Should a woman know for sure that you are not seeing any other women? No. If she is wondering, then she is a bit insecure and the hint that other women find you attractive will intensify her interest in you. Please note that we do not advocate infidelity. We are merely saying that she will find you more attractive if she suspects that other women find you attractive.

If a woman confronts you with the question: "Are you seeing another woman?" maintain stout denial. She will still be wondering and that is good.

Once, while looking at a magazine centerfold, we found this interesting comment. It was on the back of the picture - the part that gives the girls biographical information. Under the heading "likes and dislikes" she stated, "I'm not interested in men who let me walk all over them." At first glance, this seemed reasonable and not much was thought of it. Then one of us asked, "Why does she try to walk all over men in the first place?" We began to think about this, and found in our observations a very interesting behavior in women.

We found that women will test men. They will try to walk all over men to see how far they can push them. Why are they doing this? Literally, they are testing the guy's manhood. The more grief a man will tolerate from a woman, the worse he scores on the test. Women are testing because they are looking for a man who will not let them get away with any bullshit. It is a situation where the more understanding and patient you are, the weaker you are seen. The worse you score on the test.

This article is from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."

I would like to share a few tips from one of our readers:

Being 40+ and single again has it's curses and blessings, I wont linger on the former but would like to share with you and your readers a great little place to snag babes. Bookstores, yep bookstores, not only do you get to screen what her interests before moving in, but you already have a common ground, something to talk about right away instead of fumbling around for something that interests you both. Depending on whether you are an expert or a novice on the subject matter you can opt to enlighten or be enlightened and believe me, a woman will never miss an opportunity to show that there's "more than T&A in the DNA."

"All that and a great mind too!" usually will get a smile, and a phone number.

Libraries are also great places if you've got the time. A little tip is finding an attractive lady at a table, look at what she's reading, grab some of the same subject matter, and plop down across from her or near enough to start exchanging thoughts.

I have enjoyed quite a few successful encounters thanks to your tips and advice but if there is one little tidbit that everyone needs to carry with them it's that rejection is a part of the game. Hell, Ken Griffey Jr. doesn't get a hit but once every three at bats and he's on his way to the Baseball Hall of Fame so don't be afraid to swing away. Thanks.

This will help you to meet and pick up women by influencing the subconscious mind by means of suggestion. Using the method of autosuggestion, you will be giving yourself positive suggestions to meet women.
              This method is very simple and very effective. Repetition is the main rule in making suggestions work. They should be repeated three or four times, or even more. These suggestions can be made verbally, though it is not necessary to say the words aloud. Just thinking them is enough. Some people respond better if they are said aloud, so you might want to experiment to see what works best for you. To make the suggestion more potent, you may form a visual image while making the suggestion verbally. There is a tendency for the subconscious to carry out any prolonged and repeated visual image.
              You will be phrasing your suggestions using the words, "I can" or "I will." Start out using the words, "I can" and if no results are shown, switch over to the words, "I will." Remember, in giving yourself suggestions, acceptance by the inner mind is necessary or it will not be carried out, no matter how badly you may consciously want this.

Now I will recommend these suggestions for you to use. Pick out the ones you like the most or even make up your own. Any of them will work.

"I can walk up to any woman and start talking to her."
"I can move into action quickly and easily when I see a woman I like."
"I can approach a woman, totally free from all negative feelings such as worry, inferiority or nervousness."
"I can make the first move when it comes to sex and follow my sexual urges and proceed to seduce my date whenever I feel the time is right."
"I can bring a woman home with me if I choose to do so, when I go to nightclubs."
"I can meet up any woman I desire."

              It is recommended that you shouldn't burden your subconscious mind with too many suggestions at one time. Try to work on one suggestion at a time and never more than two. If using two suggestions, start with the first one and repeat it three or four times, then repeat the second suggestion three or four times, then go back and repeat the first suggestion.
              Use this method daily and you will be meeting and picking up more women than you ever dreamed possible. You will be more confident than ever and meeting and picking up women will become natural and easy. Try this and see if your love-life doesn't improve dramatically.
              Also, I might add, you can use this method to obtain anything you want. It doesn't have to be applied to just meeting women only.
              In conclusion, remember the need for repetition and suggest results, not means.

