Let's talk about a mistake a lot of men make, which I call, "Putting all your eggs in one basket."

A good example is thinking that the only place you can meet women is at a nightclub or bar. So, you spend all of your time, money, and energy pursuing women in bars and nightclubs. And you find yourself not having much luck. But, you continue going back week after week like butting your head up against the wall. It's a continuous cycle of going there to meet women, but you go home all frustrated and horny.

Always diversify your places to pursue women. Don't hang all your hopes on just one way or place to meet women. Try the personals, chat rooms, dating services, meeting women through friends, relatives, co-workers, through clubs and organizations, at church, pursue a co-worker, etc. I think you are getting the point. Always have a
game plan to meet women any place and everywhere.

Just take a look around in your every day environment. When you shop for groceries, at the mall, at the bookstore, at college, sporting events, etc. There's lovely women everywhere. You just have to have the balls to approach them. And if you use our products and the free information at my website, there's no reason why you can't have the confidence to approach women anywhere, any place, anytime.

The mildest form of sexual overture is to speak with double meaning. The following phrases are some of the many that can be spliced into the conversation innocently, but delivered with a slight suggestion of deeper meaning:
Can I tempt you?
Will you take me on?
Give me a try.
You know what they say; you've got to try it to see if you like it.
Come here! I want you.
Do you want me?
I'd like to see what you've got.
I'd like to see what you can do.
I'd like to see more of you.
Are you hot?
All the way.
Do it together.
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Will you, or won't you.
Does she, or doesn't she.
If I called to pick you up later, would you be willing?
I've been trying to think of something we could do together, where we could have lots of fun.
You're getting me all excited now.
Do you want to play?
Let's fool around a bit.
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Are you aware that the way that you handle the setbacks and difficulties in your dating life has an impact on your future success with women?

If you allow yourself to get bitter, get depressed, and lose your enthusiasm for pursuing women, then you are letting these difficulties interfere with your future success with women.

But, if you will stay focused on succeeding with women with a big happy smile on your face with joy in your heart, a spring in your step, despite your trials and tribulations in dating, your setting yourself up for victory in finding love and romance with the woman of your dreams.

Everything in life happens for a reason and all those setbacks and problems in dating can help you build character and you can learn something from every experience you have.

A valuable lesson to be learned from relationships that didn't work out is that you can learn what kind of woman that doesn't work out for you and in the future you can choose the type of woman more suitable for you.

If a relative calls you and says, "I know just the girl for you!' - be very cautious. The problem is that they have no idea what you are looking for.

They only know what they think would be good for you. Also they are trying to help someone they know. (Why does she need all this help?)

Here's an easy way meet and entertain single women and it's great to use on women you have just met or approached:

1. You will need a small box of crayons (you can find these in drug stores, supermarkets, toy stores, etc.) that contains only 8 colors. When you first meet a single woman you are attracted to, simply ask her, "Can I show you a magic trick?" She will ask, "What is it?"

2. Hand her the closed box of crayons and tell her to select a crayon when you turn your back towards her. With your back turned towards her and your hands behind your back, tell her to put the crayon in your hand. Now turn around and face her with your hands still behind your back.

3. Now, tell her to think of the color of the crayon. As she's thinking of the color, scrape the crayon with your right thumbnail. Then tell her you need to touch her head to "read her thoughts." Now, simply look at your right thumbnail discreetly to see the color of the crayon.

4. Now, tell her the color of the crayon she picked.

I guarantee you that she will be amazed. Now, you've opened the door to get better acquainted that can lead to intimacy and seduction. I used this method successfully to meet and attract tons of beautiful and sexy single women in bars and nightclubs. You can use them on single women everywhere and anywhere. It works to really capture
their attention! After you have attracted her, then you can ask her for a date.

Consider this a simulation rather than a traditional test of skills. There are no wrong answers. The purpose of these exercises is to test your resourcefulness, your ingenuity, and your presence of mind...when faced with one of "life's little surprises".

To get the maximum benefit from this test, take it twice. The first time, allow yourself no time to think. Answer with the first thing that pops into your head. In "real life", you need to react almost instantly to developing situations. The second time, you can allow yourself the luxury of pondering at length on what you would have done, a sort of leisurely post mortem.

Many of the situations presented here have actually taken place.

1. As you walk from a store, a young woman approaches you. She boldly announces, with a mischievous grin on her face, that she had been watching you paw through the cookware. "I could tell, you add up the prices in your head", she says. How do you answer?

