Throughout the book, you find changing moods and tones in how a man is to deal with a woman. At one end of the spectrum, a man is to be romantic, tender, loving, understanding, appreciative of her, and etc. At the other end, a man must be hard, macho, decisive, firm, unwilling to accept any form of negative behavior. If you read the book trying to find one type of person to be in order to please a woman, you will never be completely successful with women. At different times, a man will find himself at opposite ends of the spectrum or somewhere in between to properly deal with a woman and her changing moods and needs. Sometimes women need to be babied; sometimes they need to be given their independence. Sometimes they need to be loved; sometimes they need to be scolded.

The most successful men I have observed were successful because they had the ability, the perception, and the sixth sense to know when to be hard with a woman and when to be soft. They understood a woman's wants, needs, desires and motivations. When a woman needed to be loved and cared for, she was. When a woman needed to be put in her place, she was. And throughout it all these men were loved for this ability. This perception of a woman's needs and the ability to deal with those needs is far more an art than a science, but it is something that every man can master.

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