This is what I refer to as the "Circular Method." It's a very unique way of advertising for  romance and several nice and attractive women will contact you. What you will be doing is  simply  putting  circulars  on windshields  of  cars  in  nightclub and singles bars parking lots.

This is how to do it. Have  500 circulars printed at your  local print shop. Here's a  sample of what to say:

"Single  bars  are  great  if  you  want  to stay single. I don't. And I want  a woman who doesn't either. So, if you'd like to meet and get together and you are disappointed in  what you've  had up until now and are ready for a first  class man to come into  your life and extend to you  first class treatment, just  send a photo and short note to:"

The upper  part of the circular contains a  black and white photo of yourself. The printing is  done  in large  letters so it would stand out  and is  done on pink paper. Another option would be to list your phone number.  Also, you could use a  post office box if you want complete privacy. Just use your own judgement.

 If  you don't  want  to   do  the  distributing yourself,  you might consider hiring someone to do it. This could  be a  friend, teenagers  looking for  some spending  money,  etc.  Also,  if  you live in a large city,  look  in  the  yellow  pages under distributing services. They might be able to help you.

The best time  to do this is between 10 and 12 PM when  the parking  lots  are  full, preferably on the weekends  or  ladies night.  What  you might consider doing also is leaving some inside the club.  Just talk to the  manager and  get his  permis­sion. They usually don't care. Just leave some near the entrance or where you pay to get in. This is what I did.

In  conclusion, feel  free to  use the wording on the sample circular or make up your own. So why not be brave,  daring, and different and  give it  a try. It sure works and  what a thrill  it will be  having your mailbox stuffed with lovely  letters from the opposite sex.

1. Read the newspaper and listen to the news on the day of your date. This will give you some good topics for conversation.
2. Before going on your date, rehearse telling some funny stories. Single women are attracted to men who can make them laugh.

3. Act like you are genuinely interested in what she is saying. Even to the point when you have to fake it. She will be impressed that you're such a good listener.
4. Don't act too serious. Act carefree and light-hearted and don't give a long and boring monologue about yourself.
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5. You will be judged on how you look and your behavior. So, wear your best-looking clothes and be immaculately groomed. And be on your very best behavior!
6. You may not think this is fair, but a lot of single women will judge you by the way that you tip. Always tip generously, especially on your first date. This will make a very favorable impression on her. If you leave a cheap tip or even worse, no tip at all, she will judge you as a cheap person. Also, if she has ever been a waitress, she will really look down on you for tipping cheaply or not at all. Waiters and waitresses depend heavily on good tips to make a decent living.
7. Revolve most of your conversation around her interests, hobbies, career, goals, vacations, etc. Forget about yourself and focus on her.
8. Act as if you've known her all of your life. This will make her feel comfortable around you. Also, it will make you feel comfortable and help eliminate any first date nervousness or anxiety on your part.
9. Be sure and bring your business card with you and give it to her at the end of the date. It will make her feel that she's important to you.
10. Maintain good eye contact throughout the date and wear a smile on your face. A good smile has a very seductive effect on single women.

Your conversation is the SECOND PHASE of your approach to a girl has three basic objectives:

1. Killing time by "small talk" to make the girl more at ease in your company.

2. Drawing the girl out to speak of herself.

3. Impressing the girl by talking in an exciting, interesting manner.

Generally, correct, polite, logical and serious conversation is best in business situations. But aggressive, frivolous, showy conversation is usually more effective when talking with girls. You should tend toward being an extrovert. If you can remember a time when you were very outgoing at a party or other occasion and impressed people, try to recapture that same spirit.

 It is a good idea to watch other men in conversations to see which tactics are most effective. Notice how many men talk too much on uninteresting things, and try to avoid this fault in your own conversations.

Also it is a good idea to note (even write down) effective jokes and expressions you may hear. Your source might be TV, comedy records, or other people you meet.

Your conversation should be a mixture. You should mix small talk, exciting subjects, interesting serious subjects, and sexy talk. Don't talk too long about serious subjects; break into something lighter. Be on the move all the time in your choice of subjects.