No More Just Friends...

Are you always the friend, never the lover? As soon you become close to a single woman, she finds another guy to be her boyfriend?

It's easy to change "just friends" into much, much more. Simply stop waiting around for the woman to make the first move. Let your close single woman friend(s) know that you want more from your relationship (for example: seduction, intimacy, romance!). Put the idea into her head that you want to be intimate. You have to stop spending lots of time with women -- becoming close, sharing secrets, being the confidante -- but not getting what YOU want.

Okay, you have the woman in mind. You're ready to make the change. It's time to surprise her. If you usually get together at the local pizzeria, invite her out for a cozy dinner at a real restaurant. If she usually comes over to your house to talk about her problems, when she gets there, make sure you have some sensuous music on, candlelight, and a bottle of wine nearby.

Be assertive; make sure this woman knows what's available right in front of her eyes before she starts searching for the next "bad boy" who'll break her heart. No more "Mr. Nice Guy." This time, you're going to be someone's lover. Go for it!

This article was contributed by Deb Levine, author of "The Joy of CyberSex."

TIP #1 - Yes, sexy single women are attracted sexually and romantically to men with nice bodies and having a fit body usually means that you take care of yourself and take pride in your body.

However, there's one way that fitness can backfire on you and actually cause women to lose interest in you. Let me explain...if you are an exercise freak and your whole life revolves around body building and all you can talk about is your body and exercising, this can turn off women who don't share your enthusiasm. Due to your obsession with yourself, they may even think you are self-centered and stuck on yourself.

All I'm saying is you can have a nice body, but focus all your attention on the woman you're with. Your body will speak for itself, you don't have to constantly call attention to it. You don't have to cram your exercising and fitness lifestyle down a woman's throat unless you both are consumed with fitness.

TIP #2 - Keep your fingernails and toenails short and clean. Women notice things like dirty or long fingernails and toenails. It may surprise you, but a woman may not even date you because of unsightly fingernails or toenails.

TIP #3 - If you have gray or graying hair, leave it alone! Don't dye it or cover it up! Most single women are very attracted to men with gray or graying hair. They think it looks sexy and distinguished.

TIP #4 - If you have a moustache, be sure and keep it short and neatly trimmed. Women are turned off by long moustaches that invade their nostrils during kissing. Also, keep it clean and don't let it collect food.

TIP #5 - Here's another problem that can turn some single women off.
It's your nose hair and ear hair. As you get older these hairs grow like a weed and can become unsightly to some women. Trim your nose hairs and when you get a hair cut and have your stylist clip the hair out of your ears.

In closing, be aware that single women notice little things about your appearance that you may not even be aware of or things you may not consider important. The name of the game is attracting sexy single women and you certainly don't want them to be turned off by some flaw in your looks which you can easily correct.

How to Conquer Women

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How to Talk to Women

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 Now I will teach you the art ofconversation after you have made contact with a woman. Let me tell you what not to do first. Don't make the mistake of coming on with a lot of B.S. about yourself. Don't try to make a big impression by bragging about yourself or your material possessions. The trick to the whole art of conversation is becoming interested in her rather than trying to get her interested in you.
People aren't interested in you. They are interested in themselves - morning, noon, and night. This is an important fact to remember. After all, why should she be interested in you unless you are interested in her first.

It is very important that when you're talking to a woman that you face her and look her squarely in the eyes. When talking or listening to her, don't look off to the side or at the ground. Maintain constant eye contact. This gives her a feeling that you care about what she has to say.

During your conversation encourage her to talk about herself, her career, and accomplishments in life. Find out the things she's really into such as sports, cooking, hobbies, art, music, etc. and really zero in on these subjects. This will make her feel closer to you while she's pouring her heart out about her favorite subjects. Just concentrate on talking about herself and forget about yourself. While she's talking, acknowledge her with statements like, "Oh yea", "Is that so?", "Wow", "You're kidding." Also, while talk­ing to her, wear a pleasant smile on your face.

To sum it up, the secret to getting a woman to fall in love with you is to talk to a woman about herself. Try it and see how she will rattle on and on talking about herself.

Negative Signs That a Topless Dancer
is Not Interested In You

1. You lean towards her and she leans back away from you.
2. She starts turning away from you.
3. She doesn't make eye contact with you.
4. She folds her arms across her chest.
5. Double crosses her legs at the ankle.
6. She touches her nose often while she's with you.
7. A limp or hanging hand can indicate boredom with you.
8. When talking to you, her eyes keep glancing at other guys in the club. She's probably keeping her eye out for her next customer.
9. She makes no effort to talk to you. She doesn't reply to any of your comments, doesn't answer your questions, and doesn't ask any questions about yourself. Unless she just doesn't feel good or is moody this could indicate that she's not interested in you and you will be wasting your time.

In closing, always keep your objective in mind and that is to divert her attention from trying to make money off of you. Her objective is to try and make some money and turn you into a customer. Your objective is to turn on your charm and get her interested in you as a friend, then as a lover.

When to Ask for a Date

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If possible, avoid asking a girl out for the first time for a Friday or Saturday night.

1. The odds of her being busy are high so she may have to turn you down, which creates bad vibes right off.
2. It tells her that you don't have a date for the weekend with someone else so you may have trouble getting dates.
3. The weekend implies formal dating, so the pressure is on.
4. If you do get the date, she may have to turn down other offers because of her commitment to you, and go into the evening regretting having to turn down others. After all, she has no way of knowing whether she is going to have a good time with you or not.

On the other hand, if you ask her out during the week:

1. You imply that you are busy on the weekend. In other words, you are involved with other girls.
2. The odds of her being available are greater.
3. Weeknights imply casual - no pressure, a good atmosphere to get to know her.

4. You have turned a dull weeknight into a good time for her - good vibes right off the bat.