All the situations so far mentioned have been one on one. That is, a man's approaching a girl. But often the girl you want to pick up may be accompanied by another girl. This has both disadvantages and advantages. The disadvantage is that it may make you feel more self-conscious with the other person listening to your approach. You must learn to ignore this distraction. The advantage is that the girl you are attempting to pick up will be much more at ease if she is not alone in your company.

If you are with another man it usually makes it a little easier to approach a girl (or girls). This is particularly workable in places like boardwalks, piers, carnivals, or in any type of hangout, where people go for the specific purpose of leisure. In these situations everyone tends to be more relaxed. They usually stroll along quite slowly, stopping here and there, looking at things. The opportunity for mingling is very good in these circumstances. Having a buddy along gives a little moral support, but going solo is no great problem either. The opening lines used should be similar to other situations: Comments on an interesting observation, requests for help and invitations to join, etc. Kidding around can be used very effectively as a means of breaking the ice in these places.

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A very effective tactic for two or more men to pick up girls on a boardwalk, street, etc. (in a leisurely situation) is for the men to fall in behind the girls as they stroll along. They then can make playful remarks to the girls, or to each other, loud enough for the girls to hear them. The girls will usually join in the fun, and the men can invite the girls to join them, to walk along with them.

EXAMPLE - Bob was going to a local health club three nights a week. He began to notice an extremely attractive girl there. When Bob was using the weight lifting apparatus, she usually did a long routine of dance exercises, stretching, calisthenics, and rode the exercise bikes. Besides her beauty, Bob became fascinated with her manner and confidence in body movements, and it became very difficult for him not to watch her exercise. He noticed that she always had a very expressionless look on her face. She never talked to anyone. She never looked up from her exercises and read a book while on the bike. It was obvious that she did not want to talk to anyone. However, every time their eyes met, she smiled and said, "Hi." Soon, Bob realized that she was starting to watch him exercise. At this point, Bob knew she was interested in him. He also could perceive that she was a very discriminating girl who could see through any "come-on."

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One Friday evening, Bob saw the girl at the club. They were alone in the exercise room, and he could sense her watching him. She probably also knew that he was watching her. When he was ready to leave, he picked up his sweats and was moving towards the door, timing it perfectly so that he walked right by her as she was walking away from the water cooler, he said, "Excuse me, what is your sport?" She responded very positively, all smiles and enthusiastic with the prospect of a conversation, "Well, I'm really not too involved in any one sport. I play tennis and ski, but not to any great extent."

"Are you involved in dance?" Bob probed.

"I was, but I quit about two years ago. I want to start up again though," she answered. Now she was trying to figure out where this would lead.

"You'll have to excuse me,” Bob went on. "I can't help but watch you go through your exercise routine because I'm so impressed with the confidence and grace that you move with. I'm involved in sports and it is so rare that I see someone that moves as well as you do." She was both startled and blushing with embarrassment. "I didn't mean to embarrass you," Bob said.

She finally said, "I'm flattered. Thank you."

The conversation continued for a minute or two longer and got back to a point where Bob could repeat his statement of how well she moved and how at ease she is with her body. She started to blush again, and Bob said, "I think I'd better just leave you with that compliment. See you again." And with that he walked out the door. He hadn't asked her name, her number, he hadn't asked her out on a date - nothing.

If he had done any of those things, he would have joined the club of every other guy in town. By doing exactly what he did, she was left bewildered, amazed, confused, and intrigued by someone who she thought would "come on" to her, but didn't.

The next time Bob saw her, he was just finishing his workout when she came in and got on the exercise bike. Her face was buried in a book when he came up to her. Before he could say anything, she looked up from her book with much enthusiasm and said, "Hi!"

Bob replied, "Hi. I'm through with my workout, and I'm so disappointed I didn't get to watch you. Have to run. See ya." And he walked away giving her a warm smile.

A few days later Bob was walking down the stairs to the exercise room and ran right into her. He was a bit unprepared, but said, "Hi how are you doing?" As he started to walk on, he hesitated and said, "By the way what is your name?"

"Pamela Jones," was her reply. Bob was repeating the name and nodding his approval of the sound of it, when she put out her hand and said, "I'm so glad to meet you Mr. Bob Reagan." They parted, and Bob was understandably shaken by her ingenuity and interest to find out his name. She had been checking up on him.

