

You need to understand that Russian women are culturally sensitized to wanting a home and children. Youll meet Russian women who want to be married. These are not women who are just looking for a visa. They are looking for a lifetime partnership. If you have a child with your Russian bride, she will put the needs of the child ahead of her own needs and will sacrifice her own happiness so that the child can have an intact family.

One of the surprising things that you will realize when you meet Russian women is that they arent looking for superman. They simply want a man who is normal. They want someone with an education, a stable job, and the ability to stay sober most of the time.

If you want to meet Russian women, there are many opportunities to do so through internet based dating services.

Getting over a break up is never easy. You can do a hundred different things to try to make it easy, and some of them help. But they never change the fact that getting over a break up hurts, and it can hurt for a very long time.

The worst pain of a relationship break up is usually right at first. Often, we dont see these things coming, so the relationship ending can be something of a shock. Once the shock starts to wear off, the pain and sadness set in.

These feelings are perfectly natural, even though theyre also very unpleasant. None of us want to sit around feeling sad and hurt, but its important that you let yourself be sad and let yourself cry about the ending relationship.

This is important because without really dealing with your emotions its hard to move on and start getting over a break up. If you keep pushing the sadness away and refusing to deal with it, itll stay there waiting for you to finally give in and let it happen. So the longer you put off dealing with your feelings, the longer the whole process takes.

And even if youre denying your feelings, you still do feel sad and upset deep down. By refusing to deal with it, youre forcing yourself to feel bad much longer than necessary. So the first tip is to truly let yourself cry and feel all the negative emotions associated with a break up.

The second tip to help with getting over a break up will be hardest for those who still remain in a little denial about the end of the relationship. If you entertain the hope that youll get your ex back one day, this will be very hard.

But the relationship is over, and by holding out hope that youll get back together you keep yourself from moving forward in your own life. So the best thing to do is to remove all memories of your ex for right now, and completely avoid seeing the person as much as possible.

Maybe the break up was a civil one and you want to stay friends. Thats great! And that makes it more likely that he or she will understand your need to distance yourself for a while. Getting over a break up is hard when youre faced with the person you miss every day or often.

Staying friends is admirable but youre hurting right now. Seeing that person will only remind you of that pain. You can reestablish contact when youre feeling stronger and less likely to pine for the lost relationship every time you see him or her.

If your ex wants to remain friends with you, then he or she should understand your need to take care of yourself for a while, especially if they are the one who ended the relationship. While it hurts to take that final step of avoiding the ex, its really necessary for getting over a break up.

Free Dating Advice For Men Invaluable Tips

If you're a guy looking for free dating advice for men, you're in luck. You can find all kinds of free tips about dating and relationships on the web. This particular article will revolve around the following statistics. Dr. Albert Mehrabian, an expert in nonverbal communication, discovered that nonverbal communication accounts for at least 93 percent of the impact of our communication. Words account for only 7 percent. The 93 percent is made up of pace, pitch and tone of voice (38 percent) and facial expressions (55 percent). It's been proven that body language is VERY important. Understanding that translates into the following tips.

Keep good eye contact with your date. You've probably already heard this one but it is sometimes easier said than done, especially if you are nervous. And remember, the worst sin you can commit on a date is to stare (or even be caught glancing) at your date's chest. Do everything in your power to NOT look at her chest. This will make sure you don't offend her and it may even cause her to wonder why you're not looking and actually lead her to start trying to provoke you to look! When talking to your date, try to maintain eye contact. Don't stare at her constantly but make a conscious effort to look into her eyes (about 70 percent of the time is a good rule of thumb). Try to be natural.

One of the more overlooked pieces of free dating advice for men. . .stand up straight! This communicates that you are strong, confident and healthy.

Remember to smile. A great big honest smile shows your date that you are friendly, fun and, most importantly, comfortable around women. Some people smile more naturally than others. If you don't consider yourself a "smiler", practice smiling a little bit. You'll probably be surprised at home many people smile back.

In certain situations, opening your palms and facing them upwards while you speak can gain your date's trust. This subconsciously tells your date that you are being honest. You can use this to defend yourself against an accusation or simply to make a point about yourself. Remember to smile along with this gesture too.

Avoid fidgeting, running your fingers through your hair, tracing invisible lines in the table or any sort of compulsive gesture that you may do to combat discomfort or nervousness. Try to keep your hands in your lap (if you are sitting) or straight down at your sides (if you are standing). This conveys a sense that you are at ease with yourself and others. And confidence is one major quality that women seek in men.

Don't be afraid of moments of silence in your conversation. Most people try to fill silence as soon as possible. Realize that it's ok. Take a moment to just enjoy the moment.

