Courtship with Girls

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The basic idea of courtship is for the man to build up his prestige with the girl until she accepts him as a lover. This is usually accomplished by a gradual increase in familiarity and trust.

There is no particular time frame for this courtship process. It may take weeks, or if the two have a natural affinity for each other, it may take but a few minutes. Generally, a man is more attractive if he is bold and quick to state his intentions, rather than cautious and slow. The old saying: "Faint heart never won fair lady," has a lot of merit.

For example: A man meets an attractive girl at a party. After they talk for a while he feels that she is quite attracted to him. He then says, "You know, I'd like to make love to you. Maybe we could go away for the weekend." If she really liked him she might accept him then, or think about it for a while before accepting. Or, she may say, "No, you are much too fast; I hardly know you." He can say, "OK, I'm prepared to go slow if I have to, but now you know how I feel. I thought it best to tell you the truth." He can then proceed with a slower courtship and repeat his offer later.

His bold early suggestion, even though not accepted, has not damaged his chances. Rather, it has enhanced them. If the girl liked him before, she should still do so. In addition he should now appear more exciting to her.

This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."