Valentine's Day is just around the corner guys and I want to give you suggestions for the best gifts to give women to make a lasting impression on her. This is a very important and special day for women and any special gifts you give her will win her heart.

A lot of guys are confused as to what to get a woman for Valentine's Day. They may just take the easy way out and just get flowers or a romantic card. Well, you can do better than that. You want to stand out from the rest of the guys. In other words, you want to impress her so much, she will never forget you.

Here's a list of gift ideas for Valentine's Day that are guaranteed to win her heart:

1. Gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure.
2. Find out her favorite color of roses and surprise her with a bouquet of roses.
3. All women love chocolate, so a box of Godiva chocolates would be an excellent gift.
4. Starbucks gift certificate.
5. Most women love to wear lingerie. It makes them feel sexy. Get her a gift certificate for a lingerie store such as Victoria's Secret.
6. Movie theatre tickets or tickets for an upcoming concert would be a good gift.
7. Sterling silver anklet or bracelet is sure to impress.
8. You can't go wrong by giving her scented candles. They love them!
9. Women love to take bubble baths. Buy her some bubble bath. Hopefully, you can join her in the tub to soak in the bubbles, if you know what I mean.
10. Ambercrombie & Fitch T-Shirt or Sweatshirt.

There you have it! Now go out and get her something. These gifts don't necessarily have to be with your sweetheart. They can be for someone who you wish was your sweetheart.

There are tons and tons of little signs that single women often give off that can help you to judge how well you're doing. The following are three of the most obvious and telling. Keep these in mind when you're attempting to charm that beauty.
Eye Contact
If she likes you she'll engage in elevated levels of direct eye contact when talking with you. She'll look more directly into your eyes and hold it a little longer than normal. A great deal of eye contact with you usually signals that she's more interested in YOU than in the topic you're discussing. On the other hand, if she'savoiding your eyes, then you're probably not oozing too much charm.
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Shoulder Orientation
Think of her shoulders as a pointer. She "points" them at what she's interested in. If you're talking to her and her shoulders are pointed directly at you then she's probably somewhat attracted to you. If they're pointed in a different direction, she's probably not (at the moment). But watch them. She may change their focus and begin moving in your direction... if you're doing things right.
Does she laugh at your jokes and witty remarks? If she is attracted to you, she will laugh at anything you say that is even mildly amusing. In fact she may laugh so much that you begin thinking that you must be pretty darn funny. (Why hasn't anyone told you this before?) In actuality, this has more to do with your presence eliciting a positive state of emotional arousal in her than in your wild sense of humor. On the other hand, if your humorous attempts draw blank or bored stares, then you might want to get movin' along.
This week's article contributed by Allen Thompson, author of the Don Juan Newsletter.

Has your love life crashed and burned? Does love keep passing you by? Are you tired of being alone? Have you lost all hope of finding someone to love? Are you in a rut?

If this describe you, then you have got to make some changes to get out of your rut. And if you want to change these circumstances for the better, then you're the one who has got to take action.

Some guys get to a comfort zone and don't make any changes to bring about what they are seeking, such as a girfriend, someone to date, love and romance, sex, etc.

Remember this simple truth: If you continue to do what you've always done, you will continue to have what you've always had.

Get out of your comfort zone of doing absolutely nothing to turn your love life around. Demand more of yourself to get out there and start meeting and dating women.

Starting now, begin each day with the question: "What can I do today to make my love life better?" Ask it, then answer it, and then take action and do it, every day until you accomplish your goal of filling your life with lots of love, romance, and intimacy. And, don't make any damn excuses as to why you can't do it. Just do it! Take action!

Sex Trivia Quiz

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Listed here are 10 intriguing questions about sex, love, dating, romance, and marriage I thought would be interesting to the visitors of our website. A lot of men talk about these subjects and many of you may even think that you are an expert on these subjects. Well let's just see how much you know. Here's the questions:

1. According to a report by New York State University, what is the best age to get married? Is it between 23 and 25 or between 26 and 28?

2. According to studies, does darkness make lovemaking any more interesting? Yes or No?

3. According to "The Hite Report," what do women enjoy the most about making love? Is it the intimacy or simply pleasing a man?

4. According to a survey reported in "Cosmopolitan Magazine," how many times do men think of sex in just one hour? Is it twice an hour or up to six times an hour?

5. According to a survey in "USA Today," both men and women agreed that one activity gives them more pleasure than anything else does. Would that be sex or reading?

6. According to Dr. Joyce Brothers, who is more likely to go to pieces after a divorce? The man or the woman?

7. According to Ann Landers, should a new wife ask her husband to get rid of all those photographs of his former girlfriends? Yes or No?

8. According to the book, "The Bottom Line," who initiates the most divorces in America? The man or the woman?

9. According to Dr. Joyce Brothers, is it all right for a married woman to stay friends with her former lovers? Yes or No?

10. According to a study at Seaton-Hall University, how long does the average extra-marital affair usually last? Would it be six months or twelve months?

Please print this page and write down your answers. Then to check your answers, please visit:

This week let's discuss how overdoing it, when it comes to playing hard to get around women, can backfire.
I'm a firm believer in playing hard to get, making yourself a catch, and being elusive. This is important to do, but you can carry it too far. If you overdo it, a girl may start to decide that you are not interested in women in general or her specifically, or that you are asexual, or that you are uninteresting.
Playing hard to get is more an art than a science. You can't define exactly how to play each situation, but rather, have to take all the factors into consideration and play it the way you feel is best. You must make sure that you come off as being interested, but not over anxious; highly sexual, but still deciding; very open and approachable, but tough to nail down. Make sure that you don't come off as being a tease.
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The main thing is that girls enjoy men that they have to chase and seduce, and are suspicious of men who are over anxious. Make it tough for her, but not impossible. Be elusive, but don't make her suspect you are gay.

