I want to alert you to a certain type of single woman that can cause you relationship problems. I call this type of woman, "The Commitaphobic." Let me describe The Commitaphobic to you:

The Commitaphobic single woman is confused. She really has little idea of what she wants from a relationship, and often breaks up and then comes back only to break up again. She hates being alone, but likewise is incapable of making a solid commitment.

There is nothing wrong, or evil about her, she is simply undecided as to what part she wants you to play in her future. She is happy to "coast" along, for months or even years if you let her, but as soon as you do or say anything that looks like tying her down, she runs a mile, only to come back and ask for one more chance.

The problem here develops when you keep taking her back. This tells her that she can treat you like a door mat, come and go as she pleases, and only ever give you dribs and drabs of her love. The longer and longer it goes on the less she understands what, or who it is she wants in her life, if anyone.

The only possible solution is to not take her back next time she leaves. That way she can get the experience she needs with other people to eventually come to a decision about the kind of person she can really commit to. If you aren't it, then it's better to know now rather than after she's taken years of your youth. Years that in the meantime you can use to find someone who does know what they want.

Please share your experiences with this type of women to the readers of this blog...Thanks...Don