Many single men are hesitant to pick up a girl because they are fearful that they may be placing themselves in a situation where they might lose control of events.
Take a man who is a little unsure of his own strength of will. In a pick-up, he will make a personal commitment to a girl who is a complete stranger. She may be a very strong willed person who is capable of dominating him. He may not want to be dominated.
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Were he to meet that girl under other circumstances he might feel that he could make a better judgment of the girl before he committed himself in a personal way. But he should realize that he really can disengage himself from the girl at any time; if he wants to. Particularly is he has not made any specific promises to her.
Another situation might be that the man possesses a very sympathetic nature, and fears that if a girl became too dependent on him, she might be difficult to disengage. But, here again, he should make no promises that might tie him down later. And if he sees problems ahead, he should get out before he gets in too deeply.