Are you aware that the way that you handle the setbacks and difficulties in your dating life has an impact on your future success with women?

If you allow yourself to get bitter, get depressed, and lose your enthusiasm for pursuing women, then you are letting these difficulties interfere with your future success with women.

But, if you will stay focused on succeeding with women with a big happy smile on your face with joy in your heart, a spring in your step, despite your trials and tribulations in dating, your setting yourself up for victory in finding love and romance with the woman of your dreams.

Everything in life happens for a reason and all those setbacks and problems in dating can help you build character and you can learn something from every experience you have.

A valuable lesson to be learned from relationships that didn't work out is that you can learn what kind of woman that doesn't work out for you and in the future you can choose the type of woman more suitable for you.