Getting Ready and Psyched Up

Psyching yourself up and making preparations before you go out to topless clubs is very important. You need to feel at your best, so get a good nights sleep before you go out. Prior to leaving, eat a good healthy meal to put a lining on your stomach if you are going to be drinking. A couple of hours before you leave, put on some music that you are likely to hear in the topless clubs. The purpose of this is to get you in the mood for the topless club scene. Also, you need to prepare your subconscious mind for meeting and picking up topless dancers.

 Here’s how you do it. Make yourself a drink and sit down in your favorite easy chair, sofa, recliner, etc. Now, close your eyes and relax and picture in your mind meeting some hot & sexy topless dancer. See yourself talking to her, becoming intimate with her, her sitting in your lap and being all over you, see the glow in her eyes that says that she's attracted to you and desires you sexually. See yourself leaving the topless club with her after she gets off work and going to your place or hers or just meeting her somewhere for lunch or dinner.

You may think all of this is silly and what in the hell do I need to create all these images in my mind for? The purpose is to register all these images in your subconscious mind so that when you get to the topless club your subconscious mind will give directions to your conscious mind to act them out. Don't get discouraged if this does not work the first time because it takes a lot of repetition for this to be absorbed by the subconscious mind. Also, all day long on the day you're going to a topless club, keep telling yourself over and over "I'm going to meet and score with a very special topless dancer tonight." You will be amazed at the results you can have by psyching yourself up. There's another benefit to this by helping you develop a positive mental attitude and build up your self-confidence around the dancers.