This FIRST PHASE starts with your attracting the girl's attention, and is complete when you have introduced your self and started some continuing conversation. It doesn't matter how foolish you feel, or how corny your line, even if you seem to have offended or embarrassed the girl; if she is still there, listening to you, you have been successful. In the second phase you can put everything right. You have met the girl; that is what counts.

Girls can be picked up in two distinct situations: Moving and Stationary. Moving situations occur when a girl is walking, cycling, skating or driving somewhere and has to be stopped. Stationary situations occur when the girl is sitting, standing or lying somewhere and can be approached by the man. A girl who is "stationary", but obviously busy (e.g., a salesgirl serving a customer) is in something like a "moving" situation. You must either wait for her to finish her activity or interrupt it.

The important point is that the FIRST PHASE approaches differ in Moving and Stationary situations.