If  I  Stand Around  Long Enough  Maybe Something  Will Happen

Nothing  could be farther from the truth. Waiting around  for something  to  happen  will  most  likely accomplish  nothing. This will  produce little action, if any at all. I just can't tell you how  many  night's  I've  wasted  at nightclubs  just  waiting for something to happen,  that is until  I wised up.  If you wait for a woman  to  approach  you  and  strike up a conversation, sometimes you will be waiting all night. You have  got to  take the  initiative and  create your  own action, it's not  going to come to you out  of the clear blue sky.

Party Animals

This girl really likes to party, drinks heavily and loves to get high on drugs.  Is this good for you?  It can be to your advantage because of her being a free spirit she may go party with you after she gets off work.   She's not likely to just party with any guy.  She's got to be attracted to you and feel safe with you.

If all you do all night is make sexual advances towards her, it's unlikely she will go party with you.  These girls are just like any other normal girl in that they don't want to be used for sex.

So many men get the wrong impression about topless dancers.  They think that just because she takes her clothes off in front of men that she will be an easy lay.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I know their occupation is considered sleazy, but the girls do have their dignity.

The party animal is one of the most fun to be with.  She's very open-minded and very friendly.  Your chances of getting a date with this type of dancer is more favorable too.  If you do date her, don't be the possessive and jealous type.  She may date a lot of men, being that she's loose and carefree and loves to party.  You're going to have a problem with this if you're the jealous type, so be forewarned!  If you determine that she's the party animal type, this should be your strategy: Buy her drinks and get her loaded.  She will be more receptive to your advances.  If she's loaded enough she may even give you free table dances.  If not, perhaps you could negotiate a buy one get one free offer.

TIP- If she's loaded, always ask her to show you her bush while she's dancing.  Being that she's drunk, she just may do it for you.  When a dancer is loaded she may do things she would not normally do.  Always remember this and use it to your advantage.

Probably the biggest mistake that men make in understanding women is underestimating just how important sex is to women. It is easy to see, however, how men would fail to recognize sex as being a major motivation to women. It has always been socially acceptable for men to desire sex, and even to be open to others about their desires. A woman who lusted for sex as considered a whore or slut. Women were even afraid to admit to themselves that they had desires because of feelings of guilt that society heaped upon them.

Thus, the female sexual desire is not something that has been talked about openly, and for this reason men have been lulled into thinking that since it is not talked about much, it must not be a very strong motive in women.

The fact of the matter is that female sexual desire does exist. And, it exists in women every bit as strongly as it exists in men. We will go so far as to say that the real, unspoken motive behind the women's movement was sexual freedom. Not freedom to have sex necessarily, but that it is okay for women to admit that they enjoy it, and want it, and have it with more than one man if they want. The women's movement was saying, "Hey, we enjoy sex just as much as men do, and that shouldn't be a sin. We are tired of the double standard."

And that is what has happened. Women now realize that it's okay to enjoy sex and they are out looking for it. Sex is something that women can enjoy too - not just a dutiful obligation to a male dominated society.

Bad Vocabulary Habits That Can Cost You Dates With Single Women

I would like to focus this week on some vocabulary habits that can turn single women off and hurt your chances for getting women attracted to you for love and romance.
Some women will judge you by how you talk to them and what you say. Unfortunately some men have a very small vocabulary and use certain words over and over again between sentences that can become very annoying to women.
What are these words that men mistakenly repeat over and over that are a source of annoyment and can actually make you appear to be stupid because you lack a vocabulary? Here are the main ones and you must try to eliminate them from you vocabulary when speaking to single women:

  • "'you know"
  • "you know what I mean?"
  • "you know what I'm saying?"
  • "do you understand what I'm saying?"
  • using the word "like" to begin a sentence
  • "I know that"
  • "I already knew that"
  • "umm"
  • "yep"
  • "nope"
  • "and dah"
These phrases are ok to use every once in awhile. What I'm talking about is repeating these phases in almost every other sentence. I'm sure you know people that have these annoying conversation habits.

Maybe this is even you?

Also, I might add that you should never use cuss words in your conversation when you first get to know a woman. If she's offended by foul language, this can turn her off to the point that she will have no interest in dating you.
Please don't mumble your words either. Speak clearly and don't talk with your hand over your mouth. And of course, if you're out on a lunch or dinner date, don't talk with your mouth full.
P.S. - In all fairness, if the girl you're with makes these same vocabulary blunders you do, then you will share something in common and your blunders are not likely to turn her off.

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