Here is some advice on how to pick up women nightclubs:
She is usually dressed in expensive clothes and perhaps wears a lot of gold and diamonds. She may be a bit on the snobbish side because she thinks she's better than everyone else. If you are on the same level as this woman and well-to-do yourself, you will probably score with this woman. However, if you are not well-dressed, dignified, and have a low income, you probably won't even get to first base with this woman. It's really sad that some women just can't accept you as you are.
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There's a way around this if you want to do some acting and lying. You can look rich and act rich even though you are not rich. People are judged first by their appearance. All you have got to do is wear the latest expensive-looking fashions for men and be well groomed. Also, you will probably have to do some lying about your wealth. If you think you can play this role to mingle with rich women, give it a try. Some men will try anything, including lying, to attract a woman.