Women in this country are starving for romance! An indication of this is that women are buying the fastest selling books on the market today by the thousands. And what is it in these books that attract its readers? Romance. It is, of course, romance novels that are flooding the supermarket racks. All women want to be romanced, and most men don't know how to do it, or at least they don't put any effort into it.
For example, a woman once told us about a dinner date she had just experienced. She was very impressed by the fact that her date had cooked the dinner, set flowers on the table, and that they dined by candle light. She also told us that this was the first time she had been treated this way. This woman has been married. She is over thirty years old, and very attractive, so, obviously, she has had exposure to men and dating. We were shocked by the fact that this was the first time she had been treated to a home-cooked, candlelight dinner. What does this tell us? Women want romance and most men aren't providing it.
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Romance is a word that is difficult to define. It conjures up different meanings to different people. To us, romance is candlelight dinners, love notes, unexpected presents, and breakfast in bed. It is body massages, flowers, dressing up for a formal date, and making love in front of a roaring fireplace. This, of course, is not the entire list, but you get the idea.
To be romantic does take a little effort, but is by no means difficult, and the rewards are well worth your time. Knowing how and when to be romantic will make you intriguing to women. Especially when most other men are romantically ignorant. Plain and simple, women want the men in their lives to provide them with romance.

THE MEN'S ROOM - This is one place you want to avoid at all costs.

Don't sit next to the men's room! It may be great if you've got to go to the restroom a lot but it's not good for attracting the dancers. This is a high traffic area for men and you want to be around women and not men. If you're sitting in this area it can be a distraction, also a lot of the men walking by may look or even flirt with the topless dancer you're trying to get acquainted with. You certainly don't want any competition from other men. Believe me when I tell you to stay away from this area.

If the club is over-crowded and you get stuck sitting here, move to another area as soon as you can. Ask your waitress to seat you in another area as soon as there is an opening. Another option would be to leave and go to another club nearby if this is the only place you will be able to sit.

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This is the woman that goes to the nightclub to dance only. She's not going there to be hustled, at¬tract men or go home with anybody. She just wants to dance and have a good time.

In some cases she might be married or going out on her boyfriend. This would explain why she would just want to dance, with no strings attached, that is if she wants to remain faithful.

Although this type may be undesirable initially because of her reluctance to be approached, don't give up on her. The next night you see her, dance with her again as many times as possible. After you practically become dancing partners, you will become more and more acquainted with each other and before you know it she will have other things on her mind besides dancing.

Yes it does! Particularly if you are not a pushy type of a person. The actual opening lines can be quite simple, but it takes real courage to approach a stranger and push your will upon her, by claiming her time and attention. It is the type of confrontation that most people try to avoid. But it is best that you face up to the facts, so you'll know what to expect. Don't let anyone tell you it is an easy thing to do.
It is like some other unpleasant little chores you sometimes have to perform. You must resign yourself to the task, grit your teeth, take a deep breath, and then plunge in.
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But it isn't all that bad. Particularly if you consider the rewards. Besides, we will show you a few wrinkles that remove some of the pressure.
But don't fall into the trap of thinking you can dodge the confrontation by taking some easy way out. Something like waiting for an attractive girl to give you some form of encouragement first. Wouldn't that make it all so much easier? Forget it. It rarely happens. You have to be bold enough to make your own opportunities. Or be prepared to settle for less desirable female companionship.

Though most women will deny it, women are very competitive. They love to prove the superiority of their seductive abilities by being the one to catch the man that all the girls want. Women love to show off their date when they know all of their friends are envious. The lure of competing for the popular guy is strong indeed.
Being seen with a girl is probably the single most important thing a man can do to help his image. It says that you have things going for you, that you know how to treat a woman, and that you are a catch - and it states all of this without you uttering a single word. But how does this help you if you don't already have a girlfriend or a date? Throughout the book, we will show you many ways to be seen with women and many ways to suggest that women find you attractive - even when you don't have a girlfriend.
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NEAR A BACHELOR PARTY - There's just too many distractions here. It's too loud and all the men are acting so immature and like a bunch of animals. Plus the dancers are like vultures when they know a bachelor party is going on. They know the guys will be buying table dancers for the bachelor and this is how they make their money, so sit as far away as you can from a bachelor party. The only reason to sit next to this party is for voyeur purposes.

This atmosphere is just not conclusive for one-on-one encounters with the topless dancers. You want her focused on you without a lot of distractions or her looking out of the corner of her eye on how she can capitalize on the bachelor party next to you.

The Drinkaholic Woman - This is a woman who uses men to support a drinking habit. She may even come right out and ask you, "Would you buy me a drink?" upon meeting you. Most guys won't say no. After she finishes her drink she will say, "Can I have another drink?" One drink leads to another and before you know it, you have dished out a lot of money on her drinks.

This all can sure be to your advantage or disadvantage. On the positive side, she may go home with you in exchange for buying her drinks. She may get so drunk it may be necessary to take her home and put her to bed. Of course on the negative side she may just use you to buy her drinks and then blow you off and leave the nightclub or even move on to the next fool who will buy her drinks.

In conclusion, use your better judgement before you start dishing out a lot of money on buying a woman drinks. You could be taken for a ride. Fortunately, you will very rarely run into this type of woman.

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