This is an excellent way to meet hot, sexy female tourists and these tours have some lonely attractive females.

Every major city has walking or bus tours. Cities on the water usually have boat tours of some type. Check the yellow pages under "tours" to find out information on the tours. Sign up for one of the tours on the weekend.

Meeting these women on a tour is easy as pie. All you've got to do for openers is to make a comment on what the tour guide is showing you. Also, it would really be a good idea to bring a polaroid camera along with you so you can take a picture of her to take back home with her.

After the tour is completed, ask her if you can take her on a personal guided tour of some unique places in the city. Being that you live there, I'm sure you can think of some great places to take her.

So why not try this method of meeting women. It's a uniquely different way of meeting women and some of the tours are very interesting. The atmosphere is great and the people are relaxed and friendly.

In a speculative approach you ask questions and expect the girl to give answers or discuss a subject. You are conveying the impression that you really are interested in finding out something and that was the reason you approached her. In some cases you appear serious in your interest. In others, your interest is not to be taken too seriously; it is merely a play to start a conversation and you expect her to recognize this.


"What do you think of...?" (You are in a "waiting" situation with her. Any
good topic is suitable. It helps if you are reading a newspaper or magazine.)

"Well, what's new around here today?"

"Hey, you must be tired from walking around so much. Why not sit down for a spell and tell me what you've been up to?"

"Are you a dancer? You move like one." (Quizzical look while asking; but only use this if she, in fact, moves gracefully).

"Hey, where are you rushing off to?"

"I see you are a ..." (or "I see you have ...") Refer to some feature about her which should require some additional explanation from her. We have already mentioned the use of this type of line in a casual way. But in this situation we mean that you should use the line more as a question that really requires an answer.

Women, like diamonds, are where you find them. The most obvious place for a man to go when he wants to meet a woman is out to a single's bar. But our observations have shown us that it is a particular type of woman looking for a particular type of man at the bar scene. We have found that if you are not the "macho" type, then your chance of success at a singles bar is probably not going to be very high.

So where do you go to meet women? Everywhere else:

At work - If you are in school and are looking for a part time or summer job, choose jobs where you'll be around a lot of women. The insurance industry hires almost 95% women. Restaurants hire a lot of women. You will run into a lot of women working at a grocery store.

At school - Some academic majors attract many more women than other. Sociology, psychology, art, and the languages for example. A friend told us that since he was majoring in engineering. He never met girls at class, so each term he always took an easy course in psychology or sociology just to meet girls.

At play - Take up tennis, jogging, biking, join a health club or a hiking club, and frequent the local pool. It makes no difference what it is, as long as women do it too. Someone told us that he joined an exercise class and the odds were 23 women to 3 men.

At the store - Grocery shopping, at the book store, at the library, at the department store. In other words, everywhere you go should become an opportunity to meet women.

Be open and ready for anything. No matter where you are at work, at school, at play, the store, be at your best and ready to meet someone. Even if you are not particularly interested in a girl, if she notices you, respond, smile, and say, "Hi." If nothing else, it is good practice. Go thru the routine of meeting her and responding to her. 1) She may have friends 2) It's good practice and after all, realistically, every girl is practice, and 3) It is important to get used to what it is like to be found attractive in order to develop the perception to read women's signals.

Before you'll be meeting new topless dancers, take an inventory of the things that are important to you, and that you'd like to talk about. What are you excited about now? What changes are taking place in your life? What have been the most important events or people in your life? What future plans are you most enthusiastic about? Why do you feel the way you do about things? What are your concerns? What is your vision for the future? What are your likes and preferences?

The answers to these questions tell her how you relate to the world around you. Be specific, so that your conversational partner gets a lot of free information to pick up on. Communicate your enthusiasm. Disclose some of your feelings and values.

Another technique to use is what I call the old "air mattress technique." Here is how it works: Sit your ice chest on the edge of the pool to where you have access to it while laying on your air mattress.

Now, get on your air mattress with a can of beer or mixed drink in hand (I might add that it would be a good idea to try and keep your hair dry. This way you'll look more attractive. A person with wet hair is not very eye-appealing). Maneuver your air mattress around the pool and park it across from a female near the pool. Then just simply remark, "You sure are getting a nice tan today." This breaks the ice and then follow up with, "I've got an extra air mattress. Would you like to join me?"

This technique will really work for you successfully and I highly recommend that you try it. Also, if there are other females in the pool on air mattresses, pull up beside them and feed them the same opening lines.

A Casual Approach (Can Be Humorous)

This is the low-key approach. No need to apologize, no big deal. It should be used when some small amount of common experience has been established, such as when a girl smiles and gives some encouragement to you. Or when you are waiting together for something. Or, if you have a humorous observation to make to the girl about herself, you, or any situation nearby. It is also a good follow-up approach after a request for help.


"Hey! Where're you going?" (Said in a teasing manner).

