In conjunction with discovering how people perceive you, the question arises: What should your image be?

1. Everything you do with respect to presenting an image should be done keeping in mind the eight elements of what women are looking for in men.
2. Pick out your strong points, your assets, your attributes, and accent them. Try to put your weaknesses in the background.
3. Make it an honest portrayal. We are not advising you to portray a phony image. People will read it as phony, and you'll get nowhere. What we are saying, is that you must present your best side, and do it in a way that appeals to what women are looking for in men.
4. Make sure your total image is consistent. In other words, there should be consistency between what people see when they look at you and the things you say and do. If your behavior is in conflict with your image, it can be a "turn-off" to women - and everyone for that matter. Remember, what might work great for one guy may have a detrimental effect with women if you try it. An example of this would be if you are perceived by people to be sophisticated, then you will be attracting women who are attracted to sophistication. So if your opening remarks to a woman you just met are a series of rude, off-color jokes, chances are you will be turning her off. On the other hand, if your image is one of a "good-time Charlie," she will think those very same jokes are funny.
5. Evaluate the feedback you get from women. Be conscious of what things you do that give you positive response from women, and what things give you negative response. Let this feedback be your guide in determining how to present yourself.

This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women." This is a must book to have for all men.

Don't assume all topless dancers are wild and crazy singles. A lot of topless dancers are married and some have children to support.
It's very important to ask a dancer if she's married when you first meet her. Why? STAY AWAY FROM MARRIED TOPLESS DANCERS! This is a dead end street and I strongly recommend that you have nothing to do with married dancers. You're certainly not going to get anywhere with her. Don't even pursue a married dancer. It could be hazardous to your health. Her husband could come looking for you if she complains about you always trying to hit on her at the club.
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Also, he may pick her up in the parking lot after she gets off. What if he sees you trying to hit on her in the parking lot? Scenes like this could get ugly and it's just not worth it! Concentrate all your efforts on single dancers. It’s a lot safer.

Here is some advice on how to pick up women nightclubs:
She is usually dressed in expensive clothes and perhaps wears a lot of gold and diamonds. She may be a bit on the snobbish side because she thinks she's better than everyone else. If you are on the same level as this woman and well-to-do yourself, you will probably score with this woman. However, if you are not well-dressed, dignified, and have a low income, you probably won't even get to first base with this woman. It's really sad that some women just can't accept you as you are.
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There's a way around this if you want to do some acting and lying. You can look rich and act rich even though you are not rich. People are judged first by their appearance. All you have got to do is wear the latest expensive-looking fashions for men and be well groomed. Also, you will probably have to do some lying about your wealth. If you think you can play this role to mingle with rich women, give it a try. Some men will try anything, including lying, to attract a woman.

(1) You don't think you are attractive enough. This is much less of a problem than most men think. Sure, it is easier for a handsome man to make the very first moves. Girls tend to give him appreciative looks, which boost his confidence and help to get him started. But the less attractive man will find that once he has approached a girl (and this is very easy to do) he can be just as effective as a more handsome man. Women are usually more impressed by a man's personality than by his appearance.

(2) You don't know what to say to open a conversation. This problem is quite easily solved. There is plenty of material and many ideas in later parts of this book.

This is an excerpt from our best-selling book called, "How to Talk to Women."

How to Deal with Women

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It will be important for you to analyze for yourself each of your past and future failures. Using what you will learn, you will be able to identify your mistakes, thereby making correction and change in your approach much easier.
When one learns to play tennis, he is bound to hit some balls into the net. If he makes no effort to correct his stroke, then balls are going to continue to go into the net and the player is going to become frustrated. If, however, he analyzes every hit, watches the projectory of the ball, is aware of his stroke and the angle of the racquet head, and makes necessary corrections, then his game will improve with practice.
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Dealing with women is much the same. Most successful men meet and date many women before they meet that special one. Realistically, each girl you meet will probably become another in a series of experiences from which you can learn. This practice is invaluable so that when the girl of your dreams does come along, you won't blow it. If you learn from your experiences and use what we will show you, then success will come, just as in any other learning process.

This topless dancer is only interested in taking you for your money and whatever else she can get out of you. Sure, you may get a few dates but it's only to eat at fancy restaurants, drive your fancy car, going on extravagant dates, out-of-town trips, to get nice gifts or money from you, etc.
She's just using you and stringing you along. After dishing out all this money and expenses, she may not even sleep with you either. It's all an act to tease you and use you. She may act like she's interested in you, but she's only interested in what she can get out of you. Look for these signs when you first meet this type. She will ask you questions like these: What do you do for a living? How much money do you make? Do you own your own home? What kind of car do you drive? Do you have a boat?
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Questions like these could indicate that she's a gold-digger. If she finds out that you are not a man of financial means, she's not going to date you.
So, if you determine that a topless dancer is a gold-digger move on to someone else. I don't know about you, but I hate being used by a woman for my money or a woman is just interested in my assets instead of me as a person.

This is a woman who is actively seeking a lover or boyfriend. She's unattached and looking for a relationship. Perhaps in the back of her mind she's wanting to settle down and get married.

Unfortunately, a nightclub is not the best place in the world to look for a long-term relationship or marriage partner. A lot of men are just out to see how many different women they can make love to and don't want to be tied down to any serious relationships. They have a love them and leave them attitude. The same thing applies to some women who frequent nightclubs.

This type of woman is highly desirable because she's very friendly and easy to make contact with. You can make a very strong impression on this woman by showing her that you're interested in her and care for her. You shouldn't have any problem getting her to leave to get something to eat or go home with you, if you play your cards right.

Happy New Year's Guys

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I want to wish all my subscribers a Happy New Year. May 2012 be your best year ever in the romance department.

Now is the time to start setting your goals for the year to do better with women...and make it a goal to find the love of your life if you are looking for a lifetime partner.

Best of luck to you guys...