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You will probably have noticed that we are suggesting a lot of talking during the FIRST PHASE of "moving" situations (other than when requesting help). We believe this is best, since you are often in a tenuous situation. You have managed to stop the girl, but she may be uneasy, a bit embarrassed, and inclined to go on her way to prevent further embarrassment. However, as long as you keep talking, she feels compelled to remain and listen. Your talking has a soothing effect, and after a little while she will settle down and be more at ease. It is good for you to talk with a rambling style of sentence structure, inviting comments from her, and try to stimulate her to relate to what you are saying. This should be done after your opening line, but before you introduce yourself.

You cannot be a man of few words in this situation (not usually). You should be prepared to carry the initiative for a while. That is, keep it rolling. If you dry up after saying just a few words, there will be an awkward silence, and she will be gone. Words are the lubricant that keeps the FIRST PHASE of the pick-up operation rolling. You should have a good supply ready. Clich├ęs are just fine for this purpose. Just about anything is O.K., but a good idea is to hover around the subject of justifying your pick-up attempt.

Things like: "You know, a lot of people might be offended by someone trying to make friends (NOTE: Do not use the words "pick-up") with a stranger in public. But really it is just like meeting someone at a party," and" I like to think of it as a self-introduction. And why not? If you are impressed or attracted by someone, why shouldn't you come forward and say so?"

And "I've been around this area quite a while and I've noticed that people are a lot more casual in their way of talking to people. I mean, things are more open now. I suppose it is the permissive society we hear so much about." You should memorize the gist of some of these “filler" lines, or others like them. You probably can think of plenty others yourself.

Playing hard to get is very important. You must appeal to her power of seduction. Let her use her sensuality and sexuality to "catch" you. The important thing is that once you know a girl is interested in you, and then you can appeal to her power of seduction by playing hard to get. Don't call her every night. Don't make big sexual moves on her at first. You must appear to be interested, yet still holding back a bit - not quite sure if you want the relationship to go further. Make her feel as though she has to work harder to convince you that you do want the relationship to develop.

1. She asks your age - Always be honest and tell her your age.
2. She asks you if you go to topless clubs much - Always answer, "Very rarely." You don't want her to think that you cruise topless clubs all the time looking for topless dancers to pick up.
3. A dancer asks you for a dance - You tell her, "No" and she will ask why. Always answer, "My previous girlfriend was a stripper and I understand how you make your money. I would rather buy you a drink and talk to you and get to know you better. If you need to leave and go make some money I'll understand. After you've made your money come back over and party with me."

4. A dancers age may come up - She may ask you: "Guess how old I am?" or "How old do you think I am?" Always tell her 23 or 24. Why? Because if she's younger it will be a compliment to her that your thinking that she's more mature. Of course, if she's older it will be a compliment to her, you thinking that's she's younger. Women have this dread of getting older.
5. You ask her if she has a boyfriend - She says she does. You counter her answer with telling her that you have a girlfriend too, but let's get to know each other and become good friends. Always ask, "How long have you been seeing each other?" If they have been dating a long time, it might be serious and your chances of scoring with her flies out the window.

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Of course, she just might be bluffing. She may tell all of the guys that to keep them from hitting on her. You will just have to figure out if she really has a boyfriend or not.

In closing, always answer questions honestly. If you get to know each other intimately the truth will come out in the open eventually. For instance, if she asks if you're married, don't try to hide it.

Art Galleries

Go to any art gallery (especially on the weekends) and you'll see plenty of women. Some of these women aren't just there because of their appreciation for art. They are there to meet a guy like yourself.

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An art gallery provides a perfect setting to approach women. The atmosphere is very friendly and the women aren't going to feel uptight and threatened when you try to meet them.

Approaching a woman in an art gallery is very simple. All you have to do is walk over to a woman standing in front of a painting and make a comment on the painting. Another variation to this is to stand in front of a painting yourself and when a woman passes by, you make a comment to her about the painting. After you've made contact say, "Would you mind if I tour the gallery with you?" Afterwards you can invite her out to get something to eat or to go have a drink somewhere.

Stop to Give Compliment

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If the girl is very attractive, you can stop her by saying, "Excuse me, I know I don't have the right to stop you like this, but you look really great, and I just thought I'd like to stop you to express my admiration." She may act a bit coy, and even try to squirm away.

You should follow up with, "No, I really mean it. I'm quite sincere. It's not every day a man sees someone as pretty as you. In fact I really would like to meet you. My name is... What's yours?" This works best if the admiration is sincere; the girl usually knows if she really is beautiful. Then what you say is believable. If you said it to a plain girl, she would probably know you were using insincere flattery. She might go for it anyway, but personally I couldn't pull off a snow job like that.

In our experience and observations, one thing has become clear: Women are much better at the game of seduction than men are. Women seem to be born with the instincts, or at least learn them at an early age, of how to play hard to get, how to tempt men, and how to master all the subtleties of male/female pursuit.

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Men, on the other hand, seem to be very ignorant in these matters. The sum total of most men's expertise in pursuing a woman seems to be somewhat related to hitting her over the head with a club. And since this technique is no longer accepted, most men are completely lost and vulnerable to the manipulative instincts of women.

Let me give you the best opening line in the world to use on topless dancers. Here's the scenario: A dancer approaches you and asks you, "Would you like some company?" You reply, "Well, I don't know, you're really going to be a problem for me tonight." She will ask, "Why's that?" You reply, "Because you're so sexy and beautiful, I'll never be able to take my eyes off you, I hope you don't mind." You will really capture her heart and outdo your competition. Most men don't use charming opening lines like this.

This is a hot activity that has swept the nation. The roller discos are particularly popular. They have light shows and a good sound system.

It may have never occurred to you that this is a hot spot for meeting women. Believe me, these places are abundant with women. A lot of them go to the rinks to have fun and meet men.

You might be saying to yourself, "I'd like to go but I don't know how to skate." Well don't let that hold you back. Skating is very easy and you will be able to pick it up rather quickly without lessons. Of course, with practice, you'll get a lot better. If you don't have skates, that's no problem. You can rent them.

If you're a good skater and you see a woman having problems, offer to help her learn how to skate. She surely will appreciate it and this is another good way to meet girls at the skating rink.