Has this ever happened to you? You just meet this hot & sexy beautiful single woman and you agree to meet for dinner at a local restaurant.
You're all pumped up to see this girl again and you're hoping this meeting will lead to some romance and a potential relationship.
You arrive right on time at the time you both agreed upon. And you're waiting and waiting for her to show up. Ten minutes goes by...then twenty minutes...then thirty minutes.
What should you do? Leave in a fit of anger and never see her again? Call her up later and cuss her out?
Here are my recommendations:
1. Never wait more than 30 minutes for a date to show up.
2. Give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she has a valid excuse for not showing up such as traffic, sudden illness, emergency at home, problems with her kids, car trouble, etc.
3. Call her the next day and see if she offers an explanation. When you first call, act like nothing happened and let her bring up the subject of your dinner date first. If she offers no explanation, then do not pursue this woman. She may have purposely not showed up because she has no interest in you.
4. You can try another tactic that could make her not feel so bad about not showing up. Just tell her you're sorry you didn't show up for your dinner date because you had a personal issue to take care of. This may be a little white lie, but it takes the pressure off of her. Just reschedule another meeting.
5. Whatever you do, don't call her up and start cussing her out. This serves no purpose and there are some single women out there that enjoy making men upset by standing them up.
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I would suggest rescheduling another meeting for dinner. If she doesn't want to, then just take the hint (she's really telling you that she's not interested in you). If she agrees to meet you again and doesn't show up again, then forget about her. Don't let a woman humiliate you twice.
In closing, remember that being stood up is part of the dating game. It happens to everybody. Don't let it get you down. Let it be a lesson...if a single woman stands you up on purpose, then you don't want to be with a woman who is not interested in you anyway.

Does this describe you?

1. You don't feel you're capable of love because you don't believe that you're good-looking enough, intelligent enough, successful enough, or interesting enough to meet or attract any women.

2. If a woman shows interest in you, you believe yourself to be not worthy of her attention.

These characteristics are classic examples of low self-esteem. And low self-esteem can be a major roadblock to finding and experiencing romance.

In his book The Psychology of Love, the psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden makes an excellent point about low self-esteem: "It has been something of a cliche to observe that, if we do not love ourselves, we cannot love anyone else. This is true enough, but it is only part of the picture. If we do not love ourselves, it is almost impossible to believe fully that we are loved by someone else. It is almost
impossible to receive love. No matter what our partner does to show that he or she cares, we do not experience the devotion as convincing because we do not feel lovable to ourselves."

So, to overcome your low self-esteem, you've got to learn to love yourself. It won't be easy in the beginning, but with a lot of practice and emotional support from friends, relatives, etc. you will gain self-confidence with women and experience love and romance.

Here's more pick up lines to use on women:

“Are you familiar with the TV show “Love Connection?” After she says yes you reply, “Well, would you be my love connection?”

“What are you doing later today - tomorrow and the next day in my life?”

“I just came into a large inheritance. Would you like to help me spend it?”

If there’s a girl walking behind you, turn around and say, “Are you following me?”

“May I join you?” (This simple line ranks as one of the top 10 pick-up lines to successfully meet women.)

I went and saw the new movie called, "The Lincoln Lawyer" this weekend. It's a really great movie and I would highly recommend it for taking a date to see. She will really enjoy it and you both will have a good time.

I need to alert all single men to a scam that goes on in some singles publications, swingers magazines, etc. that feature photo personals of beautiful single women that look like a Playboy Centerfold and the ad describes the woman of your dreams you have been looking for.

Here's how the scam works to rob you of your hard-earned money: Men buy sexy and beautiful models photos and place these pictures in publications and magazines with a personal ad. The personal ad describing her will really capture your attention. It goes something like this: Sexy, beautiful single long-haired, blue-eyed blonde,
buxom, 5' 5", 110 lbs., beautiful figure, long legs, 38-24-36, looking for serious relationship with older man, willing to travel or locate. Please write, I'd love to hear from you.

Then, unsuspecting men will answer these ads thinking this ad is for real and the beautiful and sexy photo of the single woman in the ad and the description is really her. NOT! This is really a guy that will write you back when you answer the ad.

So, what's the purpose of all this? I'm glad you asked. What he will do is pretend to be the woman in the personal ad and write you back coming on all hot & heavy to you in the letter and without even knowing you they will want to fly down to meet you. All you have to do is send them airfare and travel money. Do you smell a rat yet?

Some lonely desperate suckers fall for this scam and send the money. Guess what? The woman of your dreams never shows up and you've just thrown away several hundred dollars right down the toilet.

There are men out there pulling this scam and making a lot of money. It's not rampant, but I wanted to warn you that this type of scam does exist.

Don't be discouraged though because most personals with photos are legitimate. I just want you to use good judgement when answering personals of single women, especially the ones that look like beautiful models.

A real good dead giveaway that a personal is not for real in a lot of cases is that they will not give you their phone number and their address is a post office box. But, the main alert is if they come-on very strong in the beginning and ask you for money.

In closing, use common sense when playing the personals and take every ad and photos of sexy beautiful centerfold-type single women with a grain of salt.

