Now we come to clothes. This can make you or break you and is very important. Clothes do make the man you know. Nothing will turn off a woman more if you are dressed like a slob. Of course, if she's a slob too, she won't care. A decent woman admires a man that is well-groomed and well dressed. Here are some do's and don'ts of nightclub dressing:

1. Don't wear a three piece vested suit like in the movie, "Saturday Night Fever." This type of attire went out of style a long time ago.

2. Whatever you do, don't wear a T-shirt with a slogan on it. This went out of style a long time ago too.

3. Try and wear lightweight material that is cool and not too tight. You're really going to perspire out there on the dance floor and you will feel very uncomfortable if you have got on something hot and heavy.

Certainly, it is best for you to get any fears you may have out in the open, examine them, and then decide if you really want to pick up a girl.

Apart from your fears, you should decide if you are ready in other ways. Think of a checklist. Are you suitably dressed and groomed? Have you got plenty of things ready to say? Do you have some activities ready to offer? If you feel like you really want to, and are ready, then go to it and give it your best shot.

Because if you are plagued by uncertainty and indecision, your pick-up attempt will probably be weak and unconvincing. You will tend to use the first sign of reluctance by the girl as an excuse to abandon your attempt, thinking “Oh well! The situation just wasn't right. I'll do better another time."

You will have much more confidence if you make a firm mental commitment and have a strong determination to succeed.

TIP #1 - On this point, listen to what your mother told you. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, stay clean shaven, or keep beards and mustaches well trimmed.

TIP #2 - Ask yourself if you do look best in a beard or a mustache. Some men do, some men don't.

TIP #3 - Get a haircut. By this we mean choose a hairstyle that's appropriate for you. Be it long or short; keep it clean and well groomed. We have a friend who spent a year experimenting with different hair styles. When he finally found a style and a stylist who could cut his hair right, he received a lot of positive comments from the opposite sex.

TIP #4 - The saying, "clothes make the man" is absolutely true. Don't dress like a slob. Be observant of what others are wearing to keep track of fashions so that your clothes are tasteful and appropriate for all occasions.

TIP #5 - Choose clothes whose fit and style accentuate your good points. Find the colors that are best on you. If you are inexperienced in buying clothes, then get the advice of a friend or rely on the sales people at good clothing stores.

TIP #6 - A T-shirt, a sports coat, and a nice Italian suit all say something different about a person. Be aware of how you want to be perceived and dress for that occasion accordingly.

TIP #7 - Get in the habit of never going out of the house unless you are dressed, groomed, and prepared to be seen by the girl of your dreams.

When a woman sees a man dressed well and well groomed, it tells her that this is someone who is in charge of his life. It suggests that he is successful, and financially secure. These are things that women equate with what we discussed about "Power and Leadership." Now consider what a woman thinks when she sees a man in dirty, grubby clothes, unshaven and disheveled. In charge of his life? Successful? Financially sound? The type of person who influences others?

This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."

These are not professional dancers and don't get paid to dance. They enter "amateur dance contests." Some of them do it for fun, maybe to be discovered and offered a job, maybe on a dare or bet, for their boyfriends, or just for the hell of it. Not to mention the money they can win. You will find these amateurs mainly at the lower scale clubs. The upper scale clubs usually don't feature amateur dance contests.

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In my opinion these are the best types of topless dancers to pursue. They are easy and receptive to meet. They're new to topless dancing and not burnt out or hardened by the topless club atmosphere. So, they usually have a good attitude towards men and that's certainly good news for you. Later in the book I will discuss how to score with these amateur dancers. Be sure and keep your eyes and ears open for any amateur topless dance contests. Some clubs hold them weekly. If you want to pick up topless dancers, be sure and go to the contests. The amateurs usually are the easiest to pick up.
This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "How to Pick Up Topless Dancers."

