Where to Take a Date

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1. OBSERVATION DECKS -In most major cities the tallest skyscrapers offer spectacular views of the city from their observation decks open to the public. For breath-taking views, be sure and visit these skyscrapers. Even better are restaurants at the top of sky scrappers that offer scenic views of the
2. PADDLE BOAT RIDES -This is a fun thing to do, especially on a hot summer day. A lot of public lakes offer paddleboat rentals.
3. PARACHUTE JUMPING -If you've both got the guts, this is an experience you will never forget! I know this may seem a little scary to you but it's really a very safe sport. Check out your area for companies that offer parachute jumping. You can train and jump all in one day.
4. PARKS -There's nothing quite like spending a fun day at the park. Be sure and bring a blanket, radio, ice chest filled with drinks, and picnic supplies.

5. PERFORMING ARTS -From operas, ballets, symphonies, to plays, musicals and concerts you just can't go wrong by taking a date to these.
6. PICNICS -This is tops on my list for dating ideas. It is especially great for first dates. Just bring a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, or even better just pick up some fried chicken and potato salad. Don't forget the blanket and radio!
7. RACQUETBALL COURTS -This is a great way to have some competitive fun and get plenty of exercise at the same time. Consult your telephone directory for the raquetball clubs in your area. Some YMCA's offer raquetball too.
8. RANCHES -A lot of people have never visited a ranch and I highly recommend that you take a date here. There are ranches that are open to the public that offer tons of fun activities such as horseback riding, swimming, moonlight hayrides, petting zoos, softball, volleyball, horseshoes, miniature golf, ping pong, fishing, mechanical horse, etc.
9. RESORTS -There's probably a resort area near you to get away from it all for some romance, recreation, and relaxation. They offer a variety of activities such as golf, boating, water sports, tennis, fishing, casual and elegant dining, swimming, lodging, dancing, movies, live entertainment, health spas, etc.
10. RIFLE & PISTOL RANGES -This is certainly a fun experience to share. You can bring you're own gun or just rent one for target practice.

So what do you think? Don't you agree these date selections would leave a lasting impression on you date?

Great Opening Line to Break the Ice

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Here is pick up line to meet women from my book 1001 Best Pick Up Lines.

This tip is very important. Don't get drunk before you go to a topless club and don't get drunk while you're at a topless club. Why? This will impair your judgment in meeting topless dancers. You need to be mentally coherent to plan your strategies and take advantage of opportunities. Also, the dancers are turned off by drunks. They have to tolerate drunks, because it is part of the job, but I can assure you that it doesn't make a good impression on them.

When meeting a dancer and she asks you if you go to topless clubs very often. Here's your answer even if you have to lie: Just tell her "sometimes," or "very rarely." If you tell her otherwise, she may get the impression that all you do is cruise topless bars trying to pick up topless dancers. This will get you off on the wrong foot with her.

How to date a female hitchhiker

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How many times have you seen a girl thumbing for a ride? At least once and probably many times.

Like most guys, you probably just passed these girls and kept right on going. Well my friend, you just passed up a potential golden opportunity.

So the next time you see a female hitchhiker, by all means, pick her up. If she's going the opposite direction, make a U-turn and go back and pick her up.

I know what you're thinking already. It's too dangerous to pick up women thumbing for a ride. The majority of female hitchhikers are not dangerous. I'll leave it up to you if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to meet women.

You are probably wondering now what to do after you have picked her up. The first thing to do is ask her where she's going. This will give you an idea of how far she intends to ride with you and you'll know how much time you'll have to make your approach to get to know her better.

If you'll follow my conversational guidelines outlined in my chapter on how to talk to a woman, you'll establish a warm rapport. After you've established some friendly contact, just ask her, "Why don't we drive over to my place and have a drink? If she declines, tell her, "I'd like to see you again. Would you mind if I give you a call sometime?" Hopefully she will give you her phone number and you can follow up on her later. If you're traveling out of town and pick up a woman on the highway, ask her if she'd like to stop and get something to eat so you can talk and get to know her better.

In conclusion, I'd like to offer you some words of wisdom. A lot of female hitchhikers are young. So, keep in mind that they may be jailbait and you may get in trouble with the law if you try anything physical. Also, when you pull over and pick up a girl and she gets inside and sits down you might ask her, "Why don't you sit next to me, I don't bite."

How to Approach Women

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Take It or Leave It

Men sometimes do pull off a "moving" pick-up line, with just a few words like, "Hi! Do you want to go to a party?" and other similarly direct approaches. But we feel you will ruin a lot of good opportunities that way, even if you might be successful sometimes. But it is up to you, the reader, to decide. Maybe you want to try such direct approaches a few times and see how you do. At least it is very simple and easy to do.

We think that the chance of success of a direct approach depends more on the appearance of the man than other approaches. If a girl is very impressed by a man's appearance, she may well go along with it. But if a man is more ordinary looking, she may not. Such a man would do better to build up his case more slowly, in the more conventional way.