Try these pick up lines:

“Didn’t I used to pull your ponytail way back in grammar school?”

“I seem to have lost my phone number. Do you mind if I borrow yours?”

“Wasn’t it you who pinched me way back in the third grade?”

“Are you a kleptomaniac or did you just steal my heart on purpose when I first laid eyes on you?”

“Hi! There’s a real nice coffee shop just around the corner. Let’s go have a cup of coffee and get acquainted.”

I would like to share some valuable information on how to get topless dancers to go home with you:
These are just some simple strategies to lure her away from the club when she gets off. It's really a lot like fishing. You will be baiting your hook and hopefully she will bite on it and you can reel her in.
Here are a few suggestions to bait your hook with:
Ask her out for breakfast or dinner, then suggest coming over to your place to party and have some fun.
Invite her over for a "Hot tub party." If you don't have a hot tub, I would suggest that you invest in one. Why? Take it from me, there's just something about laying in a hot tub sipping champagne or margaritas that makes topless dancers lose their inhibitions. Don't be surprised either if she goes topless or even nude in the hot tub.
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Can you just imagine yourself in your hot tub with a naked topless dancer? Just keep feeding her champagne or margaritas and make your move. You should be able to score if she's attracted to you or so drunk she doesn't know what she's doing. If she passes out, whatever you do not try to have sex with her. In some states you could be charged with rape if she's aware that you've had sex with her or attempted to rape her.
Invite her over for a massage. You really need to know what you're doing though to seduce her with your hands. If you're really good at it she will become like putty in your hands. She's yours for the taking! So, how do you become an expert masseuse and give erotic and sensual massage? Simply order our "How to Massage a Woman Book - Item #020" and you will become an expert at seducing topless dancers with your hands.
Ask her if she would like to go for a ride down to the beach. To pull this off, it really helps if you have a convertible sports car, Corvette, jeep that you can take the top off of, luxury cars like a Lexus, or sports car with T-tops. Topless dancers love sports cars and riding with the top down or T-tops off. Then after you have hung out at the beach, you can ask her to come over to your place.
P.S. Don't forget to bring your swim trunks in case you go for a swim. If you're lucky, maybe you can talk her into a skinny dip. Also, bring your cooler with beer, canned mix drinks, or even ice down a bottle of cha

mpagne (don't forget the glasses).

I went a saw the movie Black Swann to see what all the fuss was about. It's a very disturbing movie that just draws you in and you can't keep your eyes off the movie. Do not take your children to see this. Very well acted with oscar performances. I'd see it was that good for me.

P.S. If you take a date keep in mind that there are very graphic lesbian scenes that might offend your date.

Work Up To It

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It can be difficult to gaze into a woman's eyes for some men. To get used to making eye contact, focus your gaze a little below or between her eyes. For a few seconds look into the pupils, and smile. To ease the tension, look into one eye at a time. To relax, let your gaze travel over the features of the face: the lips, cheeks, nose, ears and hair. After a few moments, go back to looking at her right in the

From time to time, ask yourself, "Where are my eyes?" Out of habit, you may find your gaze has drifted onto the floor or out in the audience. Increase the amount of time that you experience direct eye contact. As you become more practiced, you'll be able to look directly into her eyes without even being conscious that you're doing

Be cautious lest your eye gestures be misunderstood. Avoiding eye contact can make both parties feel uncomfortable. If you avert your eyes out of shyness, you may be interpreted as saying, "I'm dishonest" or "I'm ashamed" or "I'm not interested in you." Too much eye contact is as bad as too little. It's impolite to stare.

As a cultural rule, a man should not look steadily at a woman for longer than a few
seconds - unless she gives him license with a smile, a backward glance, or a direct meeting of eyes. When a man gazes without smiling, women may think, "He's looking right through me." If you narrow your eyes in a frown, you may inadvertently be saying, "I'm suspicious." If you roll your eyes upward, she could think you are yawning, "Ho hum!" If you glare at a woman under arched eyebrows, most women will hear you growl: "I'm angry."

They say the eyes are the mirrors to the soul. And you can use the power of your eyes to influence single women to be attracted to you. You can even literally seduce single women with your eyes. Follow these guidelines to use your eyes to capture the hearts of single sexy women for love, sex, and romance:
Use your eyes to attract single women. Gaze into her eyes as you smile at her. It will make your message much more personal. When you see single women who look interesting, turn toward them and let your gaze linger a little longer. A suggestion of a wink while you're smiling gives an unmistakable come-hither look.
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In conversation, look into the eyes of the woman you're talking with. Direct eye contact says, "I'm listening. I want to hear more." To show agreement and interest, occasionally raise and lower your eyebrows. When she's talking, listen with your eyes as well as your ears. If you look away, you may signify, "I'm bored" or "I don't agree." The result will usually be a short and unfulfilling conversation. However, to look away while speaking is natural. It's a sign that the topic is being shifted or that thoughts are being collected. A pause while glancing away usually means an uncompleted thought, signaling, "I haven't finished. Don't interrupt."