Picking Up Girls History

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We have now developed into a very liberal, permissive society. We are sure that everyone is aware of this; there is no need to describe the degrees of permissiveness. Picking up girls in public is not considered either unusual or unsavory by most peoples' standards.
But a few, particularly older people, still consider that it is not a "nice" thing to do. Fifty years ago, men who tried to pick up girls in public places were often called' 'mashers," and considered a nuisance. Older people find it hard to change their feelings on something like that. But this is today. If you feel the urge to pick up a girl, do it and few will take any notice, or care very much about it.
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The reason for going over all this old history is to show that picking up girls is not a new practice. It has been going on for hundreds of years. So don't feel alone, you are merely going down a path traveled by millions of other men before you.

What Women Want in a Man

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Women are being barraged by media with examples of what a man is supposed to be. Of course, these examples are made more perfect than real life could ever be, but this is what women see, and men are being compared to an image of the perfect male - the consummate lover.
Women are no longer as dependent as they used to be. They have jobs and careers and can live comfortably on their own. So circumstances that used to keep women in a relationship no longer exit.
The effect of all this is that more women are now leaving relationships than ever before. We are in an era where the burden of proof is on the man. He must live up to the woman's standards of her image of what a man is supposed to be. If she is dissatisfied, then she is leaving him and looking for that perfect man.
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So you, as a man trying to be successful with women and trying to make a relationship work, must be acutely aware of what women want in a man. Building on what we have discussed in this chapter, we will now show you how you can present yourself and tailor your image to be appealing to women. Most of the tips and hints that we will present are very simple in their implementation, but large in their effect. Often, merely a difference in a choice of words will effect a major change in how women perceive you.
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The Queen Bees

Unfortunately, these types of people exist in all areas of life and in topless clubs too. This is the topless dancer that thinks she controls the whole club. She is a total bitch and butts into everyone's business. And she thinks the whole world revolves around her. She will try to steal the other dancers customers and admirers. Anything and everything that's going on in the club, she wants to be right in the middle of it. This woman is a pest and causes a lot of trouble. Stay clear of this type of dancer. It only leads to problems and being in the middle of arguments, fighting and jealousy.

This is a woman in nightclubs who is either high on liquor or drugs or even both. After a few drinks or under the influence of drugs, she will be feeling rather loose and perhaps even horny. Naturally, this is to your advantage because it makes your prey easier to catch.

How do you spot this woman? By simple observation. Her walk will be unsteady, while perhaps bumping into people while she is walking. If she has been drinking heavily, she will make several trips to the restroom. By standing next to the women's restroom, you can observe who's going back and forth to the restroom. An exception to this is a woman that has a kidney or bladder problem.

If she's under the influence of drugs, her pupils will be very large. If she's loaded on downers, she will walk as if she were drunk and her speech will be somewhat slurred.

Don't come on real strong and act real aggressive with this woman. She possibly may think that you are trying to take advantage of her because she's loaded. Just be nice and gentle with her.

The practice of picking up girls is quite old. Back in the days of the European royal courts, the nobility and other upper class people would take walks in parks and on the public avenues. This promenading gave the men an opportunity to look over the available females. The young girls were always chaperoned, but a lot of suggestions were made by winks, glances and other signals. If a man felt encouraged, he could communicate by written messages, which could be passed on by helpful servants or friends. Secret rendezvous and lovers' trysts were often arranged and, by all accounts, there was substantial clandestine sexual activity. The technique of the pick-up was different, but the overall courtship followed the same general principles as today.

Then came the European coffee houses which were a common hang out and meeting place for men and women looking for sexual adventure.

World War I saw millions of young Allied soldiers in Europe. Separated from their womenfolk and away from the restraints of their own communities, they became sexually uninhibited. Girls in France and other parts of Europe responded and were picked up in great numbers. It is interesting that soldiers can usually pick-up girls, even if they do not speak their language. These were not prostitutes either, but decent respectable girls.

The roaring twenties, World War II, Korea and Vietnam all brought further relaxation of sexual and moral standards.

The last thought in this section is something that we have come to realize is a cardinal rule to be used in reading women. That is: WOMEN HAVE SEX WITH MEN WHO THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH. At first, this phrase may sound too simple and obvious to have any wisdom to it, but let us expand on it. The meaning behind it is that if a woman decides that she would like to sleep with someone, she will pursue that person relentlessly. And on the other hand, if a woman has decided that she is not interested in sleeping with someone, no amount of pursuit or persuasion is going to move her. Many men have wasted their precious time and energy by ignoring this reality. We will discuss different applications of this rule in later chapter. We will show you how you can read women well enough to know whether or not to continue interest in her, or to bow out and put your energies into women where the odds of success are greater.
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On a final note to this chapter, we have a word on the Women's Movement and its effect on what women want. In the last ten years women have come to no longer be just looking for all that we have discussed - they are demanding it. Women are now openly comparing and judging men. Magazines with male centerfolds, male strippers and male exotic dancers are now a part of the women's world. Las Vegas shows now have men in "G" strings as well as topless girls. TV has more male sex symbols than females. Businesses that sell sexuality (be it advertising, TV, magazines, entertainment, etc.) are now catering to women, and women are buying it.
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Accept the fact that some topless dancers are lesbians and when you find this out, drop them like a hot potato. Move on to greener pastures. They are interested in other women and not you. They will just milk you for all the money they can make off of you and you get nothing in return. And don't even think about getting her to change her ways. You'll just be wasting time. Some of the dancers may swing both ways. They are attracted to and make love to both sexes. Should you pursue them if you find out they are bi-sexual? I'd say no. Do you want to compete with another woman for the object of your desires & affection? Probably not. Plus, you have the competition of other men also.
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Use your own judgment, but I would avoid bi-sexual dancers.
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This woman goes to nightclubs with one purpose in mind. To meet men and get approached by you. This is one of the easiest types to meet because there are no hassles involved. You meet, have a couple drinks and dance, and she's ready and willing to pursue the relationship further and she may even go home with you. She may come right out and tell you, "I want to make love to you" (don't get your hopes up on this one, it's very unlikely ) or "Lets leave and go to your place." An aggressive woman may scare some men off but don't let it bother you. Admire a woman having courage to go for what she wants.

Some of these women may be very active sexually and like to play musical sex partners. They need sex constantly and with a variety of sexual partners. It's nice to meet a woman like this sometimes, but most likely it will turn into a one-nighter. She wakes up the next day and gets dressed and walks right out of your life.

One possible drawback from meeting a sexually active woman like this is contracting a social disease. Of course, how are you supposed to know she has been sleeping with every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the city. You just have to be careful who you sleep with these days.

These types are usually easy to spot. They actively flirt and smile at the opposite sex and are extremely friendly. They will just stand around the dance floor where they encourage men to ask them to dance. They of course, may ask you to dance. I really admire a woman who takes the initiative to ask a man to dance. Some men are so shy about asking a woman to dance in the first place.

Also, I might add, these women usually come to the nightclubs alone. However, they come with a girlfriend occasionally. A woman alone will get approached more often by men. So, for the Man-Hunter, it's really an advantage for her to go to the nightclubs alone so she will be approached more frequently.