The Mirror Technique For Meeting and Picking Up Women

This is a very effective method of releasing the power of the subconscious mind by using a mirror. This method is very effective in motivating you to meet women. It can be used to obtain anything you so desire.

Now I will explain the technique. Stand in front of a mirror. The mirror does not have to be full length, but you should at least be able to see yourself from the waste up.

Stand fully erect just like a soldier does when told to come to attention. Now take three or four deep breaths until you feel a sense of enormous strength, power, and determination. Now look into the very depths of your eyes and tell yourself, "Every time I go to a nightclub I will meet a very special lady that I'm attracted to." This is just an example of what to tell yourself and be sure to say this aloud so you can see your lips move and hear the words uttered. Also, you can make up your own words and suggestions or even use the ones in the previous section on autosuggestion (page 104).

Do this exercise regularly at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening and you will be astonished at the results. You may augment this by writing any slogans or key words associated with your desires with soap on the face of your mirror, such as "LOVE CONNECTION", "TAKE ACTION", "SCORE",etc.

Within a few days after practicing this exercise you will really begin to feel a sense of confidence in yourself and your abilities to meet and pick up women that you never have felt before.

It is advisable not to tell anyone about your using this method to meet women. There are scoffers and skeptics that may ridicule you and shake your confidence.

Getting Ready and Psyched Up

Psyching yourself up and making preparations before you go out to topless clubs is very important. You need to feel at your best, so get a good nights sleep before you go out. Prior to leaving, eat a good healthy meal to put a lining on your stomach if you are going to be drinking. A couple of hours before you leave, put on some music that you are likely to hear in the topless clubs. The purpose of this is to get you in the mood for the topless club scene. Also, you need to prepare your subconscious mind for meeting and picking up topless dancers.

 Here’s how you do it. Make yourself a drink and sit down in your favorite easy chair, sofa, recliner, etc. Now, close your eyes and relax and picture in your mind meeting some hot & sexy topless dancer. See yourself talking to her, becoming intimate with her, her sitting in your lap and being all over you, see the glow in her eyes that says that she's attracted to you and desires you sexually. See yourself leaving the topless club with her after she gets off work and going to your place or hers or just meeting her somewhere for lunch or dinner.

You may think all of this is silly and what in the hell do I need to create all these images in my mind for? The purpose is to register all these images in your subconscious mind so that when you get to the topless club your subconscious mind will give directions to your conscious mind to act them out. Don't get discouraged if this does not work the first time because it takes a lot of repetition for this to be absorbed by the subconscious mind. Also, all day long on the day you're going to a topless club, keep telling yourself over and over "I'm going to meet and score with a very special topless dancer tonight." You will be amazed at the results you can have by psyching yourself up. There's another benefit to this by helping you develop a positive mental attitude and build up your self-confidence around the dancers.


I am happy to announce that I will be publishing my latest book next month called, "Dating with Jesus: A Daily Spiritual Guide for Men on How to Meet, Date, and Attract Women." Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:

“Dating with Jesus” came about in March of 2017 while I was lying in bed about to go to sleep. I heard Jesus telling me to write a book for men on how to use the power of Jesus to help them meet, date, and attract women.

I just shrugged it off and just thought maybe I was just hearing voices in my head and just fell asleep.
All during the week when I would lay down to sleep I would hear the same command. Now, I was thoroughly convinced this was Jesus commanding me to write this book.

Then I was hearing his voice all during the day about writing this book and not just when I would lie down to go to sleep.

I am a man of God and follower of Jesus Christ, so when he tells me to do something I must obey him.

So, I started writing “Dating with Jesus” and prayed for Jesus to guide me in writing it and to put the words in my head. When I started writing I was amazed at how the words flowed from my head right down my arm to my pen.

I had no writers block whatsoever. Jesus was giving me the words to write. So, my writing of this book and you reading it is truly a gift from Jesus to help you meet, date, and attract women and to help you overcome any disappointments, frustrations, rejections, loneliness, and bad experiences in dating.

We were all put on this earth for a purpose and we all possess God-given talents. My talent is writing and my mission and purpose on earth is to help men like yourself succeed with women beyond your wildest dreams and fill your life with lots of love, romance, fun, and good times.

Let’s face it guys…It’s a jungle out there in the dating world for men now and for many men, the search for love and romance continues to be frustrating, disappointing, unfulfilling, heartbreaking, and lonely.

Also, their fear of rejection, lack of confidence, shyness, and fear of catching a venereal disease creates what seems like insurmountable obstacles to meeting women. And for those men that actually do go on dates, many of them never get a second date or the relationship is very short-lived.

Put your hope and trust in Jesus and allow me to be your personal dating coach and with the help of Jesus follow my dating tips, spiritual comments, and prayer suggestions in the book to turn your love life around. Jesus can open up his sky vaults and rain down favor for you to meet, date, and attract women who will love you and bring you much happiness and joy.