Expecting Too Much on a Date

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Expecting Too Much on a Date

Never Expect Something Afterward

Men and women are both guilty of this: expecting a little more from a date than just a fun evening. If your only objective on a date is to get sex, you will not get to know the person and you will not be forming a meaningful relationship.

That's fine, but make sure the other person is fully away of the relationship's limitations as well. Another dating tip: The best way to make your date a great one is to go into it with optimism and a smile!

Succeed with Women with Your Imagination

Imagine Success with Women

When was the last time you imagined yourself meeting and seducing a lot more women? If there were no limits to the women you could meet and date what would you be willing to imagine?

My friend, the only limitations there are for your dating life are the limits that are in your mind and thoughts.

If your dating life right now is in the pits why don't you at least start imagining something. Imagine yourself meeting, dating, and seducing the women of your dreams. Take that step of faith today that love and happiness with a woman is coming your way.

See in your mind yourself meeting and dating lots of hot and sexy women. Just take the limits off of your thinking so you can fulfill your desire of finding someone special.

Dating Topless Dancer

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Dating Topless Dancer

Dating Topless Dancers Advice

Stay on your toes! More so when you're dating a topless dancer, because of all the competition and all the guys vying for her affections. Don't be a stupid ass fool and think that just because you are in a relationship with her now you can just relax and stop courting her, take her for granted, romancing her, and being the guy she fell in love with in the beginning.

Excuses Men Make That Hurt Their Dating Life

Making Time for Dating

Hello my friends, let's talk about some excuses we have that prevent us from meeting and scoring with more women:

Please don't let these three words prevent you from meeting lots of women. What are these three words that can really screw up your lovelife? - "I don't have time" is the culprit.

Whatever the circumstances are (busy with your career, education, caring for a parent or children, etc.) do not allow a supposed lack of time to prevent you from enjoying love and romance with women.

Maybe you need to step back and evaluate better ways to organize your time so you can have more time to socialize and meet more women.

And whatever you do, don't fall into the trap of becoming a workaholic and lose your ability to enjoy life. Life is just to short to spend all of your time working. You've got to balance your life with work and pleasure. Trust me, real pleasure in life is being with a woman you're really attracted to that turns you on.

Saving Money at Topless Clubs

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Saving Money at Topless Clubs

Saving Money in Gentleman's Clubs

Tip - When you drink, order a glass of wine. Just sip the wine slowly and it will last for 1-2 hours. Beer gets flat when it sits for a long time and mixed drinks get watered down when the ice melts. So, if you want to save money on your bar bill, just order wine and sip on it.

Talking About Love with Women

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Talking About Love with Women

Conversations About Love

When talking to a woman try revolve the conversation around love. Try to get her to experience the feelings of love she had in the past with other men. When you do this she can subconciously associate those feelings with you. You will be the lucky one that caused her to remember those feelings of love in her past. These feelings can make her feel romantic towards you.

Also, I wanted to tell you about a couple of mistakes you must not make when trying to seduce women:

  1. By not waiting until she is ready to for you to put your moves on her
  2. By waiting too long. Timing is everything when trying to seduce women.

How to Give Compliments and Talk to Women

Giving Compliments and Talking to Women

You should always give compliments to women that are sincere.

Here is a good example: Telling an intelligent woman that she is pretty, or telling a pretty woman how intelligent she is, puts you an entirely different light than the men she normally rejects.

The more sincere and straight forward your compliments are, the less she will feel they are your normal typical pick up lines.

When talking to women you must pay close attention to what she has to say. This will show her that you are a real good listener and you think it is important to listen to what she has to say. Try to get her to talk about herself as much as possible. Focus on her and forget about yourself.

Above all and most importantly, try not to obsessively talk about yourself. These tips will give you a head start in attracting lots of women.