Here's a list of what not to wear when going out on a date with single women and especially your first date:

1. Wearing sandals with socks.
2. Wearing your hair combed to the front or side if you don't hardly have any hair on top of your head.
3. Wearing your cell phone on your waist.
4. Wearing Hawaiian shirts.
5. Wearing gold chains.
6. Wearing a baseball cap sideways.
7. Wearing your hair with highlights or frostings.
8. Wearing mandannas.

You may not agree with some of these tips, but trust me, you don't want to take a chance on turning off your date. First impressions are very important and you may not think it is fair, but you will be judged by the way you look for a date.

This is just a short list and there are many other things that you don't want to do or wear on a date. I have tons of tips on my dating tips archive to help you out on these issues. Take a look at them to help you out.

1. A Guaranteed Technique For Meeting Sexy Single Women Every Day, Everywhere - Try this: Make it your business, a self-imposed compulsion and obligation, to talk to at least three attractive, single, unescorted women every day wherever you happen to see them, whenever the fancy strikes you. If you want amazing results, don't just limit yourself to three; Force yourself to start a conversation, to try to pick up, a dozen or more single women every day, wherever and however you happen to come in contact with them.

2. How Do You Start a Conversation With a Sexy-looking Single Woman Who is a Total Stranger? - If your manner and speech expresses friendliness, openness, lack of ulterior motives, almost any opening or overture on your part will frequently meet with an appreciative response. By the law of averages you are certain to come across many single women so eager for companionship, love, and romance that they will be happy to respond to you.

3. Give Flattering Attention Precisely Where She Craves It - Does she know she is beautiful? Then perhaps she would most appreciate subtle compliments on her intelligence and charm. Is she plain, or suffering from an undeserved sense of inferiority? Then she may most appreciate any compliments, which are left humble enough to be believable, on the loveliness of her hair, eyes, figure, or posture. Explore her and feel her out conversationally, then give flattering attention and appreciation not to her strong points (where she usually does not need it) but on her weak points.

Here's some more great pick up lines for you to use on single women:
If there’s a girl walking behind you, turn around and say, “Are you following me?”
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“May I join you?” (This simple line ranks as one of the top 10 pick-up lines to successfully meet women.)
“Were you just smiling at me from across the room or do I have my contacts in incorrectly?”
“Hi! My name is__________and I hope you don’t mind me stopping to say hello to you. I know we are strangers, but if we waited for someone to introduce us, we probably would never meet. What’s your name?”
See a girl at the bus stop on a cold winter day? Pull up in your car and say, “Can I give you a ride, it’s too cold to be standing there waiting for a bus.”

Should you use profanity around single women you are interested in dating, attracting, and seducing? Absolutely not! Especially around women you do not know well. And never, never use profanity on a first date.

Most guys use curse words in their conversations with other guys. If anybody knows about cussing, it's me because I was in the Navy for four years. The expression, "He or she curses like a sailor" is very true.

Even though I was exposed to a lot of cussing and did quite a bit myself, I never used profanity in front of a lady. It shows her lack of respect when you do. And it can be a big turn-off to single women who are sensitive to hearing foul language.

So, let me give you a few words of advice. It's ok to cuss among guys, but when you're with a woman, refrain from using profanity.

Once you get to know her better and she doesn't mind if you use a few cuss words, then it's ok.

In closing, let me make a comment on profanity in general:

1. If your vocabulary consists of every other word being a curse word, it makes a bad impression on either sex, especially in the business world.

2. People judge you by your vocabulary and how you express yourself. You can be an intelligent person on the inside, but if you have a bad vocabulary, people may think you're a real dumb ass.

3. You should always be trying to improve your vocabulary by reading and studying so you can express yourself eloquently. And this pays dividends by impressing the single ladies.

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A Pat on the Back

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Dear Friends and Subscribers,

First of all I want to do a little bragging on my subscribers to my blog and tell
you how proud I am of you. Why? Because you are interested in improving your life and seeking information on how you can do better with women and succeed with women. You really are to be commended for taking action.

Some guys just roll with the flow and do nothing but sit around and mope about how they can't meet any women or say that there just aren't any women available. But, not you, you are trying to do something about your love and sex life. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a pat on the back.

The Cardinal Rule of Life - "Never stay where you are not appreciated."

This applies to all phases of life - jobs, sports, and social activities - but it especially applies to dealing with single women.

If a girl is not interested in you, then that is that. Nothing you can do is going to change it. Don't waste time with people who aren't into you. Even if she looks like the girl of your dreams, it will lead nowhere so move on. By hanging around this girl, you portray an image to her and everyone else that you are a person who is found unattractive by women. And worse, you are used to it. After all, if you had other women who were attracted to you why would you be hanging around her?

When are you not being appreciated? When you are the only one putting energy into the relationship. You are the glue holding the whole thing together. She is neither showing nor giving any effort or energy towards being with you. She's not making herself available to get together. She lacks enthusiasm. In sum, when trying to get something to develop is a struggle.

If you experience these symptoms and recognize the lack of "magic" present when two people are mutually interested, don't try any remedies - just leave. Don't make a speech, or a scene, or an issue. Simply bow out gracefully and pursue girls who are interested in you. You will be doing yourself and everyone else a big favor.