The next time they spoke, she was riding the bike and Bob came up to her as he was leaving. The conversation flowed along for about 15 minutes. Her enthusiasm and interest in continuing the talk was most evident. Finally, Bob said, "I really have to run. Let's get together sometime."

"I'd like that," was her enthusiastic reply.

Bob took the hint, and said, "Maybe we can get a bit to eat sometime after working out."

Again she gave a positive reply, "Great, then the next time I see you down here. See you soon."

Notice that still he didn't try to nail her down to a time and date, but gave her plenty of positive vibes to think about. He maintained a confidence and elusiveness that attracted her.

Finally, Bob walked into the club one night and ran into Pamela just as she was leaving. "Oh, hi. Just Leaving? Too bad, I just got here or I'd give you a lift. If you want to wait 45 minutes..." Bob let that trail off as he was half kidding anyway. 45 minutes later Bob came up to the lobby, and there was Pamela waiting for him.

They went out and got a bite to eat, and from there started a long relationship. Later when they talked about how they met, she confided that though she was initially attracted to Bob, it was the way they met that assured her that he was someone that she would be very interested in.

In this example Bob did many things right. 1) He didn't make a "come on." If he had asked her out right away, she wouldn't have been nearly as intrigued. 2) He did something that no one else ever had. He showed genuine interest in her as a person. He showed that he wanted to get to know her without appearing that his main motive was sexual. 3) His playing hard to get, elusive manner, suggested that he wasn't desperate for a date. In other words, other women must be in his life. 4) He allowed her to use her powers of seduction to catch him. 5) He was mysterious in his way of surprising her, and then walking away.

Use these opening lines when meeting topless dancers:

1. "What is your real name?" (If she tells you her real name instead of her stage name, this could indicate that she's interested in you).
2. "Where are you from?"
3. "Do you have a boyfriend... How long have you been seeing each other?"
4. "Don't you get tired of all these horny men with their brain between their legs?"
5. "You have such a beautiful body, where do you work out at?"
6. "What do you plan on doing when you get off work tonight?"
7. "How long have you been dancing?"
8. "Have you got any children?" " How old are they?"
9. "What made you decide to get into dancing?"
10. "What part of town do you live in?"

I realize it could be expensive to just rent a room for a day, in hope of meeting women. However, it could pay off in big dividends. What you can do to cut down on expenses is to share the room with a couple of your buddies and all three of you go woman-hunting.

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Hotels and motels are great places to approach the world's easiest target for a casual affair (the woman on a business trip or vacation). She's more relaxed and casual and she's away from the prying eyes of family, friends, and neighbors. She will let her hair down and she doesn't have to worry about her reputation or what people think, being that she's away from home.

The best places to approach women are at the pool, club, or restaurant.

In conclusion, I might add that if you don't want to rent a room, you can still meet women at hotels and motels. The clubs are open to the public, so it's free game in there and it's a good place to hang out and meet out-of-towners. Also, you can drive to a hotel or motel in your bathing suit and hang around the pool and strike up a conversation with all those women. Be sure and bring a change of clothes with you in case you want to go somewhere afterwards.

Joining in Sports

A girl jogging, riding a bicycle, skating, skiing, horseback riding, can be joined by a man doing the same, after he asks permission to join her. This is the same situation as a man approaching a girl sitting on a park bench. He is joining her in a recreational activity. known current event will do the trick.

But if the man were to approach her in these activities, not to join her, but to stop her, it would be different. He would then need to have a reason for stopping her, just as he would if she were walking down the street.

90% of the battle of meeting women is a matter of putting yourself in the right position. This may sound too obvious to mention, but you will never meet a woman unless you put yourself in the right place to do so. There are many men out there who simply do not put out the time and effort to put themselves where they will find women. And when their social life never gets off the ground, they have only themselves to blame.

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The most common generality that women make about men is: "Men are all the same- either they are handing you a line to get laid or they want to get married." The quickest way to get a girl's attention is to make sure you don't appear to be doing wither of these. To be different from all the other men, don't ask a girl out the first time you meet her. Be friendly, interested in her and then walk away without a "come-on." She will be unsure of your intentions - which are just what you want. These are the basic principles for success when meeting women.

1. Be distinctive and different.
2. Don't be coming - on to her.

The methods of meeting a girl range from walking up and saying, "Hi, I wanted to meet you," to long drawn out elaborate ploys. With experience you will learn to read situations to be able to tell what would be the best method for that girl, that time, and that place.