A girl jogging, riding a bicycle, skating, skiing, horseback riding, can be joined by a man doing the same, after he asks permission to join her. This is the same situation as a man approaching a girl sitting on a park bench. He is joining her in a recreational activity. known current event will do the trick.

But if the man were to approach her in these activities, not to join her, but to stop her, it would be different. He would then need to have a reason for stopping her, just as he would if she were walking down the street.

TIP #1 - Be a good tipper. Women notice and judge you on it. The restaurant employees will treat you well and women notice how other people react towards you. Never fiddle with change. Tip in increments of dollars. The difference between a 75 cent tip and a dollar tip is only a quarter, but it looks like a big difference to an observer.

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TIP #2 - When you are at a bar or nightclub with a girl buying drinks, tip the cocktail waitress when she brings the first round. By doing this the cocktail waitress will service your table better, and keep checking to see if you need anything. Besides your date noticing that you tip well, she will notice that the cocktail waitress is paying particular attention to you and conclude that women find you attractive.

When you are on a date, by spending a few extra dollars and smiling while you are doing it, you can really change a person's impression of you.

This is my favorite type and the easiest to score with. This is a topless dancer who is actively seeking a lover or boyfriend. She's un-attached and looking for a meaningful relationship. Maybe in the back of her mind she's wanting to settle down and get married and do something else for a living. Unfortunately, a topless club is not the best place in the world to look for a long-term relationship or marriage partner. The men that frequent the topless bars can be pretty seedy characters and immature men. Not to mention all the married men that frequent topless clubs. Plus, topless clubs attract horny men just looking for some sex. Of course there are some decent men who frequent topless clubs too. But, they too may not have much respect for the dancers and think they are nothing but whores.

This type of dancer is highly desirable because she's very friendly and easy to make contact with. You can make a very strong impression on her by making her feel special. Treat her with respect and don't treat her like a piece of meat. Gain her trust and treat her like a queen, and if she's attracted to you, you shouldn't have any problem getting her phone number or getting her to meet you for lunch or breakfast when she gets off work on the night shift. Also, if you play your cards right she may even go home with you after she gets off work.

P.S. Upon meeting a topless dancer for the first time, be sure and ask her if she is single and unattached. If she says she's single and unattached, perhaps she's the mate-seeker type and this is very favorable for you.

Many men feel very uncomfortable when approaching women. You're going to have to resolve here and now to put away all your shy ways, fear of rejection, and the other restrictive barriers that keep you from meeting women that you are attracted to. You must assume responsibility for making social contact with women. No matter what technique you use to approach women and no matter how often you use these techniques, you're going to feel a certain amount of discomfort. This is only natural. You must bear the responsibility for meeting others, despite this discomfort.

If you have difficulty approaching women, try this exercise. Force yourself to meet and approach ten women each time you go a nightclub. Your goal doesn't have to be ten women. You can make it any number you desire. Make it a realistic number though. The main thing is setting that goal. This gives you something to work for and something to accomplish. Look upon this exercise as just practice. Practice for building your social skills for meeting women. Gradually your diffi¬culty in approaching women will disappear. Try this exercise. It really works!

One point you must remember. Most women like to be approached at nightclubs. That's what they are there for. To meet a man like yourself.

In conclusion, you must not forget to approach the waitresses also.

They are usually very pretty and friendly. Some may not even have boyfriends due to the unusual hours that they work. Always make it a point to talk to them and get to know them on a first name basis. They don't have much time to talk on the job, but after they start seeing you and talking to you and waiting on you, you'll establish a friendly rapport. Then just ask them out on their day off. You've got nothing to lose!

While Shopping

Pick-ups when a girl is shopping are very much the same as "waiting" situations. Even though the girl is not actually, 'stationary", she usually stops often enough for you to make contact. Comments on groceries, books on display, etc. are excellent openers. Also a request for help will always work. A casual introduction should follow.

Offering Help

Another opportunity arises if a girl can be offered some form of assistance-helping to carry something, or picking up something she has dropped. The "damsel in distress" routine. You should be on the alert to move quickly on these opportunities.

Women are attracted to money. It is an attraction that probably stems from a woman being drawn to a man who can provide protection and security. Because to a woman in today's society, money means power.

