TIP #1 - If you are at a party and are not fitting in or no one is showing any particular interest in you, leave. By leaving, you show you have better things to do. By staying, you build an image of being a boring chump willing to sit in the corner alone.

TIP #2 - Never hang out at bars obviously just waiting for a pick up. You can develop the ability to do a quick walk-through and tell if anything is going to happen. If there are no vibes, leave. If you stay, you look like just another guy on the make.

TIP #3 - If a girl is not interested in you, stop showing an interest in her. You are wasting your time and hers.

Now all of this may sound quite harsh, but let's face it - everyone will not fit in everywhere, and every girl you meet will not find you attractive. It is a cruel reality of life, but one you'd better accept. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not being appreciated, recognize it, accept it, and get out of it gracefully.

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Don't forget a bit of psychology about people. If you stay in a situation where you don't fit in, then everyone there will feel that they are better than you. If, however, you leave, you suggest to everyone that you have better things to do. This plays on their insecurities, and they will immediately begin to question their superiority.