Women are attracted to money. It is an attraction that probably stems from a woman being drawn to a man who can provide protection and security. Because to a woman in today's society, money means power.

Women find men attractive who have money, know how to make it, and know how to use it for their benefit. So does this mean you have to be a millionaire to be successful with women? It would help a lot, but no, you don't have to have a lot of money.

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It does mean, however, that you should give women the impression that money is not a problem for you. The following tips show you how you can portray yourself as a man who knows how to make money, who knows how to use it, and who doesn't worry about it:

TIP #1 - Don't hang yourself with your own words. Avoid conversations that amount to moaning about how broke you are. Don't brag about money. Just be sure you never express concern or worry about it. If the subject of money comes up, express silent confidence, and let her imagination do the rest.

TIP #2 - When you are on a date, project yourself as the type that enjoys going to movies or dinner or whatever and are not afraid to pay to do what you enjoy. When you ask a girl out, give the impression that you felt she would enjoy coming along and participating in a good time; that the two of you are enriching each other's evening by doing these things together.