2. Walking down the street, you notice an attractive single woman several hundred feet away seem to stare at you, possibly even smile. Do you approach her? How? What do you say?

3. At the supermarket, a well-dressed single woman stares into your shopping cart. She remarks that you seem to have a special liking for canned spaghetti. Could she be "hitting" on you or is she just making a joke at your expense?

4. You have been good, but not intimate friends with a woman for years. She trusts and confides in you. She is in the process of breaking up with her longtime boyfriend. She turns to you for comfort and solace. Is it time for something more than friendship between the two of you?

5. On the street, you run into a classmate from high school. She walks right up to you and starts chatting, as if she had seen you just last week, rather than a decade ago. She would not have con descended to notice you back in school, but now she is extremely friendly, even intrusive. Do you respond to her overtures?

6. At work, a single woman loudly announces to her friends that she would accept an invitation from "anyone" to a certain dance club. She is looking in your direction and she seems to have taken pains to ensure you will overhear her. You scarcely know the woman, and had not even considered approaching her. What to do?

7. As the office party breaks up, amidst considerable noise and confusion, a woman you hardly know grabs you and kisses you on the lips, hard (you rather enjoy the sensation). Is she drunk, or does this indicate genuine interest in you?

8. The woman you have been going out with consistently shows up late for dates, at times an hour or more. She always has an excuse, but you are beginning to get somewhat annoyed.

9. As you pass a group of single young women on the street, one of them makes a rather suggestive remark about you, to the accompaniment of raucous laughter from the others.

10. The disastrous blind date scenario. A good friend has set you up with "the perfect woman for you". You talked with her on the phone and seemed to hit it off. When you show up at the rendezvous, here is this alluring Hollywood film star wannabe in a tight fitting sweater, reeking of expensive perfume, literally oozing glamour, and flaunting her good looks.

She takes one look at you and visibly recoils. She seemed to have been expecting a male counterpart, and her distaste for you is all too plain.

If there are no wrong answers, neither are there correct ones to the problems given. A workable strategy depends not only on the situation and the people involved, but also on timing, "delivery", and a good measure of luck. The following are only suggestions, tantalizing hints to provoke your thinking. Detailed solutions are left as an "exercise for the reader".

Here are the corresponding numbered answers to match the questions:

1. Smile. That's always a good start. "Hmmm, I'm honored that you consider my shopping technique worthy of your attention, ma'am. While I don't consider shopping for frying pans a critically important activity, all the same, I do my humble best. And, no, I can't quite track all the prices, as I seem to have a sticking digit somewhere behind my left eye. It helps if I whack my forehead occasionally, like so..."

2. Smile back. Wave. Give her the chance to respond. If she does not, shrug your shoulders and walk on.

3. "Well, yes, I enjoy this particular brand for the tangy metallic flavor of the sauce. For a fellow who finds boiling water a nearly impossible task, I think I do a pretty fair job at making this stuff fit to eat."

4. Remain friends. Give her comfort and support, but be extremely wary of becoming more closely involved with her, at least at this time.

5. Talk is cheap. Stay noncommittal, and let her carry the burden of the conversation.

6. This is a double whammy. On the one hand, she is displaying behavior typical of a giggly teenager. On the other, she is making it perfectly clear that she would be using you only as a convenience, to provide an escort for her into the club, and that any generic male would do as well. Let her find another victim.

7. The next working day, flowers for her arrive at the office, with an unsigned card saying; "The kiss lingers".

8. You seem to be number 468 on her list of priorities. Have a long talk with her, but realize the relationship may be in serious trouble.

9. Rudeness has become a national epidemic. Consider this a minor annoyance, the equivalent of bird droppings falling on you from the sky. Keep walking.

10. "I'm not quite what you were expecting, Leila. It does appear that we are quite unsuited for each other, and I would be most happy to relieve you of the obligation of spending the evening with me."

Put her into a taxi. Go home. Cook yourself spicy pasta. Read a good book. Consider yourself fortunate not to have wasted a perfectly fine evening entertaining an airhead.

Construct other possible scenarios, based on your own experience and on what you have read and heard about. Act out what you would do, speaking your role aloud, as if you were a performer in a play. For added realism, you may enlist a friend or family member to play the role of the woman involved.

Be aware, though, that when "the real thing" comes, it will be unexpected and most likely take you completely by surprise.

Let me give you some valuable advice about problem relationships and marriage. If you ever get involved in a incompatible relationship where all you do is fuss and fight, break up several times, and the whole relationship is nothing but one big emotional roller coaster, and you think that if you get married things will get better and you will be able to work things out you're making a big mistake!

