Let's discuss stage dancing.  This is where topless dancers dance for mostly $1.00 tips put in her "G-string."  They start out on the main stage and dance to a couple of songs.  The first song consists of a teaser act where she comes out on stage clothed in a sexy, sleazy outfit, dancing and prancing and flaunting herself to excite the horny men in the audience. 

Then, for the second song she comes out topless and wearing a G-string to dance.  Some of these girls are very talented dancers with a very well-choreographed routine.  Others just do the standard bump and grind routine.

The purpose of all this is to attract tips from the guys in the audience.  In case you have never given a tip to a dancer on stage, here's how you do it:  Just go up to the edge of the stage with a dollar bill folded longways.  She will see you and approach you.  Then she will dance in front of you and when she squats down, put the dollar bill in her G-string after she motions you to do so. Then she will thank you and kiss you lightly on your lips or cheek.
As a variable to make an impression on her try this:  Put a lottery ticket with your dollar.  Write on the back of it, "If you win call me at _______ and let's celebrate.  Even if you don't win lets meet for lunch or dinner.  Good luck!"  Then sign your name.
Who knows, she may be so impressed by your unique approach that she may actually call you.  Be sure when you give her the dollar bill, you tell her there's a lottery ticket with it!  This is very important so she will remember you.   


A word about paying for a dance.  Always pay cash if possible.  Why?  Because if you use your credit card, they usually charge you a processing fee of $5.  This is a rip off to me.  Also, you might want to offer her a barter deal for a dance. Offer to wash & wax her car, change her oil & filter, lottery tickets, jewelry, gift certificates, any services related to your business, etc.
Accept  this as something you have to put up with in topless clubs.  You will constantly be hustled for table dances!  Don't hold this against the topless dancers.  This is how the dancers really make good money.  So, if she's not doing dances she's not making any money.  They have bills to pay just like you and me and she will spend most of her night hustling men for dances. 
Always  remember  that you're under no obligation to buy a dance from her.  If she's really crazy about you, she will even dance for you free.  If this happens, you've got a real good shot at scoring with her.

Back to the dancers soliciting you for dances.  As you are sitting at your table you will be approached by dancers with their standard line of, "Would you like some company?"  If you say, "yes" right after she sits down, she will hit you up for a dance.  You can stall her with small talk after she joins you, but eventually and real soon she's going to ask you for a dance.
So, what do you do?  Always say, "I'd rather buy you a drink and get to know you better.  I know the ropes of your business, so if you need to go make some money, I understand.  Just come back and party with me after you make your money."  If she never comes back, you'll know she's not interested in you, because you won't buy a dance.


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