Tips for First Dates

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1. When on a first date, please don't brag about yourself. This is a turnoff for your date. Just focus on her and her interests.

2. Also, when on a first date do not pretend to be someone you are not. Just be yourself.

3. And last, do not pick your nose. If you have to, just excuse yourself to go to the restroom.

Here's a great way to meet and date hot & sexy single saleswomen. I call it, "The Business Card Method."
I'm sure you have been exposed to saleswomen when you're thinking about buying something, when coming into contact with saleswomen through your job or occupation, when looking for a car, house, or property to buy, in department stores, etc.
When these luscious single ladies try to sell you something, this presents a golden opportunity to get to know them and ask them out for a date or meet you for lunch or coffee.
It's so simple and easy to do and here's how to do it and get their phone number:
After she has made her sales pitch to sell you something, say something like this: "This really sounds like something I would be interested in - let's make sure we stay in touch. May I have your business card? Then she will give you her card and may ask for yours. If she doesn't ask for your card, don't offer it and I'll tell you why later.
The beauty of this method is that you have got her phone number, which she willingly gave to you. And guess what? You have their permission to contact them. Isn't this is great way to get her phone number?
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So, what's your next move? Call her and briefly talk to her about what you were interested in buying. Just make up some questions. Keep it friendly and businesslike. Whatever you do, don't come on to her or act like a dog in heat.
After you hang up, mail her a personal note saying something like this:
Dear______________, It was such a pleasure talking to you on the phone today about........I was impressed by your professionalism and knowledge about......I really look forward to getting to know you better!
Signed, (your name)
If she did not ask for your business card upon your initial meeting, enclose your business card along with this personal note. Will she call you? Maybe, but don't get too concerned if she doesn't.
Your next step is to see her again after she's had time to receive her personal note. Act like you're still interested in purchasing whatever she is selling. Now is the time to ask her to meet you for lunch, dinner, or for a cup of coffee.
I know this is a kind of sneaky way to meet single women. But, all is fair in the game of love. You've got to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to meet, attract, and seduce single women.
With this method, you don't have an excuse for not scoring with all those beautiful, single saleswomen you'd give your left testicle to go out with.

Let's talk about one of the easiest ways to scare single women off and make them avoid you...
All you have to do is constantly whine, bitch, and complain about everything and anything. You feel like nobody pays enough attention to you, cares about you enough, and life is not fair to you.
You constantly over-analyze everything and try to find something wrong with everything. You look at everything from a negative point of viewpoint.
I can guarantee you that if you act this way, you will be a failure with women. Women will soon tire of this behavior and will be saying under their breath, "Why doesn't he just shut up and deal with it!"
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To sum it up, nobody likes a chronic complainer. If you don't have anything good to say, to just shut up would be a good rule to follow. Think positive and be positive. See the good in every situation and person in your life.
And remember, women admire a guy who acts confident, positive, and has a healthy outlook on life.
If you're a negative person and a constant whiner and complainer, resolve here and now, from this point on, you will develop a better outlook on life and when you do, you will attract and date a lot more women.

There was a time when dating was considered as an immoral thing but now the era has changed and it is considered as the need of the time. People do what their heart says. Heart is given privileged over the mind as it guides through the passage of love and that is what a person desires. According to their own desire, it is usually seen that most of the old men do not try to find the date of their age mate but they go for the younger girls who can give them a reminder of their previous years they have passed as golden period of their lifetime.
Research has revealed that this is not only the case with men. Even young girls try to seek the company of older men who can guide them perfectly and take a good care of them. This task of finding the partner of your own choice has been made easy by the arrival of online dating websites where you can find your desired partner in a nice and easy manner. For the sake of dating, you do not have to dress up properly. You can just switch on your computer and you can have a date with your loved one. The ease with which a person can find his date online has revealed many things including the choices of youngsters. On the basis of the results of different surveys that were conducted by such websites, it is said that mostly couples having younger girl and old men enjoy good time as compared to age mates.
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People find it really awful if they get to know about a marriage in which a 20 years girl has married to a man of 40 years age. But this is a fact that girls find old men more attractive as compared to their age mates and it has been seen that in most of the cases such couples live a pretty happy life. Hence, it will be unwise to say that this is an unhealthy trend. The youth body and charming looks of a young woman also attracts the older men and that’s why they love to find a young lady. Hence as a result of their mating, a strong relationship can be built that is long lasting and is sincere. However some cases can give deviating results also.
Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_2021108_39.html

If you commute by train, bus, plane, subways, etc., there's going to be golden opportunities to meet women. These places are filled with eligible, pretty women.

The whole trick to meeting them is to make it a point to take a seat next to them. This way you've got her pinned in and she's not going anywhere unless you scare her off. If you're on a train or plane, she doesn't have much choice.

All you've got to do when sitting next to her is to just start talking to her. Talk to her about anything and turn on that charm of yours.

If you take a bus or train to work or school, pick out any female riders you'd like to meet. Select one and make it a point to sit near or close to her. Do this each time you see her and after seeing you a few times you'll practically be old friends, even if you haven't spoken to each other.