Trust me, I know from experience that things will only get worse! When you start living together on a permanent basis all these problems will only get worse. And don't ever think that you can change her ways once you get married. You can't change a person. You have to accept them as they are or just move on.

I don't mean to scare you about the institution of marriage. It's a wonderful experience if you choose the right partner. If you don't, your life can be a living hell. Please please please take marriage very seriously. Don't go into a marriage thinking that if it does not work out, I'll just get a divorce. Divorce leaves emotional scars and if there are children involved, it really makes it difficult.

So, to wrap things up, I just want you to be selective in your choice for a lifetime mate. If you are incompatible and it's a very stormy relationship you may be making a big mistake by marrying her.

Did you know that a woman will judge you on a first date on how you like her dog or cat? I really don't think it is sometimes fair, but if her pet does not like you then you don't get a second date. Sounds crazy doesn't it?

Well, to some women a pet is just like a member of a family and if you don't pay any attention to her pet, then it is a turnoff. If you just ignore her pet and don't even make an attempt to pet and talk to it, then you are asking for trouble.

So, my advice is that as soon as you are inside her house or apartment and see her pet or pets, go them right away and pet and talk to them. This will make a good impression on your date and you will score points.

Also, to be on the safe side ask her if her pets bite before attempting to pet them. If she says they don't bite and they act very hostile to you then you will have to use good judgement.

In conclusion, go out of your way to be friendly towards her pet. You just never know that she may be the type that uses her pets to make a judgement whether to see you again.

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I asked out an attractive woman, Karen. I met Karen at the park. I took her around town for lunch, dinner, clubs, or whatever, but no matter where we went, it seemed she knew every guy that walked through any door. she called each one over and gave them a big hug and kiss and talked with them in a flirting manner for a couple of minutes. When she wasn't greeting this endless stream of men, she was checking out all the other guys in the place. On one of those dates I couldn't take it anymore. I told her I had to be home early, she then asked me if I could drop her off at a friends house. I agreed to take her. This so called "friend" turned out to be some guy, whom she passionately kissed when he opened the door. Then as was driving off, she turned and waived to me, I drove off totally humiliated in my car. As you can see by now. I never called her again.
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It's a sad fact of life, but at some point in your life you will get dumped by a girlfriend. And, no guy likes to get dumped, especially by someone you cared for and loved. But, love is a two-way street. Both parties have to love and nurture a relationship to keep it alive. It's no good to be involved in a one-way relationship with a woman that you love and she does not love you back.

I know you're going to feel like crap in the beginning after your girlfriend breaks up with you. But, you will get over her a hell of a lot easier if you will take these steps to get over her and get on with your life:

1. Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself and try to scheme up ways to get your girlfriend back. Don't make any efforts whatsoever and whatever you do, don't call her or write her. You need to block her out of your life completely and pretend that she does not even exist on this earth anymore.

2. If you have any pictures of her laying around, on the wall, or in your wallet, hide them in your attic or somewhere where you will not likely see them. Even better, throw them away or burn them. You could be nice and return them to her if you desire.

3. Here's a good ritual to get her out of your system: Sit down and write her a letter telling her pissed off and hurt you are about her dumping you and tell her good bye and you don't want to ever see her again. Don't mail this letter, but just set it aside somewhere. This is just a good way to vent your feelings and make you feel better.

AQUARIUS single women (January 20 - February 18) - Very intelligent and you must appeal to her mind. Can be very elusive and afraid of commitment. There are a lot of bachelorettes born under this sign and they usually marry late in life.

She's a strong believer in friendship and will remain your friend even after you have broken up. Keep in mind that they can be a little cold- natured, so if you're expecting a hot & sexy passionate sex-goddess, then you may be disappointed.

When talking about things that excite and interest you, here are some pitfalls you'll want to avoid:

1. Don't dominate the conversation with your own enthusiasms. Be sensitive to how much time you devote to your own subject without hearing again from the other person. It's alright to let her know what turns you on, but be aware that she may not necessarily want to hear everything you have to say about that topic.

2. Avoid Jargon or technical terms when discussing topics with her and she isn't familiar with the subject. You can give her an inside look at what excites you about the topic, rather than overly specific details.

3. Be careful not to lecture or try to "sell" her on what you believe in, regardless of how strongly you believe in it or how important you feel it is. She may want to learn more about a subject that interests you, but they don't necessarily wish to be converted to your point of view.

