No More Just Friends...

Are you always the friend, never the lover? As soon you become close to a single woman, she finds another guy to be her boyfriend?

It's easy to change "just friends" into much, much more. Simply stop waiting around for the woman to make the first move. Let your close single woman friend(s) know that you want more from your relationship (for example: seduction, intimacy, romance!). Put the idea into her head that you want to be intimate. You have to stop spending lots of time with women -- becoming close, sharing secrets, being the confidante -- but not getting what YOU want.

Okay, you have the woman in mind. You're ready to make the change. It's time to surprise her. If you usually get together at the local pizzeria, invite her out for a cozy dinner at a real restaurant. If she usually comes over to your house to talk about her problems, when she gets there, make sure you have some sensuous music on, candlelight, and a bottle of wine nearby.

Be assertive; make sure this woman knows what's available right in front of her eyes before she starts searching for the next "bad boy" who'll break her heart. No more "Mr. Nice Guy." This time, you're going to be someone's lover. Go for it!

This article was contributed by Deb Levine, author of "The Joy of CyberSex."