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Meeting and Picking Up Women Using Mental Pictures

It is known fact that whatever a man can conceive mentally, he can bring into materialization. Meeting and picking up women must follow if the proper mental pictures are created and maintained, for this sets in motion the law of cause and effect.

To help you create the mental pictures of meeting and picking up women, I will describe a very effective method to saturate your subconscious mind with mental pictures.

You will need about four cards. The back of business cards will do just great. Just write the word, "LOVE CONNECTION" or any other word you associate with meeting women with on these cards. Carry one in your wallet, place one on your bathroom mirror, place one by your bed, then another one where you work. Whenever you look at these cards, mentally picture yourself meeting and picking up women at various places such as nightclubs, the beach, swimming pools, etc. By placing these cards
in various areas, this will enable you to see mentally, the pictures at all hours of the day.

In addition to using the cards during the day, it is best to look at them before you go to sleep at night and upon awaking in the morning and mentally picture yourself meeting many women. These two periods of the day are highly important moments to concentrate upon thoughts with added force. It is helpful to form these pictures throughout the day because the more often you form your pictures backed with desire, the speedier the materialization.

In conclusion, you should tell nobody what the words on the cards mean or give anyone any suggestion as to what you are trying to accomplish. Just keep it to yourself. Any outside ridicule or criticism can be detrimental to your success with these methods.



When you first meet a topless dancer, do these important steps to create a bond. Be the first to extend your hand during your initial greeting. While shaking hands, give her a warm friendly smile and say, "Hi, my name is _____." That's the best way to open the channels of communication between you and the dancer. She will be impressed by you shaking her hand also because most men don't.

You are showing her respect and making her feel special. It shows that you're a warm & friendly person and it helps to lower her defenses. It creates an atmosphere of receptivity between you and the dancer.
When you shake hands, be sure your hand acts as your private diplomat. Use a firm grip to show strength and friendliness. A grip that's too hard seems aggressive. A grip that's too soft suggests that you're weak, retreating or indifferent. As soon as you feel her grip relax, break the handshake. If it's a very quick handshake it indicates an obligatory handshake. I'll bet you didn't think handshaking was such an art.


This is not so much a hint as a statement about relationships in general.
Relationships need energy to survive. Both parties have to want it to be strong and have to be willing to make the effort necessary to keep it strong. Many of the relationships that we have seen fail, did so because one or both of the parties involved did not really care if the relationship lasted. If it continued and they benefited from it - fine, they'll stick around. But make sacrifices or be inconvenienced to keep it going? No way. When, however, both parties really want a relationship to work, and then both parties will put the effort into making it work.
Remember, relationships are not always going to be a bed of roses. There will be problems. There will be times when you will have to bend and give for the continued well being of the relationship. But if both parties really want the relationship to survive and if they are willing to do what is necessary to keep it strong, then they will both benefit from a strong relationship.
The last bit of advice in this chapter is to repeat what we said at the beginning of the chapter. Stay on your toes. Don't be foolish enough to think that just because you are in a relationship you can relax and stop courting her, romancing her, and being the person she fell in love with at your first meeting.
This article is from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."


A couple of excellent places to meet women, in my experience, have been:
Tanning spas - Women are thier biggest clientele, and since they go there to "improve" their appearance/image, it only makes sense that you can easily start a conversation with a gorgeous woman by letting her know how much you appreciate the fact that she is looks as good as she does and how her tan really compliments her beauty, or hair, or whatever you notice about her at the time. Since women love compliments on the success of their efforts to make themselves desireable, a particularly sincere compliment can go a long way. You might even get her to rub the tanning lotion onto your back for you.
The local theater or youth theater - Women love going to plays. And, I have found, I actually enjoyed it too, once I gave it an honest effort. So, if you attend a couple of them, it makes a great conversation opener to discuss the show you last went to, especially if you remember seeing that gorgeous brunette or redhead at the last play you came to, and she really appears single. Usually, women will go to these together, and also as usual, there will likely be only one or two married women in their groups, which increases your chances of finding an available cutie to talk to. The youth theater is great if you have a young sibling or neice or nephew to take along. The act of taking a child that is not yours to the play shows her that you are a great, caring guy and she will find these characteristics appealing. And chances are, she is spending time with children that are not hers, because she is just waiting for a fantastic guy like you to come along and spend some time with her!
Also, with both of these places, it indicates to her that you have something in common - like to tan and like watching plays. You should be a shoe-in!


The Mirror Technique For Meeting and Picking Up Women

This is a very effective method of releasing the power of the subconscious mind by using a mirror. This method is very effective in motivating you to meet women. It can be used to obtain anything you so desire.

Now I will explain the technique. Stand in front of a mirror. The mirror does not have to be full length, but you should at least be able to see yourself from the waste up.

Stand fully erect just like a soldier does when told to come to attention. Now take three or four deep breaths until you feel a sense of enormous strength, power, and determination. Now look into the very depths of your eyes and tell yourself, "Every time I go to a nightclub I will meet a very special lady that I'm attracted to." This is just an example of what to tell yourself and be sure to say this aloud so you can see your lips move and hear the words uttered. Also, you can make up your own words and suggestions or even use the ones in the previous section on autosuggestion (page 104).

Do this exercise regularly at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening and you will be astonished at the results. You may augment this by writing any slogans or key words associated with your desires with soap on the face of your mirror, such as "LOVE CONNECTION", "TAKE ACTION", "SCORE",etc.

Within a few days after practicing this exercise you will really begin to feel a sense of confidence in yourself and your abilities to meet and pick up women that you never have felt before.

It is advisable not to tell anyone about your using this method to meet women. There are scoffers and skeptics that may ridicule you and shake your confidence.

Getting Ready and Psyched Up

Psyching yourself up and making preparations before you go out to topless clubs is very important. You need to feel at your best, so get a good nights sleep before you go out. Prior to leaving, eat a good healthy meal to put a lining on your stomach if you are going to be drinking. A couple of hours before you leave, put on some music that you are likely to hear in the topless clubs. The purpose of this is to get you in the mood for the topless club scene. Also, you need to prepare your subconscious mind for meeting and picking up topless dancers.

 Here’s how you do it. Make yourself a drink and sit down in your favorite easy chair, sofa, recliner, etc. Now, close your eyes and relax and picture in your mind meeting some hot & sexy topless dancer. See yourself talking to her, becoming intimate with her, her sitting in your lap and being all over you, see the glow in her eyes that says that she's attracted to you and desires you sexually. See yourself leaving the topless club with her after she gets off work and going to your place or hers or just meeting her somewhere for lunch or dinner.

You may think all of this is silly and what in the hell do I need to create all these images in my mind for? The purpose is to register all these images in your subconscious mind so that when you get to the topless club your subconscious mind will give directions to your conscious mind to act them out. Don't get discouraged if this does not work the first time because it takes a lot of repetition for this to be absorbed by the subconscious mind. Also, all day long on the day you're going to a topless club, keep telling yourself over and over "I'm going to meet and score with a very special topless dancer tonight." You will be amazed at the results you can have by psyching yourself up. There's another benefit to this by helping you develop a positive mental attitude and build up your self-confidence around the dancers.