These are just a few pieces of free dating advice for men. Remember that nonverbal communication is just as, if not more, important than verbal communication. . .especially on a first date!

What makes a great relationship? What are the ingredients for creating a happy, healthy, forever kind of partnership in life? I believe there are four necessities, things you must both provide in order to have a relationship that is as close to perfect as humans can make them.

I call those four necessities Pillars of Perfection, and these four pillars are the basic cornerstones underpinning every great, lasting relationship the world has ever known. What are they?

The First C is Caring: Both parties in a thriving relationship has to care about themselves, yes, but most especially about each other and about the relationship as a third, separate entity.

Why? Because a person will tend to only work on things they truly care about. So the first pillar in a great relationship is caring.

The Second C is Commitment: You must be willing to commit to forever. This means, good or bad, heaven or hell, war and/or peace, you're willing to stand up and fight for what you care about, which is each other.

You must be dedicated to your relationship, to creating a life and lifestyle that suits you both and then doing whatever it takes to maintain it for the rest of your lives together. So commitment is the second pillar in a great relationship.

The Third C is Communication: Communication is our way of getting our own thoughts, hopes, fears, and ideas across to someone else. If we do not communicate, our partners have no way of knowing what we expect, what we want, need, desire, or crave from our relationships.

You must be willing and able to talk, to communicate openly and honestly about your expectations in order to maintain a happy, healthy, long-term relationship.

The Fourth C is Compromise: From the mouth of John Michael Montgomery, from the text of the Bible, and from the lips of just about every person in the world, in some form or the other, come these fateful words: You do have to give if you want to receive.

There is a give and take in any relationship. Problems start when one person does more giving than taking (or more taking than giving). To avoid this, you must be willing to compromise in order to create a harmonic balance in your relationship. That is why the fourth pillar of perfection in great relationships is compromise.

Think your relationship is lacking one or two of these pillars of perfection? There is no time better than now to begin work on constructing those pillars you feel your relationship lacks. Why now? Because tomorrow may be too late, and you would hate to miss out on being able to look back on 50, 60, 70 years or more of contented togetherness, wouldn't you?

I wouldn't be willing to trade that for anything in the world.

So forget about the work involved, and just be happy you are able to put in the time and effort now to ensure your relationship is one that will last, one that can stand the tests of time and endure forever.

Entering into a marriage is a huge commitment. For many people, it is a lifelong commitment. Marriage is a sacred union between two people. They are professing their love for each other and formalizing things with a ceremony. They will share this time with friends and family and they will have everyone that means a lot to them present at the wedding.

Entering into this new part of your life is often a very huge step for people. There can be a lot of anxiety and uncertainty that goes along with the decision to get married. However, there are some things that can help make things go smoothly and help you to make a conscious decision about whether you are ready to marry your partner or not. By answering these five questions, you will get a clear idea of exactly what your relationship is built on and where it has the potential to go in the future.

1. Children - Yes or No?

The first thing to discuss is whether you and your partner have the same thoughts and feelings on children. Do you both want children? Are you both planning on becoming parents at some point in the future? If there is a difference of opinion here, then you need to seriously rethink your relationship. A difference of opinion on children can wreak havoc on a marriage later on. It is not fair to your spouse or to the children that you may have in the future; if they are not wanted.

2. Family Finances:

Your next issue is money and spending habits. Are you and your partner able to have practical conversations regarding your finances and how money is spent? If you have a hard time talking about this prior to getting married, you are going to have a much harder time talking about it after you are married and are sharing all of the financial responsibilities. This can doom a marriage to failure before it ever starts. Plus, the majority of all divorces are caused by financial issues.

3. Marriage Bed:

can you talk openly about sex with your partner? If you are not completely satisfied or see some things that need to be worked on, are you able to tell your partner this? Are you both open to listening and working out any issues that either of you have? If you are not able to have an open sex life with each other and talk about it, there is no way that you are ready to enter into a marriage together. Chances are that if you are already having issues related to your sex life, they are only going to get worse over time.

4. Mother and Father In Law:

You need to know how much the in-laws are going to be in your life. They may be the most wonderful people in the world. Perhaps they are very loving and caring. They may have deep feelings for both you and your partner. However, they cannot run your life. They are not in control of your marriage or your relationship. If there are no boundaries and in-laws are allowed to do as they please, you are both setting yourselves up for disaster.

5. Household Chores:

The last thing that needs to be discussed is chores. Ask your partner if they will clean the toilet. Now, this may sound crazy, but think about it. Do you want to be responsible for doing all of the housework? Do you think it is fair that you be solely responsible for cleaning up messes that both of you make? If your partners answer to this question is, No or isnt that your job? you need to take a long hard look at whether or not you are ready to enter into a marriage with this person or not.