There is a movie called, "Magic Mike" which starts tomorrow. Be sure and take a date to see this movie. Why? Because it is a movie about male strippers and when she sees these hot guys stripping it is going to get her in the mood for sex after the movie.

These are the topless dancers right out of the pages of Playboy that you would die for and the kind of bodies men drool over. I'm sure when you look at these girls you have all kinds of fantasies and your hormones are raging out of control. Can you score with these dancers? Yes. Will it be easy? No. You're going to have to have something these dancers want and need. And what can that be? Material things, money, gifts, trips, something to further her career, cars, pay her rent, etc.

Will she date you if you have a lot of charm, good personality, and good looks or average looks, but not a man of financial means or material things to offer? Well, maybe. The main thing is to give it your best effort to get a date with these centerfolds. So what if you get rejected. It's not the end of the world. Just move on to the next beautiful playmate. Just look at it as a numbers game. The more times you come to bat, the more chances you have to hit a home run.

While you  are cruising the  nightclub, keep your flirting eyes out for  the woman  that is  alone. She is usually the easiest  to meet and attract.  She is there for a reason and you can be the lucky man to fulfill that reason.
Also while walking, keep  that sexy-looking gleam in your eye. Literally try to melt women with your eyes. If you make eye contact with  a woman, make sure you give her a friendly smile and if she is close enough to you, simply  say,  "Hi."  That  is  all it  takes and with practice it will come easy.
If  you make eye contact with some woman across the way from you and she turns away, don't give up on  her. Try  to make eye contact again and smile at her. If she smiles  back,  approach her  immediately!  This is an opportunity that must not be passed up because it's an open  invitation for  you to  come over  and introduce yourself or ask her to dance.
Whatever you  do, don't stare  at a woman.  This is impolite and nobody likes to be  stared at. Just look at her long enough to make it quite clear that you see her  and  then  immediately  look away.  What you are saying with your  eyes when you  look at her this  way  is,  "I  know you  are there  and I  would not dream of invading  your privacy.  Just keep  looking at her off and on until you establish some meaningful eye contact and exchange smiles.
So, there you have it, the art of flirting. What  really  amazes  me  is  these guys at the nightclubs that don't  even flirt with women.  They just stare into space or look down at the floor. If they do accidently catch the eye  of a woman, they look  away as quickly as possible and let  it go at that. They  just don't  know what  they are  missing and  what they are missing out on is meeting women the easy way.
So  my  friend,  if  you're  like this, make it a point to  stop staring  into space  and start flirting with women. Flirt with every woman in sight. It's a lot of fun  and  you  will  be  attracting and meeting more women than ever before.

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A girl sitting on a park bench, in a restaurant or bar, lying on the beach, or in any other similar "stationary" situation, is engaged in a recreational activity, and can easily be approached by a man (in a friendly way), saying, "Excuse me, but do you mind if I join you?"

The girl can simply say, "I'm-sorry, but I'm waiting for someone," if she is not interested. Such pick-ups are among the easiest to make. In fact, I am sure that girls in such situations are expecting (and probably hoping for) men to approach them. But they are ready to use the “waiting for someone" excuse if they do not fancy the man approaching them. It is really quite a painless rejection for both the girl and the man.

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It is amazing that many men think nothing of approaching a girl at a party, but would be afraid to approach a girl in a park, restaurant, or beach in the manner described.

TIP #1 - People go on dates to have a good time, not to be serious.

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TIP #2 - Add imagination and romance to your dates. Do things slightly different than the norm. Instead of just having dinner at your place, have a candlelight dinner with flowers on the table. Go to see classic films. Spend an afternoon at the museum. In other words, try to set yourself apart from all of the other guys. It's easy to tell what she is used to doing on dates - out to a movie, to dinner, to a party. So avoid the same old thing, or add a slight variation to what she is used to. She will remember it.

TIP #3 - End the date before she does. When you first start dating, it is important to avoid that awkward time when it is getting late and she finally has to announce that it is time for her to go home. When the evening is still going well and still on an "up note," announce that you "...hate to end the evening because you've had such a great time, but it is getting late and..." This is going to surprise her because most guys hang on until the bitter end hoping that by some miracle they will end up in bed with her.

By ending the date before she does, you:

1. Set yourself apart.

2. Continue to maintain control over her and the evening.

3. Make yourself hard to get.

4. Suggest that you aren't desperate for action, therefore there must be other girls in your life and she is going to have to work harder to catch you.

