The most important thing you can do to make single women feel romantically attracted to you is to make her feel special. Women are a lot less interested in the way you appear to her than in the way to make her feel about herself.

It's very important to make single women feel special and unique. In return, she will feel that you are also special and unique.

So, how do you make a single woman feel special? You tell her by saying something like this: "There's something very special about you. I noticed you the second I first saw you. You have a very unique face that's so exotic I can't explain it. You're more than just attractive. There's something very unique and original about your look."

Just say this to a woman you've just met and watch her reaction. I can guarantee you her face will light up with a smile and she will radiate warmth towards you.

So, remember when you're out on the prowl looking for romance, sex, or a relationship, don't forget to tell women that there's something special about them. Make them feel that they are the most important and special person on the earth. If you can do this, you're love and sex life will skyrocket!

When it comes to placing or answering a personal ad I don't think that there is an advantage or disadvantage to having or not having children. Some people, even those without children, prefer to date people who have children. Some people are neutral. Others would never consider dating someone with children.

If you have children, you should mention that fact and the relevant details as early as possible. If the fact that you do or do not have children matters to someone else, you might as well find out as soon as possible. If you are placing an ad, I think that you should state in the ad that you have children. There are many ways to say that you have kids. I see "active mom" or "custodial dad" frequently used.

I think that it is smart to tell the ages of the children and mention any special circumstances such as if the other parent has custody, whether a child has special needs, or that your children are grown up and gone. Things like that can make a difference one way or the other.

If you don't want to date someone who has children, don't say, "I hate kids." Use a bit of tact and say something like, "I prefer to date a man (or woman) without children." It will eliminate many people who have a lot of the other characteristics that you seek. But, if you really don't want to date someone who has children, especially if you really can't stand children, clearly state your preference. If you're one of those who are neutral on the issue, discuss your ambivalence if someone responds who sounds interesting and has children. You might find that you love children after all.

How to Use Body Language to Attract Women       

Step by step I  will  guide  you  in  the  usage of successful body language using the following methods:

1. Develop a graceful,  arrogant sort of walk.  A walk that is free and easy with fluid  movements. This kind of walk  transmits a sexual message  which will turn a woman's head.
2. When  leaning against  a wall  or whatever,  thrust your hips forward, with your legs apart. This position also transmits a sexual message.

3. While you  are standing or especially  when leaning and you are wearing  pants or jeans, hook  your thumbs in your belt  just above your  pockets and point  your fingers  down  toward  your crotch.  Because  of your  fingers  pointing toward  your  crotch area, this sends out  a sexual message to a  woman and you will be amazed at how many women pick up this signal.
4. When talking to a woman, let your  eyes linger on her throat and breasts. Also, while talking to her, wet your lips  with your tongue. By using  these two  techniques, she  usually will feel rather  uneasy  and  excited,  thus  you  will  be  in control.
In  conclusion, try  these methods  of attracting attention from women and see if  they work for you. They have worked successfully for a lot of men I know.

Remember,  the more techniques you use to attract a  woman the  more women  you're going  to be  meeting and that's the name of the game.