4. Don't tell personal secrets in the early stages of a friendship with a woman. Of course, it's flattering to her to be told something confidential, but if this is early on in a friendship, the person is likely to think, "If he tells me such personal things right off, he probably tells everyone." Wait until the time is right, and you've established trust.

5. Don't try to override her point of view with your superior knowledge of a subject. Be receptive to her point of view and listen to what she has to say. Then, when it's your turn to give your opinion, she will be more receptive and open to your ideas.

“Weren’t you on the David Letterman show a couple of weeks ago?”

“I think you’re the light at the end of my tunnel.”

Bring your camera with you and when you see a pretty girl you’d like to meet try this: “I would like to take your picture.”

If you wear a beeper, approach a woman and say, “Did you know that when I look at you, my beeper starts vibrating?”

“I’m writing a book on opening lines. Which ones would work on you?”

The trick in dealing with topless dancers is to beat them at their own game. They become the one that gets manipulated! With this book, you have all the tools necessary to manipulate and seduce them. Keep in mind, too, that they're always searching for a bigger, better deal, always. If you're the guy who can provide it, they're open for possibilities. As a matter of fact, you can get so good at connecting with topless dancers, that you can have a ten minute conversation with them and be dating them that evening. No kidding. That's what this book can do for you.
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Now, let's discuss how dancers will use you away from the club. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you've gotten a dancers phone number and she's agreed to go out with you that you're on your way to getting laid. This is not necessarily true. Dancers will take advantage of you and just use you for free dinners, entertainment, and excitement with no intention whatsoever of going to bed with you. They are particularly known to do this to older men. So, how do you avoid being taken for a ride? Be up front with them in the beginning and tell them you're not interested in going to bed with them and you want to establish a friendship. Then, hopefully nature will take it's course and your friendship will develop into a love affair. If things just don't work out, move on to your next conquest. There's plenty of hot & sexy dancers to pursue.
You need to be aware that some dancers are looking for a "Sugar Daddy," with no sex involved. They will string you along, making you think they will sleep with you but they will not go to bed with you and just use you for money and material possessions. If you just want their company with no sex, then maybe you can tolerate this arrangement. It's going to cost you a lot of money though. I'll end this section with this statement, "Don't be a sucker!"
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Do you find yourself pondering and stalling when you see a hot & sexy woman you would like to approach and meet?

When you experience procrastination that prevents you from making the first move to meet women, repeat this self-starting statement to yourself: "DO IT NOW!" Then immediately take action and approach her.

Guys, I just can't express to you enough how important it is to develop a "DO IT NOW" mentality for succeeding with women. If you can master this habit, it will give you a boost in personal initiative to taking action to meet and approach women.

Plus, by having this "take charge" attitude, you will have an advantage over other guys. Why? Because a lot of guys are passive, shy, reticent, and stand around with their thumb up their ass when it comes to approaching women. Women will admire you for having the balls to take the initiative in meeting them and they like confident men.

The power of confidence with single women...confidence in your voice, posture, manner, your total personality, has a tremendous power and glamour in getting along with single women, but it can't work if it's completely phony. It has to be sincere.

Yet, no matter how lacking you are in confidence you can gain it surely, firmly, genuinely. It is gained the same way learning and growing is gained. You learn...that is, you can learn...from a book, but not merely by reading it. You have to master it, live it, practice it, make it part of your blood, flesh, nerves. Then it is yours!

Every time you give yourself a modest, attainable goal, but one which does require some effort and some courage, and you accomplish it, you build another pound of confidence into your bones, flesh and fiber and nervous system - where it must grow and develop if it is to be genuine and durable.

How to you start? Give yourself a small immediate goal and carry it out. Then go on to bigger and better things. If you are afraid of and shy around single women, take out any woman, and every woman, as often as you can. Each time pat yourself on the back mentally and feel yourself grow more relaxed and secure in the company of single women. Set a goal of getting a date with that single woman you're attracted to at the office, that waitress you like at the restaurant you visit often, that bartender at the club you hang out at, that checker at the supermarket that gets you all hot & bothered, etc. and ask her! Whether she accepts or turns you down, at least be gratified that you were able to carry through the action of asking, of going out and trying to get a date for yourself, on your own.

If you have an address book with some single eligible women in it, call them up and ask them for a date. It does not matter if you saw her a long time ago and did not hit it off or a woman who refused you for a date, make yourself call her and ask her out again!

