These are topless dancers which are working their way through college, night school, etc. They are using the good money they make stripping to further their careers.

There are very few topless dancers that are students. Most of the dancers you will run into really don't know what they want to do with their life. Topless dancing is just temporary they will say. They're doing it just to make some money. One good thing about these types is they do have some intelligence and can carry on a conversation. You'll run into a lot of just the opposite types that are dingy, spaced out, and a vocabulary of just 15 words. So, it's a refreshing change to be around a dancer that's got some brains, ambition , and conversational skills.

Overall, I'd say pursuing student dancers is a positive experience. There's going to be one drawback and you're going to have to accept this fact. She's not going to have a lot of time for you. She has to work, study and cram for exams. Then there are the ordinary chores to do in everyday life that doesn't leave her much time for dating. This hectic lifestyle can work in your favor sometimes. These pressures can get pent up inside and seek a release. Thus, she can be in a mood to get loose, ready to party, and let loose her inhibitions. And you can be the lucky guy she lets her frustrations out on.