What She Can't Have

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This is the old rule "People want what they can't have." And the corollary: "People are not interested in what comes easy." In other words, women are attracted to men who are not easy to get.

Once we asked a friend, who is very successful with women, how he manages to get women so desperate for him. He replied, "That's simple, I just convince her that she wants me more than I want her.” He went on, "I make myself a catch."

1. COUCH OR BIG-ARMED CHAIR - These are great for table dances. They really give you some nice views and highly erotic moves by the topless dancers. Once again, by sitting in these places, the dancers may assume you want a dance and, the name of the game is attracting the dancers, then put them under your spell.

2. DRESSING ROOM - See Figure 1.1 on the previous page for the dressing room. Sit near the dancers dressing room. Why? This is a high traffic area for the dancers going back and forth to the dressing room and restroom. You will get high visibility in this area. You will get noticed and you will get attention. That's the bottom line to sitting in favorable places. To get noticed and attract attention.

3. LAST DANCE STAGE - If you are at a topless club with a buddy, sit at the last dance stage. The girls rotate stages and she is doing her last dance and will be taking a break. You and your buddy are the last faces she will see after she leaves the stage. If you've made a lasting impression, she may come right back to talk to you. Or, this spot may just turn out to be a good spot for no reason in particular. You just have to play it by ear and experiment.

Why in the hell these women go to nightclubs I'll never be able to figure out. Because of some negative experiences with the opposite sex and because they have been hurt, they think all men are bastards. These women will just sit there with a stone face, rejecting any glances from the opposite sex. If you approach them and try to start up a conversation, they give you a go to hell look that says, "Go away creep."
No matter what approach you use, how good-looking you are, or how friendly you act, you will be rejected. A lot of these women subconsciously gain immense pleasure out of putting men down. Some will even tell you to go to hell or get lost if you ask them to dance or just by trying to start up a conversation with them.
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lad this type of put down does not happen very often. Usually, women do not object to a man approaching them if it is done properly without some repulsive come-on line.
If you run into this type of woman, whatever you do, DON'T try to get even with her by putting her down and showing anger towards her. She loves that and there is nothing she would like better than to see you get bent out of shape. By making you un-happy, it makes her happy to see men suffer.
Simply ignore her rejection towards you and move on to the next available woman. Fortunately, you will not run into many women like this. There's plenty of women who want to meet and mingle with men.

Excitement is probably the most attractive feature you can present to a girl. An exciting person always holds the key to success and popularity. Try to be exciting wherever possible: in your conversation, in your actions, and in your appearance.
By comparison a person who is careful, predictable, and conventional is much less attractive. It is more effective to make an exciting play at the risk of offending than to play it safe and sure and appear dull and uninteresting.
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Observing behavior and actions and not theory has shown us time and time again that as soon as a man gives up the control that he "should have," a woman sees this as a sign of weakness and becomes dissatisfied with his performance in filling the "man's role." Women respond favorably to the man taking control of a situation, from which movie to go see to sexual encounters. They want the door held, the wine opened, the evening planned, and the car driven. They want traditional male/female roles fulfilled. They are happiest in every phase of a relationship when they feel a high level of power and security coming from men leading the situation.
Does this mean a man should become a tyrant in order to control a relationship? No. Filling the man's role can be done in many subtle ways which often amounts to no more than awareness of the situation, making the decisions, and expending the energy to take the lead. In the next chapter on "your image" and throughout the book, you will learn exactly what we mean by "power and leadership" and how to fill the man's role.
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1. PRIVACY AREA - These are dark and secluded areas which lends itself to a more intimate and quieter area for conversation with the dancers. The less distractions the better when you're making your moves on the topless dancers.

Also, if you are getting a table dance, this area is more private and you can get a much more intimate, personal, and sexy table dance. Being that this area is more private and secluded, this may increase your chances of getting her to show you her bush. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you're in a secluded area you can touch the dancers intimately while they're dancing. You can look but you better not touch, as a general rule! Those are the rules and if you do, she will get the bouncer on your ass.

You may be thinking, what if she let's me touch her private parts or encourages me. Forget it! It just won't happen, normally. Only in your dreams.

One final point. If you are alone, the privacy area can be good.

You will be visibly alone to the dancers and they will come over and talk to you.

Plus, they may assume that since you're sitting alone in a dark secluded area that you want a table dance and that relates to making money, which they are
obsessed with. So, they will be hitting you up. Just remember you are not obligated to accept a table dance for money.

I know you have heard various comments in books, media, etc. about nightclubs being one of the worst places to look for a relationship or a wife. A lot of my male friends have met real nice women and had satisfying relationships with women they have met in nightclubs.
So, don't rule out nightclubs as good place to meet women. Try several different methods of meeting women. Don't put all your eggs in one basket and use nightclubs solely for the purpose of meeting the opposite sex.
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Some men make the fatal mistake of carrying a negative attitude with them when they go to nightclubs. They think that all the women there are just a bunch of bitches. This attitude can prevent you from meeting someone really nice. There are some really nice women in night¬clubs that will treat you with respect. Also, a lot of women are looking for a special guy to love.

Courtship with Girls

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The basic idea of courtship is for the man to build up his prestige with the girl until she accepts him as a lover. This is usually accomplished by a gradual increase in familiarity and trust.

There is no particular time frame for this courtship process. It may take weeks, or if the two have a natural affinity for each other, it may take but a few minutes. Generally, a man is more attractive if he is bold and quick to state his intentions, rather than cautious and slow. The old saying: "Faint heart never won fair lady," has a lot of merit.

For example: A man meets an attractive girl at a party. After they talk for a while he feels that she is quite attracted to him. He then says, "You know, I'd like to make love to you. Maybe we could go away for the weekend." If she really liked him she might accept him then, or think about it for a while before accepting. Or, she may say, "No, you are much too fast; I hardly know you." He can say, "OK, I'm prepared to go slow if I have to, but now you know how I feel. I thought it best to tell you the truth." He can then proceed with a slower courtship and repeat his offer later.

His bold early suggestion, even though not accepted, has not damaged his chances. Rather, it has enhanced them. If the girl liked him before, she should still do so. In addition he should now appear more exciting to her.

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What about the women's movement? What about women competing with men for jobs? What about pressures on men to be sensitive and understanding? And what about the fact that for the last few decades’ women not only can, but are, surviving on their own? In the seventies the Women’s Lib movement started confusing men as to exactly what role women wanted them to take. Were they to continue to be strong, powerful male providing leadership and protection to the weaker sex, or were they to become "equal partners" relinquishing one half of the decisions and leadership to the female?

And if the latter is true, can we then look to a female for guidance and strength? This seems to be the big question facing us today. And finding the answer has been difficult because women are just as confused about what they want from us as we are. Women hear the women's movement rhetoric advocating a new independence and equality, while subconscious drives dictate attraction to men who will take the lead.

In answering this question, we have to ask: Can instincts and drives developed by 400,000 years of natural history be wiped out by a ten year old movement? Absolutely not!

So, why do men go to topless clubs? To look at naked women and act like a dog in heat, they are lonely and need some company and someone to talk to, they are sexually frustrated at home so this is an outlet, for bachelor parties, to entertain business clients, to solicit prostitution, to get drunk, to eat food while surrounded by naked women, etc.

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