This is a woman in nightclubs who is either high on liquor or drugs or even both. After a few drinks or under the influence of drugs, she will be feeling rather loose and perhaps even horny. Naturally, this is to your advantage because it makes your prey easier to catch.

How do you spot this woman? By simple observation. Her walk will be unsteady, while perhaps bumping into people while she is walking. If she has been drinking heavily, she will make several trips to the restroom. By standing next to the women's restroom, you can observe who's going back and forth to the restroom. An exception to this is a woman that has a kidney or bladder problem.

If she's under the influence of drugs, her pupils will be very large. If she's loaded on downers, she will walk as if she were drunk and her speech will be somewhat slurred.

Don't come on real strong and act real aggressive with this woman. She possibly may think that you are trying to take advantage of her because she's loaded. Just be nice and gentle with her.