Be sure and flirt with the topless dancers in every situation. She can be walking by, sitting at your table, on the stage, etc. Let her know you noticed her and are attracted to her. Develop a very sexy looking gleam in your eye along with a warm smile as described above. Literally try to melt a dancer with your eyes. Practice this special look in your mirror and use it to meet dancers.

If you make eye contact with a dancer across the way and she turns away, don't get discouraged. Keep trying to make eye contact and smile at her. If she smiles back, motion for her to come over and join you. If she comes over after smiling at you, this could indicate that she's interested in meeting you. Make sure that when you're flirting that you do not stare. This is rather impolite and most people don't like to be stared at. The dancers don't mind when you stare when they're dancing because this is to be expected. Otherwise, they would feel uncomfortable by you staring at them.


HINT #1 - You constantly have to be using your imagination. Don't allow yourself to become predictable and boring. Be thinking of new things to do - a restaurant she hasn't been to, a walk in the park, or taking pictures at the beach. Do things that are slightly different and unpredictable. Women love a man to surprise her with his spontaneity. Even if you've planned an activity in advance, make it appear to be a thought of the moment. Remember, it is as much the style with which you do it, as what you do.

HINT #2 - A friend once made the observation: "Casual dates are for getting to know someone, formal dates are for people in a relationship." Most people make the mistake of doing the opposite. They go on formal dates when they are trying to get to know someone, and once in a relationship, get lazy and go on casual outings. You have to spice up a relationship with formal affairs. Women love to dress up - so let them.

Don't forget that a relationship will stay strong as long as her feelings for you stay strong. The key to all of this is giving a woman what she really wants. Don't make the mistake of thinking that women's needs and desires change just because they are in a relationship.
This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."


Why Acting Like You're Married Can Attract Single Women Like Crazy  Why are so many single women attracted to married men, obsessed by them? The married man has no need to "play games" or prove himself, thus he tends to be relaxed and confident in his dealings with the opposite sex. He wears the shining armor of his experience and exudes an aura of "forbidden fruit". He is unavailable, and his very inaccessibility makes him highly desirable. This is a deadly combination.  So, what can the single guy learn from all this? Act married. You need not "play games" or prove yourself, thus be relaxed and confident in your dealings with the opposite sex. Do not let yourself be too accessible to the opposite sex; let the women invest at least a little bit of effort to get near you.

 Above all, avoid the behavior patterns of being "on the prowl" (veritably oozing neediness and desperation). Running after single women, panting, with your tongue literally hanging out, you play the fool. Staying detached, just a bit distant, cool-calm-collected, you radiate confidence and strength.  Wear the shining armor of your very own experience and exude an aura of "forbidden fruit", of being the proud, sensitive, strong, and yes, desirable shy man.
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Get rid of the idea that people are always watching you, sizing you up and evaluating you. The only people that do this are shy people who spend a lot of time fearing that they are being evaluated negatively. The reason you think you are being watched is because you do this to others.

The solution to breaking this habit is to stop judging and sizing people up and you will stop thinking that others are doing the same to you. Don't worry about people evaluating you unfavorably because the reason for this is that they think they are better than you.



Let's talk about smiles during your first meeting with a topless dancer. A warm and sexy smile can do wonders in getting a dancer attracted to you. A smile is your best way to break the ice with a dancer. It shows that you are a positive person. It lifts the spirits of the dancer and indicates that you're open to conversation. A warm smile communicates to her that you've noticed her in an approving way. Your smile says to her, “You look nice. Let's get to know each other." Be sure and examine your smile. You need to make sure that you're sending the right message when you smile at the dancers. Stand in front of a mirror. Smile naturally as if you were smiling at a dancer and check:

 1. Does your smile look warm, friendly, and sexy?

2. Are your teeth shiny and white?

Work on the areas that need improvement and beware of a smile that looks more like a forced grin. You probably need to relax your face more. Watch out for half-hearted smiles. This may be caused by shyness but they come across as not very warm. Also, if you smile comes across as phony, it may have been on your face too long. After smiling for a minute or so your lips begin to get tired and freeze into a glazed look. To cure this and freshen your smile, rest a moment. When you're not smiling, don't let your mouth give off negative messages. Tightly pursed lips can suggest anger and you certainly don't want to come across as angry when meeting a dancer. Also a turned down mouth communicates sadness or disapproval.



HINT #1 - Even after a relationship begins, you can continue to play hard to get. Without ignoring her, keep a level of independence. Don't make your life revolve around her entirely. Don't smother her. Be it your job or your sport - something that shows her that you can live without her. If you have a life outside her sphere of influence, it will make her slightly insecure, and therefore, want to hold on to you even more.

HINT #2 - Never do what she expects you to do. Someone who does exactly what is expected on cue is boring. By being unpredictable you constantly keep her on her toes, and more importantly, you keep her interested.

HINT #3 - In a relationship you've got to maintain a level of romance. Once we overheard two friends’ wives talking. One said, "Do you know what I would like to do? I would really like to go out on a date." In other words, here was a woman who was married and bored. She wanted her husband to ask her out on a date. She wanted flowers, to be asked out, the door held open, and kissed on the neck over dinner. You've got to keep romance in the relationship. You've got to surprise her with little gifts, with flowers, with love notes on the pillow, and candlelight dinners. You've got to make her feel like she is a woman.
This article is from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."


Don't Be a Victim of the Pregnancy Trap!
Some single women, and unfortunately you do not know which ones, use pregnancy as a way to trap you into marrying them. Or at least, you will be stuck with a child you never wanted or expected for the rest of your life. And you will pay up to your ears.
Men are so stupid that they do not make women responsible for their bodies and their pregnancies. Listen, if they run the risk of getting pregnant they should not "spread your legs" around. And if they do get pregnant, they should not blame anybody else but themselves. After all, no guy could get in if these women kept their legs crossed and closed very tight.
Why should we men take care of women's bodies? Why is it that we men are the ones who have to wear condoms so they don't get pregnant? We men don't ever get pregnant. Women do. Therefore, women should both protect themselves and take full responsibilities for their pregnancies, unless a man and her woman decide willingly to have a child.
Unfortunately, the laws are so distorted in women's favor that men don't have a chance. Notice also that when women want to get pregnant and are happy with their pregnancies, they say; "I am pregnant. I am so happy because I am going to have a baby." But when they want to nail you or the pregnancy was unplanned they say: "You got me pregnant." And listen to their mommies and daddies saying: "You got our daughter pregnant."

 They never tell the honest truth that "Our daughter got pregnant because she was spreading her legs around." As if their daughter was this pure, innocent, virginal girl who just happened to be praying when unexpectedly, high from above, this blob of holy semen came down and impregnated her. And it was not her fault at all, poor thing.
Nonsense. Most likely, she was "sleeping around" without even taking "birth control" pills expecting, as all women do, that you protect her from getting pregnant. What a joke. Since condoms are not 100% failure-proof, I order and command you to always wear condoms in conjunction with spermicide and any additional contraceptive you can come up with. My good fellow, take all necessary precautions to:
Protect yourself from any Sexually Transmitted diseases, and Avoid the "Deadly Pregnancy Trap."
The author of this article chose to remain anonymous.