This girl really likes to party, drinks heavily and loves to get high on drugs. Is this good for you? It can be to your advantage because of her being a free spirit she may go party with you after she gets off work. She's not likely to just party with any guy. She's got to be attracted to you and feel safe with you.

If all you do all night is make sexual advances towards her, it's unlikely she will go party with you. These girls are just like any other normal girl in that they don't want to be used for sex.

So many men get the wrong impression about topless dancers. They think that just because she takes her clothes off in front of men that she will be an easy lay. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know their occupation is considered sleazy, but the girls do have their dignity.

The party animal is one of the most fun to be with. She's very open-minded and very friendly. Your chances of getting a date with this type of dancer is more favorable too. If you do date her, don't be the possessive and jealous type. She may date a lot of men, being that she's loose and carefree and loves to party. You're going to have a problem with this if you're the jealous type, so be forewarned! If you determine that she's the party animal type, this should be your strategy: Buy her drinks and get her loaded. She will be more receptive to your advances. If she's loaded enough she may even give you free table dances. If not, perhaps you could negotiate a buy one get one free offer.

TIP- If she's loaded, always ask her to show you her bush while she's dancing. Being that she's drunk, she just may do it for you. When a dancer is loaded she may do things she would not normally do. Always remember this and use it to your advantage.

One of the best places to stand is by the dance floor, especially if you dance. It's even better if the path to the womens restroom goes right by the dance floor. There are women who purposely stand around the dance floor to get asked to dance. This makes it quite easy to ask them to dance or make contact from there. Also, some women like to get a table near the dance floor so they can be asked to dance. I consider the area around the dance floor in clubs the best place to make contact.

Another area that is excellent is around the entrance to the ladies restroom. Every woman will go the restroom at least once and many times if she's drinking a lot. It's usually not a good idea to approach them before they go into the restroom because they are usually in a hurry to relieve themselves. There is a way around this though, by simply saying, "Can I talk to you when you come out of the restroom?" Normally it is better to approach them when they are coming out of the restroom.

Try these pick up lines guys:
1. “Do you mind if I take a picture of you?” (If she says yes, take her picture and ask for her telephone number to notify her when they get developed so you can give her a copy.)
2. “If I follow you home, will you keep me?”
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3. When you are in your canoe on a river or lake, go along the bank where a pretty girl is and say, “Would you like to go for a ride on my yacht?”
4. “Hi. The voices I heard in my head told me to come right over and talk to you.”
5. “I’d like to be your Romeo. Would you be my Juliet?”

This FIRST PHASE starts with your attracting the girl's attention, and is complete when you have introduced your self and started some continuing conversation. It doesn't matter how foolish you feel, or how corny your line, even if you seem to have offended or embarrassed the girl; if she is still there, listening to you, you have been successful. In the second phase you can put everything right. You have met the girl; that is what counts.

Girls can be picked up in two distinct situations: Moving and Stationary. Moving situations occur when a girl is walking, cycling, skating or driving somewhere and has to be stopped. Stationary situations occur when the girl is sitting, standing or lying somewhere and can be approached by the man. A girl who is "stationary", but obviously busy (e.g., a salesgirl serving a customer) is in something like a "moving" situation. You must either wait for her to finish her activity or interrupt it.

The important point is that the FIRST PHASE approaches differ in Moving and Stationary situations.

TIP #1 - If you are at a party and are not fitting in or no one is showing any particular interest in you, leave. By leaving, you show you have better things to do. By staying, you build an image of being a boring chump willing to sit in the corner alone.

TIP #2 - Never hang out at bars obviously just waiting for a pick up. You can develop the ability to do a quick walk-through and tell if anything is going to happen. If there are no vibes, leave. If you stay, you look like just another guy on the make.

TIP #3 - If a girl is not interested in you, stop showing an interest in her. You are wasting your time and hers.

Now all of this may sound quite harsh, but let's face it - everyone will not fit in everywhere, and every girl you meet will not find you attractive. It is a cruel reality of life, but one you'd better accept. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not being appreciated, recognize it, accept it, and get out of it gracefully.

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Don't forget a bit of psychology about people. If you stay in a situation where you don't fit in, then everyone there will feel that they are better than you. If, however, you leave, you suggest to everyone that you have better things to do. This plays on their insecurities, and they will immediately begin to question their superiority.