Set yourself a goal of talking to a strange single woman at the supermarket, laundromat, at a concert, while standing in line at the movie, women sitting at the bar, single women on the bus, single women standing in the street, single women in the elevator, just anywhere and everywhere today! Even if it never gets further than a few casual comments exchanged between you, it will build your confidence and
skill and prepare you for more ambitious goals next time. You build confidence by doing in small ways and forcing yourself forward to gradually bigger and bigger goals! Like meeting, dating, attracting, and seducing any single sexy woman you desire!

The following is a guide to use in overcoming your shyness with single women at nightclubs. Follow these steps and you can overcome your shyness and start picking up women instead of standing on the sidelines watching other men meet, approach, attract, pick up, and seduce women in nightclubs.

One of the biggest roadblocks to a shy man in picking up women is fear. Fear that he will be rejected, fear that he won't know what to say, and fear that he won't know how to act.

Believe me, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear and anxiety will produce distinct psychological consequences and if there's anything that's going to hinder your success in picking up single women, it is going to be fear.

The fear of being rejected by a woman can paralyze your attempts to pick up women. Accept the fact that you're going to get rejected some of the time. Just because a woman rejects you it does not make you worthless. There can be many different reasons why a woman may not be interested in you at any given moment. Most of these reasons have little or nothing to do with you as a person.

Being rejected by a woman is just a risk you will have to take and if a woman does reject you, it's not the end of the world.

Keep this in mind if single women at a nightclub reject you. No matter how many women are not interested in you, you must remember there are many other women at nightclubs, many of who would be delighted to know you.

Isn't it amazing how some guys have all the advantages in life such as a good education, experience, knowing the right people, etc. - but with all this going for them they never amount to anything in life.

Then there are guys who have to struggle for everything they get in life and reach incredible heights in life. What sets them apart? It's determination and the will to succeed.

And it's the same principle at work in succeeding with women. If you have the will, backed with faith, desire, and persistence, you will find a way to meet, date, attract, and seduce any woman you desire no matter what obstacles you encounter.

It's going to be up to you though to create that burning desire deep within your soul to succeed with women. I can't create it for you. All I can do is motivate you to get up off your ass and take action. And if you don't set the seduction wheels in motion, your love life is going to suffer and the competition is going to be having all the fun and romance with women.

Use a set of index cards, that can likewise serve as a reminder and memory aid. This will remedy the "I should have said that" and "if I had only thought of..." syndrome. The cards can be used to take notes while you talk, and, at the very least, they will occupy your your hands and keep you from biting your nails.

Maintain a scrapbook of interesting facts, meticulously gathered and culled out from the newspapers and publications you read. This can help spark the conversation. During those dreadful moments of awkward silence, when neither of you can think of anything to say, you can discreetly leaf through the scrapbook and -- Aha! "Did you know that...?"

Finally, you might want to try a "dry run", or rehearsal. Call a sympathetic family member or a good friend who will not laugh at you, and have this person play the part of the woman you will be speaking to. Practice your varying "opening lines" and responses, and ask for feedback. A little gentle criticism can do wonders for your phone technique. On the other hand, if there is no one you wish to share your little project with, you can always do this by yourself, tape recording the session if you like. Repeat the procedure until you are confident you can handle "the real thing".

CAPRICORN - (December 22 - January 19) - This woman is very reserved in the beginning but once you have broken down her barriers, she will love you with all her heart with lots of intensity. She's very ambitious and career-oriented. Appeal to her by talking about making money and attaining goals.
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Move slow with this woman. You must become her friend first before you can get her in the sack. She's not into casual sex, so you must not be sexually aggressive with this woman.

Do you freeze up when trying to talk to women? With the help of this book you won't anymore - you'll know exactly what to say and how to say it.

"How to Talk to Women...A Guide for Tongue-Tied Men" provides you with a plan in which the problems have been considered in advance. You will not be trying to figure out what to do (and say) as you go along. It has been thought out for you, and laid out clearly for your convenience. It is a packaged plan for the man with romance and sex on his mind.

If you are interested in single girls, (and what red-blooded man isn't?) this amazing book will change your love and sex life for sure. Many men have read it and agree that it is an outstanding success for dating more women.

I describe this book as: Tons of powerful pages of information and know-how, on perhaps the most important subject to men of any age: "How to impress women."

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Single women in this country are starving for romance! An indication of this is thatsingle women are buying the fastest selling books on the market today by the thousands. And what is it in these books that attracts its readers? Romance. It is, of course, romance novels that are flooding the supermarket racks. All women want to be romanced, and most men don't know how to do it, or at least they don't put any effort into it.

