Why Men Pick Up Girls

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Why Men Pick Up Girls:

1. Some men are just plain horny, and looking for new playmates. It is a wonderful world for such men. They can go out in a shopping mall, beach, or any public place, look over the crop of lovelies parading about, take their pick, make their moves, and (if the girl is willing) proceed with some kind of romantic adventure. What a fantastic opportunity. And men are doing it all the time. The only catch is that they have to know how to make those successful moves.

2. But all the men who make a move to contact a strange girl (in a public place) are not after one night stands, as you, the reader, may not be. With many men the main idea is to meet an exciting new girl. What develops out of the meeting, they can't predict. But it might end up being a meaningful relationship.

3. Still other men are just being friendly, with no immediate intentions further than that.

Throughout the book, you find changing moods and tones in how a man is to deal with a woman. At one end of the spectrum, a man is to be romantic, tender, loving, understanding, appreciative of her, and etc. At the other end, a man must be hard, macho, decisive, firm, unwilling to accept any form of negative behavior. If you read the book trying to find one type of person to be in order to please a woman, you will never be completely successful with women. At different times, a man will find himself at opposite ends of the spectrum or somewhere in between to properly deal with a woman and her changing moods and needs. Sometimes women need to be babied; sometimes they need to be given their independence. Sometimes they need to be loved; sometimes they need to be scolded.

The most successful men I have observed were successful because they had the ability, the perception, and the sixth sense to know when to be hard with a woman and when to be soft. They understood a woman's wants, needs, desires and motivations. When a woman needed to be loved and cared for, she was. When a woman needed to be put in her place, she was. And throughout it all these men were loved for this ability. This perception of a woman's needs and the ability to deal with those needs is far more an art than a science, but it is something that every man can master.

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First of all, I will describe topless clubs, broken down into three different tiers:
The Top Tier are the high-class, high cover charge, exclusive gentlemen's clubs. They are very crowded, full of rowdy, horny men and have a huge number of dancers all moving over a large number of stages and circulating constantly. Many of these clubs may have a large proportion of the girls working varying degrees of prostitution on the side and it may be difficult to arrange a date in the traditional sense. Also, the girls seem to be under a lot of pressure to keep on the move and hustle drinks or dances. I'm not saying to stay away from the top tier clubs, but you will have much better luck at meeting and picking up topless dancers at the second tier clubs described next.
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The Second Tier clubs are still nice but quieter and usually less crowded, which is to your advantage. There will be less men, which means less competition. Although the dancers are not usually as good-looking as the crowded club, there are still a number of outstanding lookers who don't like the pressure of the big clubs. From my experiences, it's best to focus all of your attention on the Second Tier clubs. You will score much better.
The Third Tier clubs are low-class and somewhat seedy. The girls are usually not very attractive, mostly blue collar clientele and the atmosphere is not very good. As far as topless dancers go, you will meet some real losers here. So, in my opinion I would recommend avoiding third tier topless clubs. If you do insist on going to these clubs, be prepared to meet some dancers with some really screwed up heads.

Listed here are what not to do when out on a first date with single women:
Do not talk about any of your personal problems. This is not appropriate with someone you hardly know.
Don't act desperate. This date is just for fun and getting to know each other. Keep it light-hearted and don't act as if you are auditioning for a lifetime commitment. Don't cling to her and talk about your future relationship with her.
For a first date, don't go to a nightclub or loud bar. They are too noisy for conversation and it's hard to get to know each other if you can't hear each other.
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Don't talk about anything negative at all. Keep everything you talk about upbeat and positive.
Don't get drunk! This really turns women off and makes a bad impression. Don't drink at all or limit your drinking to a couple of drinks.
Here's a real no no. You see a couple of your buddies and you leave her to go talk to them. You ignore her and just leave her hanging while you shoot the bull with your buddies. This is very inconsiderate and downright rude. The proper thing to do is just introduce your buddies and keep your conversation with them brief.
After all you are out on a date with her, not your buddies.

See a pretty girl at work you would like to meet? Try this: “Hi, my name is__________. I work in the __________dept. I wanted to meet you so I could invite you to come to the annual company picnic/banquet with me.”

“Hi! Where are you going? Do you mind if I come along?”

“Do you happen to be from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten-I-see.”

“Should we talk now or just continue flirting from a distance?”

(Walk up behind a girl and point fingers shaped like a gun into her back.) “You’re under arrest.” She will reply, “For what?” You reply, “For stealing my heart.”

I went and saw the new movie, "Mr. Poppers Pinquins" and I would not recommend this movie for a date movie. It's kinda boring...

Guys, here's a great idea for a date. Why not take her to garage sales in the neighborhood? Women love to shop and she will enjoy herself.

She will be impressed with your ceativity for a date. Think about it. How many guys ask women to go to garage sales for a date? You will stand out as being different from the other guys that ask her out.

Isn't it amazing how some guys have all the advantages in life such as a good education, experience, knowing the right people, etc. - but with all this going for them they never amount to anything in life.
Then there are guys who have to struggle for everything they get in life and reach incredible heights in life. What sets them apart? It's determination and the will to succeed.
And it's the same principle at work in succeeding with women. If you have the will, backed with faith, desire, and persistence, you will find a way to meet, date, attract, and seduce any woman you desire no matter what obstacles you encounter.
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It's going to be up to you though to create that burning desire deep within your soul to succeed with women. I can't create it for you. All I can do is motivate you to get up off your ass and take action. And if you don't set the seduction wheels in motion, your love life is going to suffer and the competition is going to be having all the fun and romance with women.

