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Guys, here's a good conversation starter to use on women. Just ask her, "Do you think Sarah Paline will run for President?"

I'm sure this will lead to more conversation about her.

Here's a great tip passed along from one of my subscribers on a unique way to meet single women:
Be a groomsman at a wedding. First, you get to walk down the aisle with a bridesmaid who you get to meet and talk to at the rehearsal and wedding. Second, you're dressed better than most other guys there other than the groom. Third, every girl in the audience wishes that it were them getting to walk down the aisle with one of those handsome guys.
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After the ceremony it is easy to strike up conversations with women. Women love weddings. They are there thinking about relationships. And you as a groomsman look great and have the ethos of eligibility. I got to be groomsman in two weddings this year and found it a great way to meet women. I am now going out with a very pretty, smart and much younger woman that I met at a wedding.

American Idol pick up line - Who do you think will win American Idol tomorrow night? Scotty or Lauren?

Here's a great networking system for you to meet, date, attract, and seduce more hot & sexy single women for some love, sex, and romance.
Here's what you need to do to improve your love and sex life:
On a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, make a list of all your friends, acquaintances, relatives, and co-workers. The form for your list should look like this:
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Now, just fill in the blanks on this form and get in touch with these people and simply make this statement: "I am expanding my social circle of female friends. Could you introduce me to some of your single female friends?"
Try this networking system and you just might be surprised at all the new sexy single women you will meet for some love, sex, and romance. Lots of marriages have occurred by meeting the opposite sex through other people and you just may find the "love of your life" using this girl-getting system.

OK, you have just met a new single girl recently and got her phone number.
Now its time to make that all important first phone call to her. Are you prepared to make a good impression on her so she will be interested in dating you?
Guys, I just can't stress to you enough how important that first phone call to a woman is and you will be judged on what you say and how you act towards her. When making that first phone call I know you're going to be a little nervous, but don't screw it up!
Let me give you a few pointers to insure your success in making a favorable first impression when making that first phone call:
1. Whatever you do, don't call when you're tired or fatigued. You won't be able to think straight and you won't be mentally sharp. You're personality is just not at its best when you are tired. Plus, it will show up in your voice too.
2. Turn off any radio or TV in the background. This is considered rude when trying to talk to someone. You want her undivided attention, with no distractions.
3. Please, please, please don't drink 3 or 4 beers to get up your courage to make that first phone call. You're really going to make a bad impression by coming across as drunk.
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4. Don't eat, chew ice, or smoke while talking to her.
5. Speak clearly - don't mumble or whisper.
6. Don't start every other sentence with..."uh."
And, my last piece of advice is the most important one.
Here's what I would do before calling her: I would get out a note pad and write out what I wanted to say to her, what questions I wanted to ask her (be sure and don't sound like you are interviewing her for a job), and topics of conversation to discuss. That way, I would never be at loss for words when talking to her.
I would also take notes on our conversation. I would write down things she was interested in, her hobbies, her personal and career goals, things she likes to do on her days off from work, places she like to visit, her favorite restaurants, places she likes to go on vacation, etc.
What's the purpose of this? This way you'll know what things she likes to talk about. People always love to talk about things that they are interested in. Plus, it can give you some ideas on where to take her for a date.

Bridesmaids was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Be sure and take a date to see this one. You both will laugh your ass off. Go see it!

According to the U.S. Census the annual revenue of dating services (online and off) is 927 million dollars.

According to marriage.com 17% of people who married in the past three years met online.

So, what does this mean for you? Get online to meet your future mate.

According to a reputable survey 66% of people decide in the first half hour if there will be another date.

So, guys it's very important to make a good first impression on women.