For example, a woman once told us about a dinner date she had just experienced. She was very impressed by the fact that her date had cooked the dinner, set flowers on the table, and that they dined by candle light. She also told us that this was the first time she had been treated this way. This woman has been married. She is over
thirty years old, and very attractive, so, obviously, she has had exposure to men and dating. We were shocked by the fact that this was the first time she had been treated to a candlelit dinner. What does this tell us? Women want romance and most men aren't providing it.

Romance is a word that is difficult to define. It conjures up different meanings to different people. To us, romance is candlelit dinners, love notes, unexpected presents, and breakfast in bed. It is body massages, flowers, dressing up for a formal date, and making love in front of the fireplace. This, of course, is not the entire list, but obviously, you get the idea.

To be romantic does take a little effort, but is by no means difficult, and the rewards are well worth your time. Knowing how and when to be romantic will make you intriguing to single women. Especially when most other men are romantically ignorant. Plain and simply, single women want the men in their lives to provide them with romance. Don't know how to be romantic? Just browse our catalog. We have lots of products to teach you how to be an expert in the romance department.

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Here's a great way to meet single women in bars and nightclubs. Also, it's a great ice-breaker and a very unique way to introduce yourself to women. All you need is some blank lottery cards that have not been filled out with the picked lottery numbers and a pen or pencil. Bring them with you when you go to bars and nightclubs to meet single women.

Here's what you do next. Pick out a hot & sexy beautiful single woman that you are attracted to and approach her. Pull out your lottery card and pen or pencil and say, "Excuse me, but I always ask the prettiest girl in the club to pick my lottery numbers, so can you help me pick some numbers?" It's very rare that you will be turned down.

The next step will be to give her your business card and say, "Call me next week to see if I won, and if I did I will split the winnings with you. If I didn't win I will buy you lunch? Does that sound like a fair deal?"

Don't leave her after she has picked the numbers. Hang around and try and get to know her. You never know what may develop just from using this unique approach. Try it. It works!

When fear raises its ugly head when you are thinking about approaching that hot single woman you are attracted to do you dwell on those self-defeating thoughts of rejection or shyness that prevents you from approaching her?

When you choose to focus on all the reasons why you can't approach sexy single women this is going to cause you to have a negative mindset when it comes to meeting women. This mindset is going to hold you back from meeting and approaching women that you are attracted to.

You just can't sit on the sidelines watching other men meet and attract women. You must refuse to let fear hold you back anymore. You've got to take a leap of faith, be bold and resolute, and focus on a vision of victory in meeting new single women.

I suggest that you develop a new mindset that this is a new day and a new beginning for you. Let go of the chains of the past. In the future, when you feel fear when wanting to approach women, doesn't mena you have to act on it. When you feel fear when you want to meet and approach women that you are attracted to, don't give in to that fear. Stay in faith that you can meet and approach any woman you desire. Say to yourself that you are full on confidence and fear nothing or anyone.

YOU MAY NOT NEED A DATING SERVICE: Other methods are usually less expensive and more productive for meeting, dating, and seducing single women.

CHOOSE A DATING SERVICE WITH A GOOD REPUTATION: Exhaustively research dating services until you do find one with a good reputation and lots of legitimate single women to choose from. The dating service will claim having a great reputation, don't rely on their word only.

DATING SERVICES TO AVOID: Large national chains that offer other single female members by profile and videos.

BEST DATING SERVICES TO CONSIDER: Local dating services that match by "intuition."

DON'T PAY FULL PRICE: Bargain. Rule of thumb is pay no more than one-third the quoted price, especially at the large national chains. Make sure there are no hidden costs to surprise you later.

BE SURE SERVICE IS SUITABLE TO YOU: Find out how many single female members they have that meet your basic requirements, such as male/female ratio, race, age, etc.

SCRUTINIZE THE CONTRACT: Try to get a copy to take home and study and take to an attorney for review. Mark out or rewrite any statements limiting your rights. Get the statements signed by management. Make sure you have any verbal promises written into the contract and signed by management.

GET IT IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY MANAGEMENT: This can not be over emphasized. Make sure everything they promised and claim, changed in the contract, and the total monetary amount of the service is written and signed by the owner or management. And don't lose any of your copies of the paperwork.

I hope this guide will help single men in choosing and dealing with a dating service. You really have to be careful and don't get ripped off!

P.S. If you do find a good dating service in your area, publicize it! A lot of the local dating services cannot afford the expensive advertising like that of the large national chains. Let everyone know about a good deal, not just the bad ones.