Let's talk about some excuses we have that prevent us from meeting and scoring with women:

Please don't let these three words prevent you from meeting women.

What are these three words that can really screw up your love life? - "I don't have time" is the culprit.

Whatever the circumstances are (busy with your career, education, caring for a parent or children, etc.) do not allow a supposed lack of time to prevent you from enjoying love and romance with women.

Maybe you need to step back and evaluate better ways to organize your time so you can have more time to socialize and meet more women.

And whatever you do, don't fall into the trap of becoming a workaholic and lose your ability to enjoy life. Life is just too short to spend all of your time working. You've got to balance your life with work and pleasure. Trust me, real pleasure in life is being with a woman you're really attracted to that turns you on.

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES - EVERY MAN IS ATTRACTIVE TO SOME WOMEN. Both men and women who might be considered unattractive to the average person succeed in attracting and winning highly desirable mates every day, everywhere. Your own experience will suggest many such cases. Taste and preference in love is infinite. Here is an important fact for you. Believe it and act on it! There is no man who would not be attractive and desirable to at least some single women, including some gorgeous women who would knock your eyes out, and who you ordinarily, though quite foolishly, wouldn't dare to approach.

MOST OF YOU CHIEFLY NEED ENCOURAGEMENT TO TRY. Go out and try to meet and pick up women at all of the varied places where men and women come together. Most men who are unsuccessful in love and romance chiefly need ego-bolstering and suggestions of places to look.

For the life of me I can't understand why single women are attracted to jerks. Maybe this article can explain why:
You and I must understand that women DON'T go deliberately looking for a jerk. Women are not "bad" people at all. Quite the opposite. But WOMEN ARE COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY THIS ANCIENT MATING INSTINCT. Therefore, they have NO OTHER CHOICE but to go after ANY strong, dominant, untamable male. Or any male who can make her FEEL all those intense, uncontrollable feelings she lives for. The key to understanding women's strange behavior is "they have NO OTHER CHOICE" but to fall for these type of males.
And the jerk HAPPENS to be THAT TYPE of male. Or at least, the jerk has learned HOW TO PLAY that role. The nice guy IS NOT that type of male. The nice guy cannot even play that role. If a nice guy became strong and dominant and HARD TO GET, she will go BLINDLY after that nice guy. The proof that I am right is that EVERY TIME a nice guy starts ACTING like a jerk, HE IS SUDDENLY WANTED BY ALL THOSE WOMEN WHO USED TO IGNORE HIM BEFORE. Women don't really want jerks. They probably want a nice guy. But ... "what women -WANT" and "what women NEED" are two different things. And their Subconscious "genetic" programming, that NEED to feel and feel and feel, will make women go uncontrollably after what they NEED, not what they want. And that is
true of EVERY person, in any area of life. They will attract into their lives and/or will go toward what they subconsciously NEED, not what they think they want.
What a woman genetically NEEDS is the type of man who will trigger in her all those intense feelings and emotions. Why? Because a female NEEDS to experience those uncontrollable feelings/emotions to surrender completely to him. Once she FEELS that way about him she will do anything and everything for/with him. Women are SUCKERS for those very intense emotions and feelings that they were "genetically"
programmed to experience for a certain type of male, the dominant, strong one. They NEED to FEEL those feelings to surrender to him. It has a lot to do with Estrogen, the "feeling" hormone as opposed to testosterone, the "performance/achievement" hormone. While most men are born to be "doers" most females are "be-ers" or "feelers".
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Women will love and go after ANY man who is able to "ignite" those feelings in them. Unfortunately, a "nice", sensitive, wimpy type of guy does not generate those feelings in women. A strong, dominant, hard-to-get! man DOES. And the jerk fits in this category. And the jerk knows how to "ignite" those intense feelings and emotions women are addicted to.
A jerk and a hard-to-get man make her feel ...feel...feel ... crazy, excited, turned on. A "nice" guy makes her feel ... feel ... feel .... bored to death.
Even when women fall for a guy who is very handsome, they will leave him very quickly if they discover he is a nice guy who can be easily controlled by females. It happens all the time. And they will go after some not-so-handsome type, even ugly one, who is strong and dominant. Even married women will do the craziest things and go after THE guy who can "ignite" those feelings in them. What she loves are the feelings she FEELS. Not the guy! But in her mind, the guy and the feelings become inseparable. She loves the feelings. Therefore, she falls in love with the guy who can make her feel that way.
Now, it will be totally futile to try to explain to any woman that she doesn't really love guy A. But that she really loves THE WAY guy A makes her feel. She will tell you that you are crazy. But this is the truth. In a nutshell: Person A loves person B because of the way person B makes person A feel. More precisely, Person B satisfies the deepest VALUES that Person A needs satisfied to believe/know that she is in love with Person B.
Women were "genetically" programmed to be SUCKERS for intense feelings and emotions in order to surrender and mate.
The jerks and the hard-to-get guys DO "trigger" those intense, uncontrollable emotions she "genetically" loves. A nice guy does NOT.
ANY man who learns HOW to make her FEEL the way she was "genetically" programmed to FEEL, FEEL AND FEEL, will have her doing anything and everything he wants.
Remember that men are "doers". Women love feelings. They live to FEEL, FEEL AND FEEL.
If YOU can make her FEEL the way she wants to feel, she will LINK all those pleasurable, intense feelings with/to you. YOU will be satisfying her deepest, most treasured VALUES. Then, she will become ADDICTED to you. And you will make her fall in love with you.
P.S. I ran across this interesting article in one of the newsgroups posted by an anonymous author several months ago about why single women are attracted to jerks and I thought it might be of interest to you.