I will describe what I call the "Nightclub Ego¬Man" that you will run into at nightclubs. If you're one of these men, resolve here and now that you're going to change your ways and discontinue being the Nightclub Ego-Man.
This is the guy you will see standing around, depending on his looks to meet women. He may be very handsome or he just thinks he is. He just stands around all night thinking that he's Gods gift to women and he waits for women to approach him. He keeps on waiting and waiting, never making the effort or going out of his way to approach and meet women. I don't need to tell you that this type of man is not very successful at meeting or attracting women.
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Believe me, you can't depend on your looks to pick up women. It just does not work that way. You have got to approach women and play the aggressor. You can stand around all night and most likely no woman is going to approach you and start up a conversation or ask you to dance. You have got to take the lead. I will agree that there are aggressive women who will approach a man, but there are very few of them. I just wish there were more of them because I love being approached by a woman.
You'll pick up as many women as you want by just being friendly and taking the initiative to meet them. It's really just that simple, so don't go walking around with your nose up in the air thinking you are so good-looking that women will literally fall over you. I had this problem myself until I wised up and realized what a jerk I was and why I wasn't meeting very many women.

Often men and women are at cross-purposes in romantic affairs. The man is out after a good time, and the woman is interested in meeting a prospective husband, or at least a permanent mate. But this situation often changes, and the man may develop a deeper interest. This, of course, applies to all kinds of relationships, whether they originate as an introduction, an old friendship, or a pick-up.
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But, this can be the reason why a girl will allow herself to be picked up. She may not want a one-night stand, but likes the look of the guy. So she goes along, to see what will develop, whereas the man may have his mind set on a one-night stand. A lot of men have met their future wives in such an encounter.

In conjunction with discovering how people perceive you, the question arises: What should your image be to women?
This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different. We can, however, give you some strong guidelines:
1. Everything you do with respect to presenting an image should be done keeping in mind the eight elements of what women are looking for in men.
2. Pick out your strong points, your assets, your attributes, and accent them. Try to put your weaknesses in the background.
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3. Make it an honest portrayal. We are not advising you to portray a phony image. People will read it as phony, and you'll get nowhere. What we are saying, is that you must present your best side, and do it in a way that appeals to what women are looking for in men.
4. Make sure your total image is consistent. In other words, there should be consistency between what people see when they look at you and the things you say and do. If your behavior is in conflict with your image, it can be a "turn-off" to women - and everyone for that matter. Remember, what might work great for one guy may have a detrimental effect with women if you try it. An example of this would be if you are perceived by people to be sophisticated, then you will be attracting women who are attracted to sophistication. So if your opening remarks to a woman you just met are a series of rude, off-color jokes, chances are you will be turning her off. On the other hand, if your image is one of a "good-time Charlie," she will think those very same jokes are funny.
5. Evaluate the feedback you get from women. Be conscious of what things you do that give you positive response from women, and what things give you negative response. Let this feedback be your guide in determining how to present yourself.

These are topless dancers which are working their way through college, night school, etc. They are using the good money they make stripping to further their careers.

There are very few topless dancers that are students. Most of the dancers you will run into really don't know what they want to do with their life. Topless dancing is just temporary they will say. They're doing it just to make some money. One good thing about these types is they do have some intelligence and can carry on a conversation. You'll run into a lot of just the opposite types that are dingy, spaced out, and a vocabulary of just 15 words. So, it's a refreshing change to be around a dancer that's got some brains, ambition , and conversational skills.

Overall, I'd say pursuing student dancers is a positive experience. There's going to be one drawback and you're going to have to accept this fact. She's not going to have a lot of time for you. She has to work, study and cram for exams. Then there are the ordinary chores to do in everyday life that doesn't leave her much time for dating. This hectic lifestyle can work in your favor sometimes. These pressures can get pent up inside and seek a release. Thus, she can be in a mood to get loose, ready to party, and let loose her inhibitions. And you can be the lucky guy she lets her frustrations out on.

These are the women that you'll see time and time again at the nightclubs. They are what I call "regulars." Their whole life revolves around the nightclubs. You can find them at the clubs two or three times during the week nights and just about every weekend.

Some of these women rarely date. Their whole social life is at the nightclubs with their friends. If she belongs to her own little group of friends, it may be difficult to meet this woman. She may just associate and dance with her friends only and consider you an intruder.

If you do determine that a woman is a regular, just don't let this discourage you. She can be met just as easy as any other woman. The key to getting in good with this woman is becoming a regular yourself. This has numerous advantages because you'll become a familiar face to the other regular women. Just keep going to the nightclubs as much as possible and make it a point to meet and mingle with the women you see there regularly.

After going to a particular club regularly, it will be easy to spot the female regulars. When you become a regular yourself, you'll get to know these women on a physical and intimate basis.