Criticism a man might receive from a woman:

TYPE #1 - She may be absolutely right. She is nagging you for not taking her out enough because you don't take her out enough.

TYPE #2 - She may be criticizing you for one thing when she is really concerned about something else. For example: She may be nagging you for not taking her out enough. But really, she is mad at you because you have been flirting and coming-on to other women. So why doesn't she just come out and say that? One of many reasons. 1) She may be afraid to admit that she is jealous. 2) She may not even have admitted it to herself so it is her subconscious reaction to your flirting. 3) She may be trying to bring the subject up in a round-about way because she isn't quite sure how to do it. Or 4) She's feeling very insecure in her relationship with you because of the flirting and she is really begging for reassurance (Taking her out more would give her that).