The key to successfully meeting topless dancers is to not come on to them all hot & horny and wanting to jump their bones. Become their friend and exude warmth and friendliness. The worst thing you can do is treat them like a sex object. Make her feel special and appreciated.

Believe me; you will stand out in her mind as a special guy that's different than the rest of the men who come in the club. After all, the name of the game is to get her truly interested in you and attracted to you.

HINT #1 - It never hurts for a woman to be a little bit insecure in the relationship. Fear of losing you will make her want you all the more.

HINT #2 - Be reluctant to discuss the future or commitments. Women start to feel the pressure of being tied down. Better that by the absence of your words, they feel a bit unsure of their hold on you. They'll always want what they can't have - or what they're not sure they have.

HINT #3 - Express your feelings through actions, not words. Better to show a woman that you love her, than to tell her you love her. If a man is constantly telling a woman he loves her and is not showing that he loves her, she may interpret this as him trying to tie her down.

Nice guys beware of the walking wounded single woman. These are the single women who, really, really need your friendship, love and support. She's just come out of a devastating break up. She's hurt and naturally all your instincts tell you to give. Give and keep on giving, because she's a woman in need, and you can't turn your back. How can someone so badly hurt, ever be in danger? Besides she loves you. She says it over and over. She keeps saying how much nicer you are than other men she's known.

 Soon, you're sleeping together. What started out as a friendship has become a relationship, and now you are attached. But beware of two things. Firstly be sure you yourself are not simply attracted to her because she is needy. That's not a healthy thing. But secondly, beware what happens when you have given of yourself so much that her self- esteem is now fully repaired, and she is finally over her bout of depression. She's grateful to you. You were there when she really needed a friend, but now she wants some space. Soon she's talking about "moving on", and "putting her life back together" and it is obvious your usefulness is at an end. You have let yourself become the "interim man." The person, however innocently, she uses in order to deal with the break up.
This article was contributed by Michael Boniwell.


Most women are interested in astrology and you can use this to your advantage. I have used this method very successfully in meeting women to get a woman to leave a nightclub with me to go over to my place to do her horoscope. This can work for you and it's so very simple.

You may be saying to yourself, "I don't know anything about astrology." Well don't panic, because all you're going to need is one book to get you started. The book is called Heaven Knows What by Grant Lewi and is available at your local metaphysical or regular book store. They can order it for you if they don't have it. This book will enable you to cast a detailed horoscope in ten to fifteen minutes without the slightest study or knowledge of astrology beforehand. All you need to do is follow the simple directions carefully, step by step, and you just can't go wrong.

The chief use of the horoscope is it's aid in self-discovery or in discovering what makes your friends tick, not to mention the women you do a horoscope on. The horoscope tells the basic underlying psychological and emotional drives of the individual. If you desire to pursue astrology further after using this book, there are many excellent books on the market. I've been studying astrology for over twenty years and believe me, you can never learn enough about astrology. If you don't believe in astrology, investigate the subject and you will find there's a lot of truth to it.

Now, here's how this method is used to pick up and meet women in nightclubs. Of course, you can use this method in any setting or situation. The best time to use this method is after you have made initial contact with a woman and towards the end of the evening. You can't just walk up to a woman and ask her if she would like to have his horoscope done and then leave and go to your place. OK, let's say you have met a woman and you have had a few drinks and a few dances and you're hitting it off pretty good. It's getting late and it's time to make a move. Ask her, "What sign are you?" Then follow up with, "Are you interested in astrology?" Then ask her, "Would you like to have your have your horoscope done?" Assuming she says yes, then follow up with, "Why don't we leave and go over to my place and I'll calculate your horoscope and let you read about yourself?" If she declines your offer for that particular night, set it up for another night. If you don't get her over to your place the first night, at least you'll get her over at a later date. Of course, you can always go over to her place instead.

You have the option of making the main objective of getting a woman to your place to have her horoscope done is to seduce her. I'll leave this up to you. After doing her horoscope you can proceed with your seduction routine (dim lighting, soft music, a few drinks, kissing, stroking, etc.).

 In conclusion, you're going to run into some women who don't want any part of astrology. You'll just have to try and convince them to try it before knocking it. If this fails, you'll just have to resort to other methods to get a woman to your place. At least give it a try and see how it works for you. You have nothing to lose and a hell of a lot to gain. This method sure did work for me. Just buy the book and learn how to calculate a horoscope and you will be on your way to meeting more women.