First of all, put yourself in a favorable position to meet topless dancers by following my guidelines in Chapter Two on the "hot spots" in topless clubs. Your main objective in meeting topless dancers is to not become a customer or let her treat you like a customer. You don't want to be someone that she just makes money off of. If you follow my advice in this book, you can become her lover and a friend and not just another customer she manipulates for money. That's what this book is all about and that is to give you an edge on meeting and picking up topless dancers.

Your game plan in meeting topless dancers is to establish a friendship and conversation. Get to know the girl first. And you must act different than the other guys that come in the club. Most men act like a bunch of horny animals around the dancers. They show the girls no respect, proposition them for sex, and treat them like whores. I can assure you the dancers are turned off by this behavior. They just put up with it because it's part of the job.

The word "relationship" encompasses everything from a marriage to a junior high steady. Even if we were able to narrow our scope to one type of relationship, the myriad of people, personalities and situations would make it impossible for us to write a fool proof formula on "maintaining a relationship." What we have done is compiled a list of hints and advice to help you keep a relationship strong, and we start the list with the most important hint of all: "Stay on your toes. Complacency has killed more relationships than any other sin."

Don't forget, she has fallen for you, but also she has fallen for an image she has of you. This image of you may have been formed because you were putting your best foot forward, or it may even be thru no fault of your own. It's common for people to want to see their partner in as good a light as possible in the early stages of a relationship, preferring to dwell on that person's attributes and ignore their shortcomings. In other words, she may have been hoping for Prince Charming, and you happened to walk into the room. Regardless of how she formed her image of you, she has one. And at the early stages of a relationship it is probably good. It now is your job to make sure that you maintain a good image in her eyes. We are certainly not advocating that you base a relationship on a facade. What we are saying is that you have to be infinitely aware of how a woman sees you, and what it is about you that have attracted her. Most importantly, as time goes on you must make sure that she does not become disenchanted because you have failed to present your best side.

Top Ten Tips For Writing Single Women Overseas  It's very important that you make your letter legible. Write or type very clearly. I would recommend that you type your letter and be sure and use your spell-checker feature.  Don't focus on just writing to one woman. Be sure and write to many single women. This increases the chances of finding the woman that's right for you.  Don't be concerned if you are not handsome. These women are more interested in what you are like on the inside. They value character, stability, honesty, and love of family much more than your looks.

 What should you say in your letters? To make the best impression focus on telling them about where you live and what it's like, your hopes and dreams, what you like to do for fun, your hobbies and interests, talk about your home or apartment, and most important of all ask about their family. Don't bore her about politics or any complicated theories and don't try to impress her with your knowledge and how intelligent you are.  Be sure and send her a recent and good quality picture. Send the best picture you have available. Tell her about your occupation and educational background. Don't try to impress her with your wealth and possessions. They are not as concerned about material wealth as some of the gold-diggers here in America. They will fall for you because you are kind and courteous and treat her like a lady rather than because you are rich.  Don't pass on beautiful single women that may be twenty years younger than you. They are not concerned about the age issue like here in America. They judge you by your heart and if you are a good person and not because you are a little older than her.  When you write her send her some address labels with your address on them. This is a nice gesture on your part.  Don't trust foreign post offices. Postal workers can be dishonest and screen letters for money. Send letters in duplicate to make sure the letter gets through and explain to her why you are sending duplicate letters. The best way to send letters is to send them Certified. It cost a little extra, but this way you know the letter will get to her.
Don't use real fancy envelopes or commemorative stamps. This just draws attention to your envelope and you don't want this because of dishonest postal workers that may open your letter to look for money. Use plain envelopes and stamps. Even better, have the post office run your letter through the postal meter.