"Is it O.K. if we walk along together?"

"Say! If I bet someone that I could get you to stop and talk to me, would I lose my bet?"

"Now there's a pretty picture," (dramatically, referring to the girl).

"Do you mind if I ask you something?" (pause) "If I'm real nice, if I'm a perfect gentleman, would you let me walk along with you?" (Or sit with you).

"It looks like you are (or have) ..." (Then comment on some obvious thing about the girl in a casual way).

Any humorous opening line is effective in a casual situation. Joking references to shortcomings in public services, transportation systems or any other commonly known feature are ideal. A good joke about any subject will work. TV and radio are a good source for humorous material.

Once, a friend approached us for advice. He worked with a lot of girls and two of them acted quite friendly towards him. One of the girls was attractive; the other was in his word, "beautiful." He was attracted to both of them, but he wondered if he should make his play for the beauty or play it safe with the other. He was even a little afraid that the beauty was out of his league.

Our advice was that if he made his first play for the beauty he would lose in both cases. The beauty obviously gets many offers. By coming on to her he would only establish himself as being no different than anyone else, and he would get as far as anyone else - nowhere. If he then went for the less attractive girl after getting turned down by the beauty, she would be saying, "You come around now after striking out with her. No thanks." We told him to make his first play for the less attractive girl - ask her out, be friendly with her at work. Our prediction was that this would shock the beauty so much that she would start pursuing him.

Three weeks later we saw him. He was so excited that he could hardly talk. "It happened just the way you said.” He told us. He was now dating the beauty and she had admitted that what attracted her was that everyone else "comes on" to her, but he hadn't. Not only that, but she was very effected by the other girl being so attracted to him. She had gotten jealous, and went out to get him.

This is a great example of reading a situation and picking the right woman according to the odds of success, and not just by primeval instincts. Even if the beauty had not come around, he would have been successful with the other girl. She would be amazed because he had pursued her, and not the beauty like every other guy. One course of action was a no win situation, the other had higher odds of success with both girls.

But actually this example gets a little ahead of ourselves. Most men don't have the problem of which two women to pick from. Surprisingly though, most men do have a problem in that they don't know how to pick a woman to pursue. Often, their choices of women is a cause of their failures. They are looking in the wrong places, picking the wrong women, and never even getting to first base. And this is a big problem that a lot of men are not even aware of.

Ask Her Open-Ended Questions

Some questions require only a yes/no or other short answer. Those are called "closed-ended" questions. The topless dancer answers. Then, unless more information is volunteered, the conversation goes nowhere. Generally, you elicit more interesting responses with "open-ended" questions. These essay-type questions encourage her to reveal facts, opinions, feelings. Focus on open-ended questions, which often start with "How....?" "Why....?" and "What?" If you ask closed-ended questions, you can invite the person to elaborate by following with questions like: "In what way?" "For example?" "How do you mean?"

Open-ended questions that often lead to rich conversations include:

"How did you get into this field?"
"Why did you decide to move here?"
"What do you like to do on your days off?"

This is one of the greatest places to pick up women. I'm going to be talking mainly about apartment swimming pools.

Here's the techniques I used successfully to meet women at the pool:

You're going to need some very important equipment. Your appearance is very important and you want to make a good impression upon entering the pool area. I would suggest wearing a pair of stylish swimming trunks. Gentleman's Quarterly, Penthouse and Playboy magazines offer some good examples. Undergear catalog offers a real good selection (call 1-800-854-2795 and request a catalog). Also, I'd suggest wearing some nice thongs, sun glasses, an unusual hat, and a Hawaiian or surfer shirt. The idea is to create that refined look and not to look like a bum.

Your most important item to bring with you is your ice chest. Stock it with an assortment of liquor. I'd suggest some beer, wine, coke, and pre-made mixed drinks that come in cans you can purchase at your local liquor store. Don't forget the plastic bar glasses! Also bring your inflatable air mattress and an extra one if possible, and a good-sounding radio.

OK, now you're looking the part and you've got all your attraction ammunition with you. Let's take it step by step using these proven techniques:

You've entered the pool area. Make a complete circle around the pool to check out the available women. While you're walking and you catch the eye of a female, instantly remark, "Hi" or "Hello" or "It sure is a pretty day isn't it?" If you get a response, keep walking and make a circle and come back to her. When you return ask her, "Can I join you?" Most likely she won't mind. Introduce yourself and offer her a drink. Turn on your radio and ask her if there's any particular station she would like to listen to. To establish some physical contact, ask her to rub some sun tan oil on your back. If you've played your cards right and turned on your charm and conversational skills, you should be on your way.

This is the no-nonsense approach. You tell her you want to meet her and go right to doing so. If you use this opening approach you should apologize first for taking the liberty. Examples:

"Excuse me, but I saw you walking by a moment ago (or a while ago) and I decided right then that I just had to meet you."

