Why Men Pick Up Girls

Thursday, June 30, 2011 | | 0 comments »

Why Men Pick Up Girls:

1. Some men are just plain horny, and looking for new playmates. It is a wonderful world for such men. They can go out in a shopping mall, beach, or any public place, look over the crop of lovelies parading about, take their pick, make their moves, and (if the girl is willing) proceed with some kind of romantic adventure. What a fantastic opportunity. And men are doing it all the time. The only catch is that they have to know how to make those successful moves.

2. But all the men who make a move to contact a strange girl (in a public place) are not after one night stands, as you, the reader, may not be. With many men the main idea is to meet an exciting new girl. What develops out of the meeting, they can't predict. But it might end up being a meaningful relationship.

3. Still other men are just being friendly, with no immediate intentions further than that.