It's tempting to assume that a longer ad is better than a shorter ad. I disagree. It's certainly true that a 200 word long ad will stand out from the shorter 50 word ads that surround it. It is also true that if you can't write a good 40-60 word ad that makes people want to know more about you and respond, you probably can't do it in an ad that is 100 words or even 500 words. A 1977 AMC Pacer that was considered an ugly car when it was new will become an antique car in time, but it will then be considered an ugly antique car. And written drivel is drivel, no matter how short or long.

If you take your time to write your personal ad and are creative, you should be able to say enough about yourself in 40 to 60 words. This is especially true if you have a voice mailbox and record a good voice message to go along with and compliment what you said in your written ad.

The idea in writing your ad is to strive for quality and not simply rely on quantity. Be brutally honest and ask yourself this simple question: "If I was reading this ad, would I want to take the time and spend my money to respond to it?" Better yet, if you aren't too embarrassed, have someone whose judgment you trust, preferably of the opposite sex, read your ad and critique it. Not just for style, but for accuracy. Ask them not only if they think that your ad will be interesting to people of the opposite sex, ask them if you are being honest. If you said in your ad that you were 5' 10" tall and a neat freak, but they laugh and say that you are 5' 7" and a slob, you'll save yourself a lot of time and money by listening to them and making some changes. That is why God invented editors.

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1. Remember that single women are unique individuals - They are not a combination of all the women that you have dated and had relationships with. Maybe you had women cheat on you or act crabby and bitchy all the time. You think all single women are like this. Get rid of this attitude immediately! You just can't judge all single women by your experiences of the past. All women are different and don't judge all women as being mean because of a few bad experiences. There's lots of sweet and lovely single women out there that will treat you right. You just have to find them.

2. Treat single women like ladies - Literally, treat them like a queen. Open doors for them, light their cigarettes, pour their champagne, tell them how pretty and sexy they look, compliment them on their clothes, offer them your arm. Just make them feel special and desirable. And giving her, flowers, gifts, cards, and poetry is a good idea too. Treat a woman like a lady and you will melt her heart and make her want to become intimate with you.

3. Act like a human being when around a single woman - Do your belching and farting in private. And don't make sick comments about your desire for killing cats, kicking dogs, shooting animals, and any other off the wall comments.

4. Here's a real no-no: If a woman is acting crabby and bitchy, you say, "You must be getting your period." Women are very sensitive to a remark like this and make her resent you. There are other factors that contribute to a woman feeling a little cranky. It can be stress from work, family, friends, and maybe even you getting on her nerves.

5. Always apply the Golden Rule around women - Treat her like you want to be treated.

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Where's one of the best places to meet single women for some hot romance? Where can you go where the odds of women to men can be 20:1?

This potential hot bed for love, romance, and relationships with single women is cooking classes. That's classes! And, I'll tell you why:

Being that you'll probably be the only man or one of very few men in the classes, the women will be vying for your attention. You can pretend that you're helpless when it comes to cooking and the women will feel sorry for you and they will want to go out of their way to give you a helping hand. Being that you will be focusing on cooking, this is a golden opportunity to ask the single women in the class for
a cooking date to try out your new recipes.

When selecting a cooking class, try to select the ones that run for a few weeks. That way you'll have more exposure to the single women in the class and have time to get to know each other well and feel very comfortable with each other.

Even if you don't meet anyone special in the cooking classes, you will learn cooking skills that will come in handy and trust me, women admire a man who knows how to cook. It makes a very favorable impression on them.

And to help you seduce women you can invite women over to your place to cook dinner for them. Just add some good food, wine, elegant table setting, soft music, dim lighting, candlelight, fresh flowers on the table, and you've got a surefire recipe to cook up some hot simmering romance.

So, guys if you want to increase your chances for romance, sign up for some cooking classes. You'll be glad you did.

“Wasn’t it you who pinched me way back in the third grade?”

“Are you a kleptomaniac or did you just steal my heart on purpose when I first laid eyes on you?”

“Hi! There’s a real nice coffee shop just around the corner. Let’s go have a cup of coffee and get acquainted.”

“Are you familiar with the TV show “Love Connection?” After she say yes you reply, “Well, would you be my love connection?”

“What are you doing later today - tomorrow and the next day in my life?”

We all get the blues sometimes when we don't have a relationship with a woman in our lives. We have to fight loneliness at times and I want to offer some advice for curing occasional loneliness and the blues.

So, what's the cure? Believe it or not it's work that produces a heavy sweat (physical labor). This takes your mind off of your negative emotions when you're feeling down. And negative emotions are your worst enemy. Because, when you dwell on your misfortunes in attracting love, it only makes you feel worse.

Always try to think positive and what ever happens to you in life is only temporary. Life goes in cycles and there will be good and bad times. Always strive to dwell on the good times you've experienced with single women in your life and bury your past failures with women.

Are you constantly sticking your foot in your mouth (figure of speech)? Do you have a tendency to say things that you regret later?

These personality traits can be detrimental to your success with women. That's why it's very important to think before you speak. Just pause for just a moment before you speak. That way you can avoid saying something you may regret later or something that might be offensive to women.

I know this may be hard to do at first. But, with practice it will come natural.

So, from now on pause and reflect upon what you are about to say around women - And remember, people will judge you on what comes out of your mouth, both good and bad.

Long distance relationships have an extremely low chance of succeeding. You should avoid the heartache for both of you by sticking to the single female population within a two-hour drive of your place. This only makes sense. If things do start to heat up, how can you be part of her daily or even weekly life if you live 400 miles away? Phone, fax and e-mail are not sufficient. You have to be there on a very regular basis. Choose local single women or relocate.
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