"Hi! I hope you don't mind my saying hello to you. I've really never met you, but if we waited for someone to introduce us, we would never meet. My name is…"

"You know, I'd like to meet you." (pause) "I wish we were at a party. Then I could come right up and introduce myself." (Pause as if thinking) "I know, let's pretend we are at a party. Hi, my name is ...What's yours?"

"Excuse me, but do you mind if I join you?" If the girl has no objections, this is fine. But if she seems embarrassed and uncomfortable, or if she says "No," you should back off a bit. You can say, "You know, I'm sorry for coming on strong like this. I hope I haven't embarrassed you too much, but I really would like to meet you, and I couldn't think of any other way." This should give her a chance to reconsider. If she doesn't invite you to join her then, you can try a little small talk and then ask her again.

With all these examples you should be ready with some "filler" talk to kill any awkward silences until the girl accepts the idea of your approaching her.

At the risk of redundancy, we would like to repeat that if you do nothing else, be seen with women. Don't ever underestimate the effect that it will have with how women perceive you. Women are always willing to take another woman's word for it. In other words, "Gee, if she finds him attractive, he must be a hot item."

The reverse is also true. You may think it is noble when the girls of your dreams comes along to let her know that you have been waiting for her alone at home, but that's not how she's going to see it. Women are going to perceive someone who is not involved with other women as being boring. After all, if he isn't involved with other women, he must not have anything going for him.

Before we go on to the next chapter, we want to touch on the person, improve. And that the only thing that should change is not you, but your image. Your image should change to more honestly portray the real you. And it should portray you in a way that women find attractive.

People are also very resistant to any suggestion that they be phony, or try to be something they are not. We hear people say, "If I have to be something I'm not, then I'm not interested," or, "You just have to be yourself, and that should be good enough." This type of attitude is nothing more than an excuse for laziness. These people are playing games with semantics because they don't want to admit that like everything else in life, you have to work at being successful with women.

We are advocating that you improve yourself to be more attractive to women. There are hundreds of "self-improvement" books on the market today, and if that tells us one thing, it tells us that improving one's self is accepted behavior.

What to Say to Her Next

After you've introduced yourself to a topless dancer and exchanged names, in most social situations you can make a remark in which you do two things:

1. Pay her a compliment. Express something you like about what she is doing, wearing or saying. The feeling you seek to convey is, "I'm positive. I support you. You can relax with me."

2. Ask a question. It should be related to the compliment you just gave. Your underlying message: "I'm interested in getting to know you better." For example, you might say: "Those are beautiful earrings. Are they handcrafted?" or "You sure are a good dancer. How did you learn all those sexy moves?"

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Deep in their primal brains is the message center for sex. And this message center is stimulated by the scent of pheromones.

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They offer activities such as racquetball, swimming, tennis, whirlpools, saunas, and exercise. These offer excellent opportunities for meeting women. All you have to do is ask her to join you in a game of racquetball or even challenge her to a race across the pool. The saunas and whirlpools are hot spots too. Just imagine yourself relaxing in a whirlpool filled with hot and sexy women. Think of the possibilities!

Another advantage which you'll like is, being that the women are scantily dressed in their exercise suits or bathing suits, you can get an unobstructed idea of what they'd look like with those few impediments off.

A final word in selecting a health club. Be sure and shop around and check out their facilities. A majority of the clubs will give you a free trial day. This way you can check out the women in these clubs and what kind of set up there is for meeting them.

In conclusion, I'd like to mention, you'd be surprised how many women join these clubs just to meet men. Keep this in mind when you become a member, even though it is going to be a little expensive. Believe me, you'll get your moneys worth!

Opening lines present some difficulties. You are approaching someone you know nothing about and trying to get something going. Your obvious predicament is that you are trying to find, or establish, a subject of common interest to give you and the girl a reason to be talking together.

You can usually do this by one of these seven approaches:

1. Ask for help.
2. An honest (usually apologetic) approach.
3. A casual (or humorous) approach.
4. A speculative approach (asking questions to get her opinion).
5. A direct approach.
6. Use a compliment.
7. Offer help, or service.

Sometimes you may use two or more of these approaches by starting with one, and following up with another. In fact, throughout the whole operation of a pick-up, you should be ready to change your approach if the one you are using is not working.

HINT #1 - Don't be moody, boring, dull, or too serious. Women want men to lift their spirits - not drown them.

HINT #2 - Be happy and positive about yourself. It will rub off on her.

HINT #3 - If a girl comes over to your house, don't just say, "Oh hi. Come on in." Better to say, "Hi! Come in. Here, sit down. Can I get you something? Would you like a drink? Some tea? Let me show you the pictures I took at the beach last weekend." In other words, be moving. Be vibrant and enthusiastic about her, yourself, and the moment you are in.


- Besides being seen with women, it is important to be seen with people in general. If people see you with lots of friends, they will conclude that you are an enjoyable, positive person that must possess a charm that attracts others.