These are the women that you'll see time and time again at the nightclubs. They are what I call "regulars." Their whole life revolves around the nightclubs. You can find them at the clubs two or three times during the week nights and just about every weekend.

Some of these women rarely date. Their whole social life is at the nightclubs with their friends. If she belongs to her own little group of friends, it may be difficult to meet this woman. She may just associate and dance with her friends only and consider you an intruder.

If you do determine that a woman is a regular, just don't let this discourage you. She can be met just as easy as any other woman. The key to getting in good with this woman is becoming a regular yourself. This has numerous advantages because you'll become a familiar face to the other regular women. Just keep going to the nightclubs as much as possible and make it a point to meet and mingle with the women you see there regularly.

After going to a particular club regularly, it will be easy to spot the female regulars. When you become a regular yourself, you'll get to know these women on a physical and intimate basis.