In conjunction with discovering how people perceive you, the question arises: What should your image be to women?
This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different. We can, however, give you some strong guidelines:
1. Everything you do with respect to presenting an image should be done keeping in mind the eight elements of what women are looking for in men.
2. Pick out your strong points, your assets, your attributes, and accent them. Try to put your weaknesses in the background.
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3. Make it an honest portrayal. We are not advising you to portray a phony image. People will read it as phony, and you'll get nowhere. What we are saying, is that you must present your best side, and do it in a way that appeals to what women are looking for in men.
4. Make sure your total image is consistent. In other words, there should be consistency between what people see when they look at you and the things you say and do. If your behavior is in conflict with your image, it can be a "turn-off" to women - and everyone for that matter. Remember, what might work great for one guy may have a detrimental effect with women if you try it. An example of this would be if you are perceived by people to be sophisticated, then you will be attracting women who are attracted to sophistication. So if your opening remarks to a woman you just met are a series of rude, off-color jokes, chances are you will be turning her off. On the other hand, if your image is one of a "good-time Charlie," she will think those very same jokes are funny.
5. Evaluate the feedback you get from women. Be conscious of what things you do that give you positive response from women, and what things give you negative response. Let this feedback be your guide in determining how to present yourself.