1. Remember that single women are unique individuals - They are not a combination of all the women that you have dated and had relationships with. Maybe you had women cheat on you or act crabby and bitchy all the time. You think all single women are like this. Get rid of this attitude immediately! You just can't judge all single women by your experiences of the past. All women are different and don't judge all women as being mean because of a few bad experiences. There's lots of sweet and lovely single women out there that will treat you right. You just have to find them.

2. Treat single women like ladies - Literally, treat them like a queen. Open doors for them, light their cigarettes, pour their champagne, tell them how pretty and sexy they look, compliment them on their clothes, offer them your arm. Just make them feel special and desirable. And giving her, flowers, gifts, cards, and poetry is a good idea too. Treat a woman like a lady and you will melt her heart and make her want to become intimate with you.

3. Act like a human being when around a single woman - Do your belching and farting in private. And don't make sick comments about your desire for killing cats, kicking dogs, shooting animals, and any other off the wall comments.

4. Here's a real no-no: If a woman is acting crabby and bitchy, you say, "You must be getting your period." Women are very sensitive to a remark like this and make her resent you. There are other factors that contribute to a woman feeling a little cranky. It can be stress from work, family, friends, and maybe even you getting on her nerves.

5. Always apply the Golden Rule around women - Treat her like you want to be treated.