Create a World

That's a POWERFUL move. Say you want to tell her something (and have something to tell her). Maybe it can be about something you want to show her at your house, like an album or a book (done subtly, this is a great way to lead to a house call). Take her hand and LEAD her to a more secluded spot.

Don't put your hands all over her, you look desperate and pervy. But once you've led her somewhere, you've shifted the world a little bit, you are in it TOGETHER. Maintain strong eye contact. Speak in a quieter, confidential voice (the kind she wants to lean in to hear).

Set yourself up that way, and it should be much easier to get yourself moving to another spot right off the bat. The important thing is that you concentrate not on getting a woman to bed, but on moving to the next step.

Once you've got a connection, the next step is changing settings so you reaffirm and strengthen that connection.

This is good in so many ways. It gives you a chance to get to know the girl quickly which is impressive when it happens quickly, plus it let's you figure out if the lady is worth your time before you've invested much.

It feels natural ,something even the best dates fail at.

It's low-pressure fun, spontaneous, without expectations or commitments.

It's just great. Not to mention it allows YOU to set the pace you proceed at.


With what you've learned with me so far, you WILL be able to get numbers from women. Lots of them. Now I'm not saying you'll get the info for every lady that turns your head; plenty of women will be unavailable for various reasons. Some have boyfriends, some are taking a break, some are just in the wrong mood whatever, it doesn't matter. You know enough to not let the unavailable women get you down, affect your confidence, or change your playfulness. We're not worried about them.

And now that you can get the numbers of TONS of women, my job is done, right?

Wrong. This is just the FIRST STEP and you've got to remember that. Just because you've got a woman interested and even if you keep your relaxed confidence going there are plenty of places to stumble.

The Instant Date

Like what? This may surprise you, but you SHOULDN'T take women on dates. That might sound strange, so I'll phrase it another way.

If you take a woman to dinner and a movie, you're asking to be strung along like a knitting club's quilt. You set yourself up for all sorts of mistakes which I'll talk about in a second and you're just begging for uncomfortable silences and boring conversation.

Hey, you can make it work. You just make yourself work a LOT harder.

So what should you do instead? Well, best-case scenario you create an instant date. You go from meeting to GOING somewhere, TOGETHER. This can mean moving from the bookstore to a coffee shop, one club to another or often, to begin, just LEADING a woman from one part of a bar to another.

Criticism a man might receive from a woman:

TYPE #1 - She may be absolutely right. She is nagging you for not taking her out enough because you don't take her out enough.

TYPE #2 - She may be criticizing you for one thing when she is really concerned about something else. For example: She may be nagging you for not taking her out enough. But really, she is mad at you because you have been flirting and coming-on to other women. So why doesn't she just come out and say that? One of many reasons. 1) She may be afraid to admit that she is jealous. 2) She may not even have admitted it to herself so it is her subconscious reaction to your flirting. 3) She may be trying to bring the subject up in a round-about way because she isn't quite sure how to do it. Or 4) She's feeling very insecure in her relationship with you because of the flirting and she is really begging for reassurance (Taking her out more would give her that).