What about the women's movement? What about women competing with men for jobs? What about pressures on men to be sensitive and understanding? And what about the fact that for the last few decades’ women not only can, but are, surviving on their own? In the seventies the Women’s Lib movement started confusing men as to exactly what role women wanted them to take. Were they to continue to be strong, powerful male providing leadership and protection to the weaker sex, or were they to become "equal partners" relinquishing one half of the decisions and leadership to the female?

And if the latter is true, can we then look to a female for guidance and strength? This seems to be the big question facing us today. And finding the answer has been difficult because women are just as confused about what they want from us as we are. Women hear the women's movement rhetoric advocating a new independence and equality, while subconscious drives dictate attraction to men who will take the lead.

In answering this question, we have to ask: Can instincts and drives developed by 400,000 years of natural history be wiped out by a ten year old movement? Absolutely not!