This week let's discuss how overdoing it, when it comes to playing hard to get around women, can backfire.
I'm a firm believer in playing hard to get, making yourself a catch, and being elusive. This is important to do, but you can carry it too far. If you overdo it, a girl may start to decide that you are not interested in women in general or her specifically, or that you are asexual, or that you are uninteresting.
Playing hard to get is more an art than a science. You can't define exactly how to play each situation, but rather, have to take all the factors into consideration and play it the way you feel is best. You must make sure that you come off as being interested, but not over anxious; highly sexual, but still deciding; very open and approachable, but tough to nail down. Make sure that you don't come off as being a tease.
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The main thing is that girls enjoy men that they have to chase and seduce, and are suspicious of men who are over anxious. Make it tough for her, but not impossible. Be elusive, but don't make her suspect you are gay.