This topless dancer really likes to party, drinks heavily and loves to get high on drugs.  Is this good for you?  It can be to your advantage because of her being a free spirit she may go party with you after she gets off work.   She's not likely to just party with any guy.  She's got to be attracted to you and feel safe with you.

If all you do all night is make sexual advances towards her, it's unlikely she will go party with you.  These girls are just like any other normal girl in that they don't want to be used for se
So many men get the wrong impression about topless dancers.  They think that just because she takes her clothes off in front of men that she will be an easy lay.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I know their occupation is considered sleazy, but the girls do have their dignity.

The party animal is one of the most fun to be with.  She's very open-minded and very friendly.  Your chances of getting a date with this type of dancer is more favorable too.  If you do date her, don't be the possessive and jealous type.  She may date a lot of men, being that she's loose and carefree and loves to party.  You're going to have a problem with this if you're the jealous type, so be forewarned!  If you determine that she's the party animal type, this should be your strategy: Buy her drinks and get her loaded.  She will be more receptive to your advances.  If she's loaded enough she may even give you free table dances.  If not, perhaps you could negotiate a buy one get one free offer.

TIP- If she's loaded, always ask her to show you her bush while she's dancing.  Being that she's drunk, she just may do it for you.  When a dancer is loaded she may do things she would not normally do.  Always remember this and use it to your advantage.

As the dating continues, you must continue to apply every principle we discussed in the section on your image. Be elusive, mysterious, hard to get, exciting - everything.

TIP #1 - Seeing a girl that you have just started dating, more than once a week is pushing it. Any more than once and you may be appearing over anxious. Even if she is the one calling you and initiating the effort to see you more often, don't. If she is calling you, then you are in the driver's seat. Play hard to get and make her work for your time. She'll appreciate you more when she has it. And don't feel guilty about turning her down. Simply say, "I'd love to but I'm busy tonight." No more explanation should be given. Let her sweat it out. It is important that when you turn her down, you express the fact that you definitely want to do things with her, but you are just too busy with prior obligations to see her that night.

TIP #2 - Never hangs on the phone for hours as if you have nothing better to do. Call, be pleasant, get the purpose of the call over, and excuse yourself.

Here's an article I found on the usenet that was posted by an anonymous author which will open your eyes to some head games single women play on men:

Another typical female behavior is to test you at the very beginning of your relationship to see if you are going to put up with her garbage. Actually, she is testing you for two reasons:

First, she needs to find out the limits of what you will view as "her acceptable behavior." She does not know you well enough yet, she is in unfamiliar territory. And that can be very "scary." So, she needs to find out what behavior is expected or accepted of her. The uncertainty makes her feel very uncomfortable, totally out of her, "Comfort Zone."

Second, she needs to find out, she must find out how strong and sure of yourself you really are. Some women can be very insecure. The very last thing a woman really wants and needs is an insecure and weak nice guy who is easily manipulated and controlled by her.

Therefore, she really wants and needs a strong man who will control and dominate her and tell her what to do, a man confident enough to stand up to her when she needs it, a man who will make her feel secure, a man who will give her that sense of security she so desperately needs.

She sometimes cannot get that sense of security from herself because she may have so little self-confidence and self-esteem. She may even believe that she has very few talents and abilities - except for her physical features and beauty. It can be very frightening. Therefore, she tries to get that sense of security "by osmosis" from you. Plus the added benefit that she won't have to worry about the hard decisions. You will make them for her.

WARNING! If you are tolerant and patient (like all nice guys) you will not pass her test, she will walk all over you, she will leave you and go after another jerk because he looks so uncontrollable, so untamable, so strong and therefore, so desirable to her.

I was kind of hesitant about posting this article because I don't like to focus on anything negative, but I need to make you aware of head games that single women will play on you.