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TIP #1 - Make thefirst dates with a girl casual. You may even do something during the day rather than in the evening. Save formal dates for later on when you are more comfortable with her. Most men do the opposite. Formal dates at first, and then as the relationship develops, the dates become more and more casual. This can imply to the girl that she is being taken for granted.

TIP #2 - For first dates try to go for spontaneous, informal gatherings, rather than dates arranged days in advance.

EXAMPLE: "By the way, some friends are coming over for dinner tonight.  It's very informal. Come and join us." If she can't, you say, "That's too bad. You'd have enjoyed it. Maybe some other time." If she does join you, you are now in a great position to present your best side to her.

TIP #3 - Make sure your body language is inviting to her during the date and not a turn-off.  Your eye contact and closeness should be open to her, but not crowding or threatening. Again, if she is having a good time, she will be open to contact. Remember, women enjoy sensuality.