Women find men attractive who have money, know how to make it, and know how to use it for their benefit. So does this mean you have to be a millionaire to be successful with women? It would help a lot, but no, you don't have to have a lot of money.

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It does mean, however, that you should give women the impression that money is not a problem for you. The following tips show you how you can portray yourself as a man who knows how to make money, who knows how to use it, and who doesn't worry about it:

TIP #1 - Don't hang yourself with your own words. Avoid conversations that amount to moaning about how broke you are. Don't brag about money. Just be sure you never express concern or worry about it. If the subject of money comes up, express silent confidence, and let her imagination do the rest.

TIP #2 - When you are on a date, project yourself as the type that enjoys going to movies or dinner or whatever and are not afraid to pay to do what you enjoy. When you ask a girl out, give the impression that you felt she would enjoy coming along and participating in a good time; that the two of you are enriching each other's evening by doing these things together.

If you hang out in topless clubs and try to pick up topless dancers, this is the type you will most likely date. They will frustrate and disappoint you.

I'm not saying you have to accept it, but if you want to date these girls you're going to have to tolerate it. What I'm trying to say is topless dancers can be some of the most irresponsible and undependable women you will ever meet in your life.

This has happen to me many times in my encounter with topless dancers. You give them your phone number and they never call or they forget to call. She gives you her phone number, but you can never get a hold of her. She says she will meet you for lunch, but never shows up. She says she will meet you after she gets off work to go party, but disappears. She makes plans with you, but constantly cancels the date. So, what's a guy to do with all these frustrations and disappointments? There's not much you can do. It's their nature. Just be patient and don't take her irresponsible nature to seriously. Accept the fact that some topless dancers aren't very dependable.

Too much alcohol, drugs, and partying can take its toll on a dancer mentally and make her irresponsible. This can certainly explain why some of these girls act like bimbos and airheads. The body and mind can only take so much abuse.

Quite simply, all it takes to meet a woman in a nightclub is to just walk up to her and start talking to her or by asking her to dance. There's a lot of men who just stand around all night too scared to approach a woman or they think they will be approached themselves. Believe me, I know from experience that sometimes you will rarely meet any women just standing around waiting for them to make the first move. You have to make the first move and it comes quite easy after you practice at it. Enough about shy men at clubs. I'm devoting two chapters on shyness and how to overcome this problem.

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You're probably wondering "What do I say when I approach a woman?" Here are just a few simple opening lines which work well. Feel free to make up your own.

1. "Hi! My name is________."
2. "Why are you flirting with me?"
3. "What's your name?"
4. "Are you having a good time?"
5. "What's that perfume you're wearing?"
6. "I love your hair. Where do you have it done?"
7. "Would you like to dance?"
8. "Are you a model?" (Quite a compliment to women)
9. "What kind of drink is that?"
10. This one really works well. Try it and see for yourself. "Excuse me for being so forward, but I could not help but admire the way you danced. Where did you learn to dance like that?" This lays the foundation for starting a conversation. Then you can ask her, "What do you think of this place?",and so on. Then you can ask her to dance.

If the girl is waiting at a bus stop, in a line at a bank, or seated in a bus or plane, and you are similarly waiting or traveling, you can join her without even asking. But then you have to find a reason to start talking to her. This is usually not difficult. A request for help or any casual remark can be a starter. The weather, something she is wearing, or any well or any well-known current event will do the trick.

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Then casually say, “By the way, my name is…What’s yours? After all, you are both just killing time. If you have a long wait, everything should be fine. But if the waiting time is brief (5 minutes or less) you will have to arrange an extension of time.

A good idea is to ask, “Where are you going when you leave here? How about joining me for a cup of coffee?”

Another variation on the “waiting” situation is when the girl is seated with plenty of empty seats all about. Then, if you want to sit near her, you should get her approval.

You can say, "Excuse me, but do you mind if I sit here? I'd like to have someone to talk to."

But even better is, "Excuse me, but I saw you sitting here, and I decided I'd like to meet you. My name is ..., what's yours?"

Of course with all the “waiting" situations you don't have to be really waiting yourself. It is usually easy to join a waiting group to get near the girl. If you are really inspired by her, you might even take a bus trip you hadn't intended, though a plane trip might be a bit much.