Listen up guys. I can't begin to tell you how important this tip is. After you have had sex with a woman you must call her the very next day (this is especially critical for a woman you have just met or very early in a relationship.)

So, what's the big deal? It's a very, very big deal to a woman giving her body to you. It's very special to her and she expects to hear from you the next day. If she doesn't she will feel used and that you don't have any respect for her. The bad thing about this is she may be so upset and angry towards you that she won't care to have intimate relations with you again and that's bad news for you.

You really need to call her the next day just out of respect, if for no other reason. There's an exception to the rule. That is if you really were just using her for sex and don't care to see her again. In other words, a one-night stand, which us guys are notorious for. Please guys, if it really was just a one-night stand, don't lead her on by misleading her into thinking that you care for her and want to start a relationship with her. Just don't call her at all.

So, what do you say when you call her the next day? Say something like this, "_____________(her name), I just called to tell you I really enjoyed making love to you last night and I want you to know that I think you are a very special lady." Just this simple sentence will make a good impression on her and make her feel special and that you care about her.

If you get her answering machine be sure thank her for an enjoyable evening and tell her that she is a special lady. Don't mention the making love part on her answering machine. Someone else may hear this message and it could be embarrassing to her.

In closing, guys please follow this advice. You will save a lot of broken hearts and make a lot of women happy. By not following my own advice in the past, I can't tell you how many times I would not call the next day and I would run into these women at the nightclubs I hung out at and when they saw me they would give me "go to hell" looks and be very cold towards me.

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Meeting and Picking Up Women Using Mental Pictures

It is known fact that whatever a man can conceive mentally, he can bring into materialization. Meeting and picking up women must follow if the proper mental pictures are created and maintained, for this sets in motion the law of cause and effect.

To help you create the mental pictures of meeting and picking up women, I will describe a very effective method to saturate your subconscious mind with mental pictures.

You will need about four cards. The back of business cards will do just great. Just write the word, "LOVE CONNECTION" or any other word you associate with meeting women with on these cards. Carry one in your wallet, place one on your bathroom mirror, place one by your bed, then another one where you work. Whenever you look at these cards, mentally picture yourself meeting and picking up women at various places such as nightclubs, the beach, swimming pools, etc. By placing these cards
in various areas, this will enable you to see mentally, the pictures at all hours of the day.

In addition to using the cards during the day, it is best to look at them before you go to sleep at night and upon awaking in the morning and mentally picture yourself meeting many women. These two periods of the day are highly important moments to concentrate upon thoughts with added force. It is helpful to form these pictures throughout the day because the more often you form your pictures backed with desire, the speedier the materialization.

In conclusion, you should tell nobody what the words on the cards mean or give anyone any suggestion as to what you are trying to accomplish. Just keep it to yourself. Any outside ridicule or criticism can be detrimental to your success with these methods.



When you first meet a topless dancer, do these important steps to create a bond. Be the first to extend your hand during your initial greeting. While shaking hands, give her a warm friendly smile and say, "Hi, my name is _____." That's the best way to open the channels of communication between you and the dancer. She will be impressed by you shaking her hand also because most men don't.

You are showing her respect and making her feel special. It shows that you're a warm & friendly person and it helps to lower her defenses. It creates an atmosphere of receptivity between you and the dancer.
When you shake hands, be sure your hand acts as your private diplomat. Use a firm grip to show strength and friendliness. A grip that's too hard seems aggressive. A grip that's too soft suggests that you're weak, retreating or indifferent. As soon as you feel her grip relax, break the handshake. If it's a very quick handshake it indicates an obligatory handshake. I'll bet you didn't think handshaking was such an art.